Zanussi ZTTPTH5 Manual & Safety Instructions page 5

Table top patio heater
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• For floor mounted heaters only use the heater on a firm
solid horizontal area where all the feet on the base are in
contact with the floor (Should the heater be tilted or fall
over the auto cut off switch will activate).
• Risk of Electric Shock. DO NOT open or try to repair the
heater yourself.
• Any maintenance or repairs including replacing the tube(s)
should only be carried out by a qualified electrician or by a
qualified service centre.
• Site the heater outside or in a large open area and well
away from any obstructions such as branches or where the
heater is near any objects that can be affected by heat,
such as furniture, curtains or other inflammable objects
(minimum distance 1 metre).
• DO NOT use this heater in the immediate surroundings of a
bath, a shower or a swimming pool. Do not use near water.
• DO NOT use in unventilated areas.
• DO NOT use where gas, petrol, paint or other surely
flammable goods are stored.
• DO NOT push any items through, obstruct or cover the grill
of the heater head.
• DO NOT position immediately above or below an electrical
• DO NOT move when connected to an electrical supply and
always wait for the patio heater to cool down before
cleaning / storing away.
• DO NOT touch the heater head when in use.
• DO NOT leave turned on and unattended especially when
children and or animals are in the vicinity.
• The indication of the different positions of switches shall
be visible from a distance of 1M.
• The marking concerning covering should be visible after
the heater has been installed. It shall not be placed on the
back of portable heaters
Revision 1.3


Table of Contents

Table of Contents