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Haier 29F9K-D Owner's Manual

Colour television receiver
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Please read this manual carefully
before using this TV set and keep it
for future reference.
The Owner`s Manual for the Follow Model:
29F9K-D, DTA29F98



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  Summary of Contents for Haier 29F9K-D

  • Page 1 COLOUR TELEVISION RECEIVER OWNER'S MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before using this TV set and keep it for future reference. 0090506315 The Owner`s Manual for the Follow Model: 29F9K-D, DTA29F98...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Installation...3 Aerial connection...3 Preparation of the remote control unit...3 Function buttons and external sockets...4 Front and side panel of the TV set...4 Rear panel of the TV set...4 Buttons on the remote control...5 Basic operation Switching on/off the TV set...6 Watching TV program...7...
  • Page 4: Before Operation Warning And Cautions

    cloths. abrasive cleaner power disconnect cleaning, tube display removed. plug aerial outlet power from disconnected that recommended storm, Lighting & thunder severe there time, long used going set. damage fire shock, electric result cover back Removing person. service electrical registered removed well only...
  • Page 5: Installation

    Installation Aerial connection For an optimum high quality picture, it is strongly advised that the TV set connect to an external aerial(s) using high quality coax cable. When connecting to HiFi VCRs, satellite (or cable) set top boxes, that the AV terminals are used to allow the stereo sound to be transferred.
  • Page 6: Function Buttons And External Sockets

    VIDEO terminals: input Video VIDEO terminals: output Video panel Rear sensor Switch Power Infrared indicator Power selector (input MENU Channel TV/DVD down Volume panel Front buttons Function 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit 24bit 44.1KHz/ 44.1KHz/ 44.1KHz/ 44.1KHz/ 96KHz/ 48KHz, most most...
  • Page 7: Playable Discs

    Stand By POWER OPEN/CLOSE DVD Open/close Scan SCAN SWAP CALL MUTE Former Program Mute Call Screen Display Program Number TV/AV Exchange Digital Selector TV/AV -/-- (Not available) TV/DVD TV/DVD Volume/Channel Selection MENU Sound Mode Picture Mode MENU Picture Menu (Red) Function Menu (Blue) S.STD...
  • Page 8: Basic Operation Switching On/Off The Tv Set

    Time. preset automatically switched will minutes, than less TIME" "OFF (Note: off. background when input video under work does function power auto time. presetting according switched will TIME" "OFF automatically. later minutes switched will power day, ended programs selected channel empty function "BACKGROUND"...
  • Page 9: Watching Tv Program

    Select the desired sound Press the V-/+ buttons on the remote or the front of the TV set to adjust the volume level. The range is 0~99. When MENU the volume buttons are pressed the volume level is displayed automatically on the TV screen.
  • Page 10: Program Swap And Auto Scan Functions

    Saver Screen Caption Output Spdif Lang Mark Angle Display than more idle Page.. Setup ..General screen there on,then saver screen Saver Screen Captions Output Spdif Lang Mark Angle Display Page.. Setup ..General caption. hide display allows Spdif: Saver Screen Spdif: Caption product.
  • Page 11: Searching Channel

    16 9 You may select this if you have a widescreen (16:9) TV. Back bars may still appear above and below the picture even if using a widescreen TV. This is because some film directors prefer to use ultra widescreen aspect ratios e.g.
  • Page 12: Semi-Automatic Search

    (see PAGE SETUP GENERAL video static during tube protect help mode take will button cursor LEFT Pressing select buttons cursor DOWN press then folder, choose buttons automatically. displayed will menu navigation disc. different consumers. pictures products show pictures; 6000 about record disc then...
  • Page 13: Advanced Playback

    Searching channel Continued Manual fine tune Manual fine tune If the picture and/or sound are poor, try using the FINE Do not use this feature unless TUNE feature. reception is poor. 1 Press the P+/- buttons or PROGRAM NUMBER 0-9 MENU button to choose desired channels I.E.
  • Page 14: Program Skip

    There tray. disc disc place disc open OPEN/CLOSE Press playback Basic status. enter remote button TV/DVD Press Preparations Playback Basic Playback Basic "OFF". function SKIP turn buttons V-/+ Press now. just steps those Repeat recovered.
  • Page 15: Convenient Picture And Sound Control Functions

    Sharp lean to green Cancel mode This feature allows the TV picture to be displayed while next page to be searched is entered and found. Only the top teletext line is displayed until the page is found. Press the button to hide the teletext information. Either press the button or the Text button to exit the cancel display mode.
  • Page 16: Black Stretch And Noise Reduce

    text. Full back revert again button Press picture. superimposed data show will button press mode Teletext mode buttons. Text Fast coloured buttons, control remote numeric number page enter directly either page teletext select entering number page. previous next browse buttons P+/- up/down display.
  • Page 17: Multiple Audio Modes

    Strong L down Exchange This feature enables TV programs that may be on a wrong TV channel number to be swapped/exchanged. This feature is very useful when Automatic Search Tuning has been used, to reallocate the found programs to the correct channel numbers.
  • Page 18: Surround And Mute Functions

    CALENDAR LOCK CHILD "OFF" "ON" function FADE FADE REDUCE NOISE turn button V-/+ Press BACKGROUND FUNCTION "FADE select buttons P+/- Press CALENDAR LOCK CHILD FADE REDUCE NOISE screen. BACKGROUND display right shown FUNCTION menu FUNCTION till button menu FUNCTION Press tube.
  • Page 19: Time Functions

    Time functions Clock setting and timer on/off functions Clock setting The clock will only work if the TV set if left turned on TIME or in standby. When the set is disconnect from the power supply or is turned off by the main power on the front panel, the clock loses power and will need to be reset when the power is reconnected.
  • Page 20: Sleep Timer And Program Preset

    off. turn still will switch power turned LOCK CHILD when disabled front buttons panel control NOTE: CALENDAR LOCK CHILD "ON" function LOCK CHILD FADE REDUCE NOISE turn buttons V-/+ BACKGROUND FUNCTION press LOCK" "CHILD select buttons P+/- Press screen. display right shown menu...

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