Clarion CZ501 Owners & Installation Manual

Bluetooth cd/usb/mp3/wma receiver.
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Owner's manual & Installation manual
Mode d'emploi et manuel d'installation
Manual de instrucciones y de instalación
RECEPTOR Bluetooth

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  • Page 1

    Owner's manual & Installation manual Mode d'emploi et manuel d'installation Manual de instrucciones y de instalación ® Bluetooth CD/USB/MP3/WMA RECEIVER ® LECTEUR CD/USB/MP3/WMA Bluetooth ® RECEPTOR Bluetooth CD/USB/MP3/WMA...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Thank you for purchasing this Clarion product. • Please fully read this owner’s manual before operating this equipment. • Check the contents of the enclosed warranty card and store it in a safe place with this manual. 1. FEATURES ... 3 Expanding Systems ...

  • Page 4: Features, Expanding Systems

    1. FEATURES • Built-in Bluetooth Handsfree (HFP) and Audio Streaming (A2DP & AVRCP) ® • 4 V/6ch RCA Output with HPF/LPF and BEAT-EQ with 3 Band Parametric Equalizer • HD Radio Ready™ and SIRIUS Radio Direct Connect Ready Expanding Systems Expanding audio features iPod / iPhone (Connect via CCA-748) Bluetooth ® SIRIUS Connect™ cellular phone Vehicle Tuner (SC-C1) to be connected Note: •  T he items listed outside of the frames are the commercial products generally sold. •...

  • Page 5: Precautions

    65 mm SUBCHAPTER J APPLICABLE AT DATE OF MANUFACTURE. This product includes technology owned by Microsoft Corporation and cannot be used or distributed without a license from MSLGP. WARNING CLARION CO.,LTD. 7-2,SHINTOSHIN,CHUO-KU,SAITAMA-SHI,SAITAMA-KEN,JAPAN MANUFACTURED: TX-1062B-A 65 mm and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod or iPhone may affect wireless performance.

  • Page 6: Front Panel / Generalities, Usb Port

    “USB mass storage class“ to work properly. Some models may not operate correctly. W hen the memorized data is lost or damaged by any chance, Clarion shall not be liable for any damage. When using an USB memory stick, we recommend that you backup your data stored on it before using a personal computer etc.

  • Page 7: Remove The Dcp, Attach The Dcp, Storing The Dcp In The Dcp Case

    Remove the DCP The control panel can be detached to prevent theft. When detaching the control panel, keep it in the safety place and prevent scratches. W e r e c o m m e n d t a k i n g t h e D C P (DETACHABLE CONTROL PANEL) with you when leaving the car.

  • Page 8: Controls, Operational Panel, Names Of Buttons

    3. CONTROLS Operational Panel [MIC] [MENU/ [ , ] [OPEN] [BAND/ [SRC/ Names of Buttons ] Button [SRC / • Power / Toggle the audio source [BAND / ] Button • Select tuner band / Dial / Answer • SIRIUS mode – Select tuner band/Select category (Long press) ] Button [MENU /...

  • Page 9: Remote Control (rcx001), Notes Of Remote Control Using

    Remote Control (RCX001) ] Button [SRC / • Toggle the audio source • Power on / Power off (long press) ] Buttons • Preset station up/down • Previous / next track • Search (long press) [SCN/PS/AS] Button • Scan play / Preset scan •...

  • Page 10: Cautions On Handling, Handling Discs

    4. CAUTIONS ON HANDLING Handling Discs Handling • New discs may have some roughness around the edges. If such discs are used, the player may not work or the sound may skip. Use a ball-point pen or the like to remove any roughness from the edge of the disc.

  • Page 11: Operations, Basic Operations

    5. OPERATIONS Basic Operations Note: • Refer to the diagrams in “3. CONTROLS” when reading this chapter. CAUTION When the unit is turned on, starting and stopping the engine with its volume raised to the maximum level may harm your hearings. Be careful about adjusting the volume. Power on / off Notes: • Start the engine before using this unit. • Be careful about using this unit for a long time without running the engine.

  • Page 12: System Setup

    System Setup At all mode, press and hold [D] button to enter system setup. Press [ to select options, rotate the [VOLUME] knob to adjust. CLOCK Press the [VOLUME] knob to enter clock setting mode, Rotate the [VOLUME] knob to set clock, press [ ] or [ hour or minute, press and hold the [VOLUME]...

  • Page 13: Audio Setup

    Audio Setup Press the [SOUND] button to enter sound effect setting mode. First press shows current EQ. Rotate the [VOLUME] knob to changes BEAT EQ in this order: OFF -> B-BOOST -> IMPACT -> EXCITE -> CUSTOM Rotate the [VOLUME] knob to changes CUSTOM, and press the [VOLUME] knob, ] button to select the press [...

  • Page 14: Radio Operations

    2. The unit has 4 bands, such as FM1, FM2, FM3 and AM. FM3 and AM can store by AS function. Each bands can store 6 stations, CZ501 can store 24 stations in total. Manual store ] button to...

  • Page 15: Satellite Radio Mode

    Satellite Radio Mode Listeners can subscribe to SIRIUS on the Web by visiting, or by calling (888) 539-SIRIUS. Customers should have their SIRIUS ID ready (SIRIUS ID is located on the SCC1: SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner, solid separately). Customers can listen to music samples by tuning to channel 184.

  • Page 16: Hd Radio Operations

    HD Radio Operations About HD Radio™ Technology HD Radio Technology allows CD-quality digital broadcasting of your local AM and FM radio stations. HD Radio broadcasts can include multiple channels on the same frequency, which is called multicasting. With multicasting, you can receive up to eight additional multicast channels: HD1~HD8.

