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Car Adaptor; Troubleshooting Guide; Specifications - JVC XL-PG38BPEU Instructions

Jvc xl-pg38bpeu: instruction manual
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Car audio system
I When the car audio system has a blank skip function
The blank skip function may operate when the CD player stops.
Therefore, be sure to set the blank skip function to off.
Depending on the type of vehicle, static may be heard if the unit is connected via line cord to the car audio system's
AUX jack. If this occurs, it is recommended that you use the provided cassette adaptor.
When you leave the car
Push the eject button to remove the cassette adaptor.
Please understand that we cannot take responsibility for the unit falling or any other damage that may occur as a result of faulty installation.
I Car adaptor
• The provided car adaptor is made specifically for use with DC 4.5V
JVC portable CD players. Do not use it with other devices.
• Do not use the adaptor for a long period with the batteries left in the unit
because this may shorten the life of the batteries.
• Pay attention to the car battery capacity when using this adaptor for a
long period.
• Do not expose this adaptor to strong sunlight or very high temperatures.
• Be sure to remove this adaptor from the cigarette lighter socket when
not using this adaptor or before leaving the automobile.
• The power source polarities of this unit are
, check the DC IN

Car adaptor

The provided car adaptor must be connected.
• This car adaptor can be used in an automobile which has a 12 V battery.
(This is a negative ground car adaptor.)
• Do not connect the adaptor immediately after using the cigarette lighter.
• Leave a little slack in the car adaptor's cord, making sure that it does not run underneath the unit.
I To replace the fuse
Remove the plug cap by rotating it in the direction shown by the arrow, and take
out the old fuse.
Insert the new fuse (250 V, 1 A type) into the fuse receptacle and reinstall the plug
For continued protection against risk of fire, replace only with same type 250 V, 1 A fuse.
If the fuse blows frequently, there may be something wrong with the adaptor. Consult your dealer.
I Cassette adaptor
• Bunch the excess cord together or place it so that it will not interfere
with operation.
• Do not touch the head or roller.
• A protective film has been placed over the heads to prevent them from
being damaged. Do not remove this film.
a Protective film
b Head
c Roller
• After use, remove the cassette adaptor and keep it so that no dust will
adhere to the head section.
• After installing the cassette adaptor in the car audio system, do not al-
low its cord to make contact with the control section.
• The sound quality deteriorates when the head section of the car audio
system becomes dirty. It is, therefore, a good idea to clean it periodi-
• Do not leave this adaptor in a vehicle which is exposed to direct sun-
• Do not bring any magnetized objects near this adaptor's head position.
• Because of the nature of its construction, the sound of something rotat-
ing can be heard in this adaptor. This is normal and not indicative of a
• During the winter months when the temperature inside the vehicle falls
to an extremerly low level, there may be times when the unit cannot be
used because the cord is too stiff to allow the adaptor to be installed in
its proper position.
• If the pinch rollers or car audio capstan are dirty, it may not longer be
possible to install the cassette adaptor in the car audio system. Clean the
rollers and capstan using a cotton swab.
• If the rollers are dirty, clean them using a cotton swab.

Troubleshooting Guide

Before requesting service for this unit, check the chart below for a pos-
sible cause of the problem you are experiencing. Some simple checks or a
minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper
If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the remedies
indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, refer to the directory of
Authorized Service Centers (enclosed with this unit) to locate a conve-
nient service center, or consult your dealer for instructions.
Did you adjust the volume
Adjust the volume level of the
level of the unit?
unit to middle or higher.
Did you adjust the volume
Adjust the volume level of the car
level of the car audio system?
audio system to the desired level.
The sound
volume is
Does the car audio system
Set the play direction for the car
extremely low.
have an auto-reverse func-
audio system to the forward
(FWD) direction.
[The forward (FWD) direction is
the side which produces sound or
which has the greatest sound vol-
The cassette
Did you check the position of
Check the position of the head in
the car audio's head?
relation to the car audio system
cannot be
to ensure the cassette adaptor is
inserted into
installed correctly.
the car audio
The unit
Is the fuse for the car adaptor
Insert a new fuse.
cannot be
turned on.


I Cassette adaptor
I Car adaptor
Input.....................................DC 12 V
response....................30 Hz-20 000 Hz
Output..................DC 4.5 V (600 mA)
Dimensions (W × H × D)
(This is the rating for the head section
.................90 mm × 40 mm × 26 mm
of the product.)
Dimensions (W × H × D)
Cable length.............More than 1.4 m
......102.4 mm × 12.1 mm × 63.8 mm
Mass ......................................... 38 g
Cable length.................Approx. 1 m
Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
Mass and dimensions are approxi-



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