Zanussi ZTTPTH5 Manual & Safety Instructions page 8

Table top patio heater
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• One dark point may exist on the surface of the heating
elements during the first few minutes after it is turned on.
This is normal, and will not affect the performance of the
• To avoid fire or shock hazard, plug the unit directly into a 220-
240V and 13A electrical socket outlet
• WARNING! These appliances must be earthed. Before
installing or replacing the bulb, the appliance must be
disconnected from the 220-240V mains supply.
• Generally the heater must be placed at a safe distance (clear
space) of at least 2.0m from combustible materials and glass
walls. If installed near where inflammable or combustible
paints are used, the heater must be installed at a distance of
at least 4.0m from the source of danger.
• If the heater is placed in areas where spray painting of any
description is taking place, it should not be used during the
painting operations.
• Never use the heater in particularly dusty and explosive
Tip Over Switch
• This appliance is fitted with an internal tip over switch, this
means if the unit is tilted more than 45 degrees the unit will
automatically turn off.
• This is a safety feature and is designed to prevent damage, fire
and personal injury.
• If the unit is put back in the upright position the unit will
automatically turn on and will operate as normal.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents