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Cisco Router 1700 Regulatory Compliance And Safety Information Manual

Cisco systems router user guide
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Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information

for Cisco 1700 Series Routers
This publication provides international regulatory and safety compliance information for
Cisco 1700 series routers. Use this publication with the documentation that you received with your
All product documentation and additional literature are available on the CD-ROM that shipped with your
This document contains the following sections:
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Compliance
Operating Conditions for Canada
Operating Conditions for Australia
Operating Conditions for the European Community
Operating Conditions for the United Kingdom
Declaration of Conformity
Conformité Européenne Marking Directive
Declaration of Conformity to R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EEC for the European Community,
Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein
Agency Approvals/Standards
Translated Safety Warnings
Obtaining Documentation
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Obtaining Additional Publications and Information
Corporate Headquarters:
Cisco Systems, Inc., 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134-1706 USA
Copyright © 2003 - 2006 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.



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  • Page 1: Regulatory Compliance And Safety Information

    Translated Safety Warnings • Obtaining Documentation • Obtaining Technical Assistance • Obtaining Additional Publications and Information • Corporate Headquarters: Cisco Systems, Inc., 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134-1706 USA Copyright © 2003 - 2006 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Page 2: Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Compliance

    The one-port ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Wide Area Network (WAN) Interface Card is an interface card assembly for use within a range of data communication (gateway and router) chassis supplied by Cisco Systems. Two versions of the card are available, one with a built-in Network Termination 1 (NT1) device and one without.
  • Page 3: Operating Conditions For The European Community

    Before installing the equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company. The equipment must also be installed using an acceptable method of connection. In some cases, the company’s inside wiring associated with a single line individual service may be extended by means of a certified connector assembly (telephone extension cord).
  • Page 4: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity “These ports do not provide isolation sufficient to satisfy the requirement of EN41003; apparatus connected to these ports should either have been approved to EN41003 or have previously been evaluated against B5E301 British Telecommunications plc (Post Office) Technical Guides 2 or 26 and given permission to attach;...
  • Page 5: California Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act (Title 22, California Code Of Regulations, Chapter 33)

    Deutsch: Diese Geräte entsprechen den Anforderungen und anderen relevanten Bestimmungen der Richtlinie 1999/5/EC. Italiano: Questa apparecchiatura rispetta i requisiti essenziali e le altre clausole rilevanti della Direttiva 1999/5/CE. Dansk: Dette utstyret er i samsvar med de grunnleggende kravene og andre relevante forskrifter i 1999/5/EC-direktivet.
  • Page 6: Fcc Part 15 Notice

    If trouble is experienced with this equipment, please contact Cisco Systems for repair and warranty information. If the trouble is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may request that you remove the equipment from the network until the problem is resolved.
  • Page 7 Table 1 USOC Jacks for Cisco 1700 Series Routers and WAN Interface Cards Cisco Product Number WIC1-ADSL WIC-1B-S/T WIC-1B-U WIC-1DSU-T1 WIC-1DSU-56K4 VIC-2FXO VIC-2FXO VIC-2E/M VIC-2E/M VIC-2E/M VIC-2E/M Taiwan Class A Warning for the Cisco 1760 Router OL-10271-01 Facility Interface Code Service Order Code 02DU9 ACREN:0.1B, DC REN:N/A...
  • Page 8: Translated Safety Warnings

    Translated Safety Warnings Router Port Approvals—FCC and Industry Canada Table 2 lists the FCC and Industry Canada approvals for the router ports. Table 2 Router Port Approvals—FCC and Industry Canada Cisco Product Number CISCO1701 CISCO1712 CISCO1720 CISCO1721 CISCO1750 CISCO1751 CISCO1760 WIC-1ADSL WIC-1B-S/T WIC-1B-U...
  • Page 9 Qualified Personnel Warning • SELV Circuit Warning • Telephone Jacks in Wet Locations Warning • Telephone Use by Gas Leak Warning • Uninsulated Wires and Terminals Warning • WAN Port Static Shock Warning • Wrist Strap Warning • Each statement begins with the English text followed by its translations. The translations are listed in the following order: English •...
  • Page 10: Warning Definition

    Translated Safety Warnings Warning Definition Warning IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This warning symbol means danger. You are in a situation that could cause bodily injury. Before you work on any equipment, be aware of the hazards involved with electrical circuitry and be familiar with standard practices for preventing accidents.
  • Page 11: Importantes Informations De Sécurité

    Translated Safety Warnings Attention IMPORTANTES INFORMATIONS DE SÉCURITÉ Ce symbole d'avertissement indique un danger. Vous vous trouvez dans une situation pouvant causer des blessures ou des dommages corporels. Avant de travailler sur un équipement, soyez conscient des dangers posés par les circuits électriques et familiarisez-vous avec les procédures couramment utilisées pour éviter les accidents.
  • Page 12: Viktige Sikkerhetsinstruksjoner

    Translated Safety Warnings Advarsel VIKTIGE SIKKERHETSINSTRUKSJONER Dette varselssymbolet betyr fare. Du befinner deg i en situasjon som kan forårsake personskade. Før du utfører arbeid med utstyret, bør du være oppmerksom på farene som er forbundet med elektriske kretssystemer, og du bør være kjent med vanlig praksis for å unngå ulykker. For å se oversettelser av advarslene i denne publikasjonen, se de oversatte sikkerhetsvarslene som følger med denne enheten.
  • Page 13 Translated Safety Warnings Chassis Warning—Disconnecting Telephone-Network Cables Before opening the chassis, disconnect the telephone-network cables to avoid contact with Warning telephone-network voltages Waarschuwing Voordat u het frame opent, dient u de verbinding met het telefoonnetwerk te verbreken door de kabels te ontkoppelen om zo contact met telefoonnetwerk-spanningen te vermijden. Varoitus Vältä...
  • Page 14 Translated Safety Warnings Attention Avant d'ouvrir le châssis, débrancher les câbles du réseau téléphonique afin d'éviter tout contact avec les tensions d'alimentation du réseau téléphonique. Warnung Bevor Sie das Chassis öffnen, ziehen Sie die Telefonnetzkabel aus der Verbindung, um Kontakt mit Telefonnetzspannungen zu vermeiden.
  • Page 15: Chassis Warning-Rack-Mounting And Servicing

    Chassis Warning—Rack-Mounting and Servicing Warning To prevent bodily injury when mounting or servicing this unit in a rack, you must take special precautions to ensure that the system remains stable. The following guidelines are provided to ensure your safety: • This unit should be mounted at the bottom of the rack if it is the only unit in the rack.
  • Page 16 Translated Safety Warnings Warnung Zur Vermeidung von Körperverletzung beim Anbringen oder Warten dieser Einheit in einem Gestell müssen Sie besondere Vorkehrungen treffen, um sicherzustellen, daß das System stabil bleibt. Die folgenden Richtlinien sollen zur Gewährleistung Ihrer Sicherheit dienen: • Wenn diese Einheit die einzige im Gestell ist, sollte sie unten im Gestell angebracht werden. •...
  • Page 17 ¡Advertencia! Para evitar lesiones durante el montaje de este equipo sobre un bastidor, o posteriormente durante su mantenimiento, se debe poner mucho cuidado en que el sistema quede bien estable. Para garantizar su seguridad, proceda según las siguientes instrucciones: • Colocar el equipo en la parte inferior del bastidor, cuando sea la única unidad en el mismo.
  • Page 18: Circuit Breaker Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Circuit Breaker Warning Warning This product relies on the building’s installation for short-circuit (overcurrent) protection. Ensure that the protective device is rated not greater than: 120 VAC, 15A U.S. (240 VAC, 16A International). Waarschuwing Dit product is afhankelijk van de installatie van het gebouw voor beveiliging tegen kortsluiting (overstroom).
  • Page 19: Ground Conductor Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings 120 VAC, 15A U.S. (240 VAC, 16A International). <120 VAC, 15A U.S. (240 VAC, 16A International). 120 VAC, 15A U.S. (240 VAC, 16A International). Ground Conductor Warning This equipment must be grounded. Never defeat the ground conductor or operate the equipment in Warning the absence of a suitably installed ground conductor.
  • Page 20: Ground Connection Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Avvertenza Questa apparecchiatura deve essere dotata di messa a terra. Non escludere mai il conduttore di protezione né usare l'apparecchiatura in assenza di un conduttore di protezione installato in modo corretto. Se non si è certi della disponibilità di un adeguato collegamento di messa a terra, richiedere un controllo elettrico presso le autorità...
  • Page 21: Grounded Equipment Warning

