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LG GSA-4081B Owner's Manual page 14

Super multi dvd drive
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r. A
The disc rotates at high speed in the drive unit.
Use of worn, damaged, or non-standard CD-ROM discs
can adversely affect the drive and cause the disc to
shatter or crush while in use.
Disc crush can only occur when you use a damaged
CD-ROM disc in the drive. It is an extremely rare
occurrence, but there are steps which can be taken to
prevent it.
Always check your discs before inserting them into
the drive.
1. Take care not to use worn, cracked, damaged,
warped or poor quality CD-ROMs, as this may
cause damage to your drive.
2. Check the clear plastic on the center of the disc,
cracks here are the main cause of disc crush.
3. Do not play CD-ROMs which are a non-standard
(I.e. non-circular)shape, such as heart shaped
discs, or discs in the shape of a business card.
How can you keep your discs from becoming
1. When not in use, remove discs from the drive.
2. Keep discs in the packaging supplied with them
and out of direct sunlight and away from heat
Excessive vibration or a sudden jolt to the drive during
operation may cause a malfunction.
Avoid exposing the drive to sudden changes in
temperature as it may cause condensation to collect
inside the drive.
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