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Haier DTA-2189 Owner's Manual

Combined 21" tv and dvd player
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Please read this manual carefully
before using this TV set and keep it
for future reference.



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  • Page 1 COMBINED 21" TV AND DVD PLAYER OWNER'S MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before using this TV set and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Warning and cautions...2 Installation...3 Aerial connection...3 Preparation of the remote control...3 Function buttons and external sockets...4 Front panel of the TV set...4 Rear panel of the TV set...4 Using the remote control...5 Basic operation Switching on/off the TV set ...6 Watching TV ...7...
  • Page 3: Warning And Cautions

    TV set. If the TV set is not going to be used for a long time, or there is a severe thunder & Lighting storm, it is recommended that the TV set be disconnected from the AC power outlet and the aerial plug removed.
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Aerial Connection If the picture is not clear or snowy, we recommend that you use an outdoor aerial.In different places, the suitable antenna type and position are different. twin-lead cable Antenna adapter (Not supplied) 75 coaxial cable Plug (Not supplied) Note: * It is recommended that a 75 ohm coaxial antenna is used to avoid interference.
  • Page 5: Function Buttons And External Sockets

    Function Buttons and External Sockets Front panel of the TV set PROGRAME Rear panel of the TV set Digital audio coaxial output terminal COAXIAL DVD EXT TV EXT DVD SCART Terminal TV SCART Terminal...
  • Page 6: Using The Remote Control

    Buttons on the remote control Stand By DVD Open/close DVD 10+ Scan Zoom Mute Former Program Call Screen Display Program Number (Not available) TV/AV Exchange Digital Selector TV/DVD Volume/Channel Selection MENU DVD Audio Picture Mode DVD STOP Tune Menu (INDEX TELETEXT FUNCTION) DVD SETUP...
  • Page 7: Switching On/Off The Tv Set

    2 If the indicator is lighting in red, press the button on the remote control again. Note 1 When you don't operate the TV set with a remote control, you can turn on it directly through pressing the channel (Child Lock must be turned off).
  • Page 8: Watching Tv

    Press the P- button to decrease channel number. Select the desired sound Press the V-/+ buttons on the remote or the front of the TV volume buttons are pressed the volume level is displayed If picture colo r is abnormal...
  • Page 9: Program Swap And Auto Scan Functions

    Auto program scan 1 Press the SCAN button to scan through all the memorized TV channels. The scan will pause for about 2 seconds on each channel. 2 If you want to stop the function during auto scanning, simply press the SCAN button again.
  • Page 10: Searching Channel

    Searching channel This TV set has three methods to set the channels, which are respectively full automatic, semi automatic and manual fine tune. In this section, how to use the remote control to set the channel is explained. You can also use the buttons on the TV set to set channel.
  • Page 11: Semi-Automatic Search

    Searching channel Continued Semi-automatic search TUNE MENU EXIT Semi-automatic search 1 Press the P+/- buttons or PROGRAM NUMBER 0-9 buttons to choose desired channels I.E. channel 1 2 Press the TUNE button, the TUNE menu shown on the right display on the screen. Press the P+/- buttons to select "...
  • Page 12: Manual Fine Tune

    Searching channel Continued Manual fine tune 1 Press the P+/- buttons or PROGRAM NUMBER 0-9 button to choose desired MENU channels I.E. channel 1 TUNE 2 Press the TUNE button, the TUNE menu shown on the right display on the screen. MENU 4 Press the V-/+ buttons all through to carry out fine tune,...
  • Page 13: Program Skip

    Searching channel Continued Program skip 1 Press the P+/- buttons or PROGRAM NUMBER 0-9 button to choose desired MENU channels I.E. channel 1 TUNE MENU Program skip Channels can be set so that they are skipped during program selection. 2 Press the TUNE button , the TUNE menu shown on the right display on the screen.
  • Page 14: Convenient Picture And Sound Control Functions

    P.STD The 5 modes are Listen-This is a new feature that blacks out the TV Soft-Designed for night time low light viewing; Standard -Designed for rooms that have good all round Rich-Designed for rooms with high ambient lighting such...
  • Page 15: Black Stretch And Noise Reduce

    Convenient picture and sound control functions Continued Black Stretch Automatically increases the contrast range Noise Reduce Picture Noise & Grain Reduction Circuit. (Use only on poor reception) Black stretch and noise reduce PICTURE 1 Press the PICTURE right display on the screen. MENU 3 Press the V-/+ buttons to turn the BLACK STRETCH...
  • Page 16: Mute , Select The Language And Fade Function

    How to select Language Press the P+/- button to " 3 Press the V-/+ buttons to select the OSD language. FADE FUNCTION Using on/off fade function, the TV turn on or turn off mild. MUTE FUNCTION ENGLISH BACKGROUND NOISE REDUCE...
  • Page 17: Time Functions

    (take 8 as an example). Clock setting The clock will only work if the TV set if left turned on or in standby. When the set is disconnect from the power supply or is turned off by the main power on the front panel, the clock loses power and will need to be reset when the power is reconnected.
  • Page 18: Sleep Timer And Program Preset