    Attention Lors de l’installation de l’appareil, la mise à la terre doit toujours être connectée en premier et déconnectée en dernier. Warnung Der Erdanschluß muß bei der Installation der Einheit immer zuerst hergestellt und zuletzt abgetrennt werden. Figyelem! A készülék üzembe helyezése közben mindig a földelõvezetéket kell elsõként csatlakoztatni és azt kell utolsóként leválasztani.
  • Page 22 Translated Safety Warnings Figyelem! A készüléket védõföldeléssel kell ellátni. Gyõzõdjön meg róla, hogy a készülék normál használat során csatlakozik a földhöz. Avvertenza Questa apparecchiatura deve essere collegata a massa. Accertarsi che il dispositivo host sia collegato alla massa di terra durante il normale utilizzo. Advarsel Dette utstyret skal jordes.
  • Page 23: Hazardous Voltages In Wan Ports

    Translated Safety Warnings Avvertenza Questa apparecchiatura deve essere collegata a massa. Durante l'uso normale, collegare l'host alla massa di terra usando un filo di massa verde e giallo di diametro pari a 14 AWG. Advarsel Dette utstyret må jordes. Bruk en grønn og gul 14 AWG jordledning til å kople vertsterminalen til jording i løpet av normalt bruk.
  • Page 24 Translated Safety Warnings Warnung In WAN-Ports sind gefährliche Netzspannungen vorhanden, auch wenn der Strom zum Router abgeschaltet wurde. Zur Vermeidung von Elektroschock Vorsicht bei der Arbeit in der Nähe von WAN-Ports. Beim Abtrennen von Kabeln zuerst das vom Router entfernte Ende lösen. Figyelem! A WAN portokon veszélyes hálózati feszültség van jelen, függetlenül attól, hogy a forgalomirányító...
  • Page 25: Installation Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Installation Warning Warning Read the installation instructions before connecting the system to the power source. Waarschuwing Raadpleeg de installatie-instructies voordat u het systeem op de voedingsbron aansluit. Varoitus Lue asennusohjeet ennen järjestelmän yhdistämistä virtalähteeseen. Attention Avant de brancher le système sur la source d'alimentation, consulter les directives d'installation. Warnung Vor dem Anschließen des Systems an die Stromquelle die Installationsanweisungen lesen.
  • Page 26 Translated Safety Warnings ISDN Connection Warning Warning The ISDN connection is regarded as a source of voltage that should be inaccessible to user contact. Do not attempt to tamper with or open any public telephone operator (PTO)-provided equipment or connection hardware. Any hardwired connection (other than by a nonremovable, connect-one-time-only plug) must be made only by PTO staff or suitably trained engineers.
  • Page 27 Translated Safety Warnings Advarsel ISDN-koblingen betraktes som en spenningskilde som bør være utilgjengelig for brukeren. Brukere bør ikke klusse med eller åpne utstyr eller tilkoblingsmateriale som er utstyrt av Telenor. Eventuelle faste installasjoner (bortsett fra koblinger som er foretatt med et støpsel for engangsbruk og som ikke kan fjernes) må...
  • Page 28: Jewelry Removal Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Jewelry Removal Warning Warning Before working on equipment that is connected to power lines, remove jewelry (including rings, necklaces, and watches). Metal objects will heat up when connected to power and ground and can cause serious burns or weld the metal object to the terminals. Waarschuwing Alvorens aan apparatuur te werken die met elektrische leidingen is verbonden, sieraden (inclusief ringen, kettingen en horloges) verwijderen.
  • Page 29: Lightning Activity Warning