  • Page 17: Itunes ® Tagging

    ® connecting THD301 (sold separately). iPod compatibility For detailed information on the playable iPod models, see our home page: www.clarion. Note: • iPhones can also be connected to this system and “iPod” appearing in this manual should be referred to as “iPod/ iPhone”.

  • Page 18: Cd/mp3/wma Operations

    CD/MP3/WMA Operations This unit can play back MP3/WMA files Notes: If you play a WMA file with active DRM (Digital Rights Management), no audio is output. To disable DRM (Digital Rights Management) When using Windows Media Player 9/10/11, click on Tool -> Options -> Copy music tab, then under Copy settings, unclick the Check box for Copy protect music.

  • Page 19: Pausing Play, Folder Select, Displaying Cd Titles, Search Function, Selecting A Track

    CD/MP3/WMA Operations Pausing play 1. Press the [ 4 ] button on the front panel or the ] button on the remote control to pause play. “PAUSE” appears in the display. 2. Press the above button again to resume CD play.

  • Page 20: Usb Operations

    CD/MP3/WMA Operations MP3/WMA: 1. Press the [ 2 ] button once or more until “TRK RPT” appears on the display to perform repeat play, and “RPT” segment lights on. 2. For MP3/WMA files, press [ 2 ] button repeatedly until “FOLD RPT” appears on the display for folder repeat play.

  • Page 21: Ipod & Iphone Operations

    • Some iPod models do not support this function. Consult your nearest Clarion dealer or website to confirm which models do not support this function.

  • Page 22: Aux Operations

    iPod & iPhone Operations iPod menu alphabet search This function searches the subfolders for desired alphabetical letters. 1. Press the [MENU] button to select the iPod menu mode. 2. Press the [VOLUME] knob to switch between categories. MUSIC: PLAYLIST, ARTISTS, ALBUMS, GENRES, SONGS, COMPOSERS VIDEO: MOVIES, MUSIC VIDEOS, TV AUX Operations...

  • Page 23: Bluetooth Operations, Handsfree Operations

    2. Enter mobile phone’s Bluetooth setup menu. 3. Search for new Bluetooth devices. 4. Select CZ501 from the pairing list on the mobile phone. 5. Enter “0000” as the password. 6. After pairing successfully, the unit will enter Bluetooth mode automatically, and “BLUETOOTH CONNECTED”...

  • Page 24

    Please consult your nearest Clarion dealer for more information on the product of wireless audio streaming transmitter offered. CAUTION...

  • Page 25: Trouble Shooting

    6. TROUBLE SHOOTING GENERAL Problem Unit fuse blown. Unit can not power on. Car battery fuse blown. Unit can not power on. Nothing happens The microprocessor has when buttons are malfunctioned due to noise, etc. pressed. Display is not accurate. Battery depleted.

  • Page 26: Error Displays

    USB Devices Problem The USB device has been inserted with wrong direction. USB device cannot be inserted. The USB connector is broken. The USB device is damaged. USB device is not recognized. Connectors are loose. No sound heard No MP3/WMA file is stored in with the display “No the USB device.

  • Page 27: Specifications

    8. SPECIFICATIONS FM Tuner Frequency range: 87.9-107.9MHz Usable sensitivity: 8dBμ Frequency response: 30Hz-15kHz Stereo separation: 30dB(1kHz) Signal/noise ratio: >55dB AM Tuner Frequency range: 530-1710kHz Usable sensitivity (S/N=20dB): 30dBμ CD Player System: Disc digital audio system Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz Signal/noise ratio: >80dB Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.1% (1kHz) Channel separation: >60dB MP3/WMA mode...

  • Page 28: Installation / Wire Connection Guide

    1. Do not open the case. There are no user serviceable parts inside. If you drop anything into the unit during installation, consult your dealer or an authorized Clarion service center. Figure 1 Wire connector ... 1 Remote control unit (with battery)... 1 DCP case ...

  • Page 29

    4. Take care of the top and bottom of the trim ring and mount it so that all the hooks are locked. Notes: 1. Some car models require special mounting kits for proper installation. Consult your Clarion dealer for details. 2. Fasten the front stopper securely to prevent the source unit from coming loose. • Console opening dimensions 7-3/16"...

  • Page 30: Unit Installation

    Notes of installation 1. Before installation, please make sure proper connections are conducted and the unit operates normally. Improper connection may result in damage to the unit. 2. Use only accessories designed and manufactured for this unit and other unauthorized accessories may result in damage to the unit.

  • Page 31: Trim Ring Installation

    Method B M5x6 Dashboard Mounting Frame 1. Insert this unit directly to the opening of the dashboard. 2. Place M5×6 cylindrical screw through the holes of the mounting frame located inside the opening to holes of the unit and fasten the screws to left &...

  • Page 32: Wiring And Connections

    7) Wiring and Connections Rear audio output terminal Front audio output terminal 4 Channel Amplifier Black Black Black White Black Left Right White Gray Left Right SIRIUS HD BUS Antenna Purple Subwoofer output 1 Purple Subwoofer output 2 Black Steering wheel control terminal Black External Microphone...

  • Page 33: Connecting Accessories

    Gray Front Right Gray/Black White Front Left White/Black Purple Rear Right Purple/Black Green Rear Left Green/Black 4-Speaker system 2-Speaker system Gray Front Right Gray/Black White Front Left White/Black Purple Purple/Black Green Not used. Green/Black Insulate each wire 8) Connecting the Accessories • Connecting to the external amplifier External amplifiers can be connected to the 4 channel RCA output connections.

  • Page 34

    Clarion Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2010: Clarion Co., Ltd. Printed in China / Imprimé en Chine / Impreso en China PN: 127075002843...

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