    Time functions Continued Sleep timer and program preset The TV set have 18 sections option TIME (each section has a time interval of 10 minutes) chart): 1 Press the TIME button, and the TIME menu display on the screen. 2 Press the P+/- buttons to select "SLEEP TIMER".
  • Page 19: Setup Function

    V-/+ buttons to turn CHILD LOCK function "ON" NOTE: All the control panel buttons on the front of the TV are disabled when CHILD LOCK is turned on. The power switch will still turn the TV set off. NO SIGNAL...
  • Page 20: Avl And Calendar Functions

    For instance, when advertisements come on. Press the P+/- buttons to select Press V-/+ buttons to turn the Enables the TV sets internal calendar to be set. FUNCTION menu shown on Press the P+/- buttons to select FUNCTION ENGLISH...
  • Page 21: Position Exchange Function

    PROGRAM 2 TO 9. MENU Exchange This feature enables TV programs that may be on a wrong TV channel number to be swapped/exchanged. This feature is very useful when Automatic Search Tuning has been used, to reallocate the found programs to the correct channel numbers.
  • Page 22: Teletext

    P+ or P- buttons, or the coloured Fast text buttons. Mix mode To view the TV picture while in Text mode press the button, this will superimpose the Teletext data on top of the Tv picture. Press this button again to return to Full text.
  • Page 23 Continued Teletext Cancel mode This feature allows the TV picture to be displayed while next page to be searched is entered and found. Only the top teletext line is displayed until the page is found. Press the button to hide the teletext information. Either press the button or the Text button to exit the cancel display mode.
  • Page 24: Basic Playback

    Basic Playback Basic Playback Preparations Press the TV/DVD button on the remote control or the TV to enter the DVD status. Basic playback 1. Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the disc tray, place a disc on the disc tray. There are two different disc sizes. Place the disc in the correct guide on the disc tray.
  • Page 25: Advanced Playback

    Advanced Playback Advanced Playback IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL DESCRIBING FUNCTION IS FOR DVD DISCS. IF YOU PLAY OTHER FORMAT DISC, THE OPERATION AND DISPLAY ON SCREEN WILL BE SOME DIFFERENCE. SUBTITLE Press " SUBTITLE ", the screen will display "SUBTI- TLE 01/XX XXXXX", "01" indicates the ordinal number of this language;...
  • Page 26: Special Function Playback

    CD-R disc through disc recorder. It will be convenient for and direct to the students when teachers play the disc by TV set or other equipment in class. That reduces teachers' repetition work and good for reservation (information in disc can be reserved for more than 100 years);...
  • Page 27 When a Kodak Picture CD is inserted in the player an automatic slide show is launched. Each picture in the Kodak Picture CD will be displayed consecutively in a slide-show fashion and will be scaled to fit in the whole TV screen. To display an image indefinitely, press the "PAUSE" key.
  • Page 28: Dvd System Setup

    16 9 You may select this if you have a widescreen (16:9) TV . Back bars may still appear above and below the picture even if using a widescreen TV. This is because some film directors prefer to use ultra widescreen aspect ratios e.g.
  • Page 29 SCREEN SAVER: If the screen saver is on,then there will be an animated picture of DVD on the screen whenever the DVD player is idle for more than 3 minutes . ..General Setup Page.. TV Display Angle Mark OSD Lang SPDIF Output Captions Screen Saver Off ..General Setup Page..
  • Page 30 The Preference Page is only available when there is no disc in the player. These settings are applied consistently to all discs which are inserted and played. TV TYPE: This player supports different TV output, including MULTI(Auto), NTSC, and PAL systems.
  • Page 31 DVD player back to the manufacturers original settings. Press ENTER to perform the reset. PLAY/ENTER Resets all settings Note: Some functions may not be available depending on the type of disc. ..Preference Page.. TV Type Auto Parental Password Reset Default...
  • Page 32: Playable Discs

    Playable Discs The following discs can be played: You cannot play discs other than those listed above. You cannot play non-standardized discs, even if they may be labeled as above. The performance of CD-R or CD-RW disc is depend on the way of disc-burning. In a few cases, their performance may not be very well or even not playable.
  • Page 33: Disc Protection And Dvd Characteristics

    Disc Protection and DVD Characteristics Compare DVD disc with other discs: Encode Digital/MPEG method Single- Double side -side Capacity single- single -layer layer 4.7G 8.5G Playing Time minutes minutes 12cm/8cm Disc diameter Horizontal More than 500 line resolution Picture Multiple kinds proportion Subtitle 32 kinds...
  • Page 34: Connection To The External Audio And Video Equipment

    Connecting to the other video and audio equipment Connecting to the other video and audio equipment You can attach optional equipment such as another TV or other audio amplification equipment to the scart/digital coaxial sockets at the rear of the set to enjoy higher quality sound and picture.
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting Guide

    2.The TV set must only be repaired by a qualified registered service person. Never attempt to remove the back cover as the TV set has dangerous voltages in side that may cause a fatally or fire. 3. The cabinet may produce the occasional "snapping sound" This is normal and caused by the materials in the cabinet expanding with room temperature changes.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    2X2W 10% THD Power requirements AC 230V Power consumption Dimension 500 Width x480 Depth x485 Height Remote control Owner's manual Accessories Battery(AA) NOTE Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Dimensions quoted in this manual are approximate. DTA-2189 50Hz...