    Varning! Tag av alla smycken (inklusive ringar, halsband och armbandsur) innan du arbetar på utrustning som är kopplad till kraftledningar. Metallobjekt hettas upp när de kopplas ihop med ström och jord och kan förorsaka allvarliga brännskador; metallobjekt kan också sammansvetsas med kontakterna. Lightning Activity Warning Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning activity.
  • Page 30: Power Disconnection Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Power Disconnection Warning Warning Before working on a system that has an on/off switch, turn OFF the power and unplug the power cord. Waarschuwing Voordat u aan een systeem werkt dat een aan/uit schakelaar heeft, dient u de stroomvoorziening UIT te schakelen en de stekker van het netsnoer uit het stopcontact te halen.
  • Page 31 Translated Safety Warnings More Than One Power Supply Warning This unit might have more than one power supply connection. All connections must be removed to Warning de-energize the unit. Waarschuwing Deze eenheid kan meer dan één stroomtoevoeraansluiting bevatten. Alle aansluitingen dienen ontkoppeld te worden om de eenheid te ontkrachten.
  • Page 32: Product Disposal Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Product Disposal Warning Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national laws and regulations. Warning Waarschuwing Het uiteindelijke wegruimen van dit product dient te geschieden in overeenstemming met alle nationale wetten en reglementen. Varoitus Tämä...
  • Page 33: Qualified Personnel Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Qualified Personnel Warning Warning Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install or replace this equipment. Waarschuwing Installatie en reparaties mogen uitsluitend door getraind en bevoegd personeel uitgevoerd worden. Varoitus Ainoastaan koulutettu ja pätevä henkilökunta saa asentaa tai vaihtaa tämän laitteen. Avertissement Tout installation ou remplacement de l'appareil doit être réalisé...
  • Page 34: Selv Circuit Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings SELV Circuit Warning Warning To avoid electric shock, do not connect safety extra-low voltage (SELV) circuits to telephone-network voltage (TNV) circuits. LAN ports contain SELV circuits, and WAN ports contain TNV circuits. Some LAN and WAN ports both use RJ-45 connectors. Use caution when connecting cables.
  • Page 35 Translated Safety Warnings ¡Advertencia! Para evitar la sacudida eléctrica, no conectar circuitos de seguridad de voltaje muy bajo (safety extra-low voltage = SELV) con circuitos de voltaje de red telefónica (telephone network voltage = TNV). Los puertos de redes de área local (local area network = LAN) contienen circuitos SELV, y los puertos de redes de área extendida (wide area network = WAN) contienen circuitos TNV.
  • Page 36 Translated Safety Warnings Avvertenza Mai installare un jack telefonico in una zona bagnata almeno che il jack sia appositamente per zone bagnate. Advarsel Telefonkontakter skal aldri monteres i fuktige omgivelser, med mindre kontakten er spesielt laget for våtrom. Aviso Nunca instalar tomadas telefónicas em locais húmidos, a menos que a tomada tenha sido especialmente concebida para esse efeito.
  • Page 37 ¡Advertencia! No utilice el teléfono para informar de un escape de gas en la zona. Telefonera inte i närheten vid rapportering av gasläcka. Varning! Uninsulated Wires and Terminals Warning Never touch uninsulated telephone wires or terminals unless the telephone line has been Warning disconnected at the network interface.
  • Page 38 Translated Safety Warnings WAN Port Static Shock Warning Warning Hazardous network voltages are present in WAN ports regardless of whether power to the unit is OFF or ON. To avoid electric shock, use caution when working near WAN ports. When detaching cables, detach the end away from the unit first.
  • Page 39: Wrist Strap Warning

    Translated Safety Warnings Aviso Existem sempre tensões de rede perigosas nas portas WAN, independentemente da corrente para a unidade estar desligada (OFF) ou ligada (ON). Para evitar choques eléctricos, tenha o devido cuidado ao trabalhar junto das portas WAN. Ao desconectar os cabos, separe primeiro a extremidade do cabo que se encontra ligada à...
  • Page 40: Obtaining Documentation

    Använd jordade armbandsremmar under denna procedur för att förhindra elektrostatisk skada på kortet. Rör inte vid baksidan med handen eller metallverktyg då detta kan orsaka elektrisk stöt. Obtaining Documentation The following sections explain how to obtain documentation from Cisco Systems. Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for Cisco 1700 Series Routers OL-10271-01...
  • Page 41: World Wide Web

    You can e-mail your comments to To submit your comments by mail, use the response card behind the front cover of your document, or write to the following address: Cisco Systems Attn: Document Resource Connection 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95134-9883 We appreciate your comments.
  • Page 42: Obtaining Technical Assistance

    Obtaining Technical Assistance Obtaining Technical Assistance Cisco provides as a starting point for all technical assistance. Customers and partners can obtain documentation, troubleshooting tips, and sample configurations from online tools by using the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Web Site. registered users have complete access to the technical support resources on the Cisco TAC Web Site.
  • Page 43: Obtaining Additional Publications And Information

    Information about Cisco products, technologies, and network solutions is available from various online and printed sources. • The Cisco Product Catalog describes the networking products offered by Cisco Systems as well as ordering and customer support services. Access the Cisco Product Catalog at this URL: Cisco Press publishes a wide range of networking publications.
  • Page 44 CCVP, the Cisco logo, and Welcome to the Human Network are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc.; Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play, and Learn is a service mark of Cisco Systems, Inc.; and Access Registrar, Aironet, Catalyst, CCDA, CCDP, CCIE, CCIP, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, Cisco, the Cisco...