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Testing A Sensor Or Your System - GE 45133 User Manual

Wireless alarm system water leak sensor
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and the Zone LED indicator will flash twice.
Step 3 - Release all buttons. The Zone has
been erased.
Note: The Zone/Sensor cannot be erased if:
- The Zone has been triggered for an Alert or alarm. The
Sensor/Zone must be reset.
- There is loss of signal from the Sensor to the Control
Center (such as low battery, or Sensor is out of range).
- The system is armed.
The Control Center will sound three beeps to indicate it could
not erase the Zone.

Testing a Sensor or your system

Once all the Sensors have been assigned to Zones
in the Control Center you can now test your system.
Ensure the Control Center can receive the signal
from the intended location of the Sensor before
permanently mounting a Sensor.
Step 1 - To place Control Center in Test mode
unplug AC adapter and remove batteries.
Step  - Press and hold the 'Mute' button and plug
the AC adapter back into the Control Center. When
all the LED indicators turn on, release the Mute
button. The Control Center is now in Test Mode and
any Sensor can now be tested in any Zone.
Note: The sensor has a LED that flashes to show when the
sensor has triggered and transmitted to the Control Center.
Step  - Set the Notification Mode to switch 'Alert'
position and begin activating Sensors one at a time.
Step 4 - When testing is complete, unplug the AC
adapter, then plug the AC adapter back in and



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