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Functional Description; Operation - Makita 6924NB Instruction Manual

Shear wrench


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8. Keep handles and grasping surfaces dry, clean
and free from oil and grease. Slippery handles and
grasping surfaces do not allow for safe handling and
control of the tool in unexpected situations.
9. When using the tool, do not wear cloth work
gloves which may be entangled. The entanglement
of cloth work gloves in the moving parts may result in
personal injury.
1. Have your power tool serviced by a qualified
repair person using only identical replacement
parts. This will ensure that the safety of the power tool
is maintained.
2. Follow instruction for lubricating and changing
1. Hold the power tool by insulated gripping
surfaces, when performing an operation where the
fastener may contact hidden wiring or its own
cord. Fasteners contacting a "live" wire may make
exposed metal parts of the power tool "live" and could
give the operator an electric shock.
2. Before using power tool, make sure that the outer
sleeve smoothly turns by hand. When it does not
smoothly turn, never use it and ask MAKITA
Authorized Service Center for check and repair.
3. When sheared bolt tip falls without moving tip
ejector (tip lever), never use it and ask MAKITA
Authorized Service Center for check and repair.
4. Always be sure you maintain good balance and
firm footing.
Be sure no one is below when using the tool in
high or elevated locations.
5. Hold the tool firmly.
6. Use care and common sense when disposing of
sheared bolt tips. Falling tips from high locations
or scattered tips can cause severe injury.
WARNING: DO NOT let comfort or familiarity with
product (gained from repeated use) replace strict
adherence to shear wrench safety rules for the
subject product. MISUSE or failure to follow the
safety rules stated in this instruction manual may
cause serious personal injury.


• Always be sure that the tool is switched off and
unplugged before adjusting or checking function on the
Switch action (Fig. 1)
• Before plugging in the tool, always check to see that
the switch trigger actuates properly and returns to the
"OFF" position when released.
To start the tool, simply pull the switch trigger. Release the
switch trigger to stop.
• Always be sure that the tool is switched off and
unplugged before carrying out any work on the tool.
Removing the outer and inner sleeves
• Be careful not to allow foreign matter to enter the
insides of the tool when removing or installing the outer
and inner sleeves.
The outer sleeve M24 and inner sleeve M24 are factory -
installed. If you need other sizes for your work, replace the
sleeves as follows.
Loosen the two screws while holding the outer sleeve.
The outer and inner sleeves will be pushed up by the
springs built into the tool. (Fig. 2)
Press the pin down to remove the inner sleeve from the
outer sleeve. Be careful not to drop the inner sleeve when
removing it. Do not remove the inner sleeve spring, tip rod
and tip rod spring from the tool. (Fig. 3 & Fig. 4)
Installing the outer and inner sleeves
Hold the inner sleeve with the pin facing upward. Place
the outer sleeve over the inner sleeve. Press the pin to
allow inserting the inner sleeve, then release the pin to
secure the inner sleeve. (Fig. 5)
Insert the outer and inner sleeves into the tool while
rotating the inner sleeve alternately clockwise and
counterclockwise until there is no gap between the outer
sleeve and the tool. See the figure. Then tighten the two
screws securely. (Fig. 6)


Bolt installation
Slip the tool onto the bolt so that the inner sleeve
completely covers the bolt tip. (Fig. 7)
• Be careful when fitting the sleeve onto the bolt tip.
Striking the tip can damage it so that it will no longer fit
inside the sleeve properly.
• First tighten bolts preliminarily by using a hand wrench
and then tighten them with this tool. Use this tool only
after preliminary tightening without starting the
tightening with this tool.
Keep forward pressure on the tool while sliding it further
forward until the outer sleeve fits completely over the nut.
If the tool fails to fit completely over the nut, twist the tool
slightly right and left while pushing forward. (Fig. 8)
Pull the switch trigger. The outer sleeve turns to begin
tightening the nut.
When the specified torque is attained, the bolt tip will be
sheared at its notched portion. The bolt tip will remain
inside the inner sleeve. (Fig. 9)
Release the switch trigger and withdraw the tool in a
straight line. (Fig. 10)


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