Haier AP96NACAEA Operation Manual

Cabinet unit
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  Summary of Contents for Haier AP96NACAEA

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Cabinet unit Operation Manual AP96NACAEA AU96NATAEA No.0010575977 CONTENTS Name of Parts Parts and Functions Operation points Safety Precautions Operation Users' Attention Maintenance Trouble shooting When problems occur When troubles occur Installation instruction Installation procedure Others 11-12 13-14 15-26 27-28...
  • Page 2: Name Of Parts

    Name of Parts Indoor unit Inlet grill Outdoor unit Air inlet Note: Open the power switch 12 hours before the unit running.Do not cut off the power when short time stop the unit (like one day and one night ),this is to protect the compressor.
  • Page 3: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions TEMP TEMP MODE 1.Power ON/OFF Button Used for unit start or stop 2.FAN Button Used to select fan speed:AUTO,LOW,MID,HIGH. 3.TEMP Setting Button Used to set temperature. (Setting ranges: 16 C to 30 C) 4.MODE Button Used to select operation mode: AUTO COOL DRY FAN HEAT 5.Operation MODE Display Mode Panel...
  • Page 4: Operation Points

    Defrosting function During Heating operation, when frost formed on the heat exchanger of outdoor unit, the air conditioner will defrost automatically for several minutes. During defrosting, both the fan of indoor and outdoor unit MODE...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Creepage or short-circuit. Safety precautions when moving, reinstalling and repairing the air conditioner Do not refit the air conditioner. When repair is needed, please contact your dealer.
  • Page 6: Operation

    4.Adjust FAN button Press FAN button. At each press, fan speed changes as follows: AUTO(Flash) Air conditioner will run at the selected fan speed. 5. Unit stop Press ON/OFF button,unit stops. In FAN mode, the temperature setting is not displayed on LCD,and "Auto Fan" not available.
  • Page 7: Operation

    Air conditioner will run at the selected fan speed. 4. Unit stop Press ON/OFF button to stop unit. About FAN mode When the air conditioner runs in FAN mode, it is not possible to select AUTO FAN or to set temperature.
  • Page 8: Users' Attention

    The air conditioner can only be used in air conditioning. It can not be used in other purpose. Do not use the air conditioner in some specific purpose, such as storage or protect food, animals, plants, precise instrument and...
  • Page 9: Maintenance

    If air conditioner is very dirty, clean it with cloth If air conditioner is very dirty, clean it with cloth If air conditioner is very dirty, clean it with cloth...
  • Page 10 Maintenance After season maintenance Let the unit run in Fan mode for half a day in a fine weather to dry completely the unit inside. Turn off the unit and pull out power plug. There might be certain power consumption even if unit is stopped.
  • Page 11: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Followings are not problems Sound of water flowings are not problems. Sound of cracking is heard. Smells are generated. During operation, white fog or steam comes out of indoor unit. In cooling operation, unit switches to fan operation. Unit will not restart after stop.
  • Page 12: When Problems Occur

    Water comes out in cooling/dry operation. Operation is abnormal or sound is heard. If the fuse on PC board is broken please change it with the type of T.6.3A/250VAC. Air conditioner won't start. Is city power supply normal? Power failure?
  • Page 13: When Troubles Occur

    If finding any abnormal phenomena (e.g. smell of burnt), please cut off power and ask help for after-sales service personnel. If still use the air conditioner under this condition, the unit may be damaged and maybe cause electric shock or fire, etc. accidents.
  • Page 14 Install the air conditioner to a place where can definitely stand its weight. The air conditioner can not be installed on a nonmetal bracket (such as theft guard net). Places not firm enough will cause drop down of unit resulting in body hurt.
  • Page 15: Installation Instruction

    Installation instruction This manual can not include all kinds of conditions, if you have new requirements and questions, please contact with local Haier Sales Center. Before installing the unit, please read this manual carefully. Improper installation may cause accidents and make unit damage or death.
  • Page 16: Installation Procedure

    Installation procedure 1. Before installation [Before finishing installation, do not throw the attached installation parts away.] Confirm the route to carry the units to the installation place. Do not remove the package of the unit, before carrying it to the installation place. When have to remove the package, use a soft material or protection board with rope to lift the unit to prevent the unit from damage or bumping scrape.
  • Page 17: Installation Of Indoor Unit

    Installation procedure Installation of indoor unit Selection of installation place Place where it is easy to route drainage pipe and outdoor piping. Place away from heat source and with less direct sunlight. Place where cool and warm air could be delivered evenly to every corner of the room. Place near power supply socket.
  • Page 18 Installation procedure Installation of fall-prevention fitting metal: Fix the fitting metal to the wall by screws so that there is no clearance between them. With the unit set up vertically, fix the fitting metal to the unit with screws while making an adjustment at the long portion of the hole so that there is no clearance between the upper surface and the fitting metal.
  • Page 19 Installation procedure 2. Piping connection of indoor unit Arrangement of piping and drainage pipe Cut away, with a hammer or a saw, the lid for piping according to piping direction. Insulation material Copper tube According to the piping method, connect the piping on indoor unit with union of connecting pipe. Arrange the piping as per the wall hole and bind drain hose connecting electric cable and piping together with polyethylene tape.
  • Page 20 Installation procedure Main points of installation refrigerant pipe Please install the gas pipe and liquid pipe according to the following shown method. Please remove the cover piece on the gas pipe and the screw cap on the liquid pipe. * Please connect the connecting pipes between indoor and outdoor unit according to the following method.
  • Page 21: Selection Of Installation Site

    Installation procedure Selection of installation site It should be installed at places where it is firm enough to withstand the weight of the air conditioner to prevent falling. Typhoon and earthquake prevention. It should be installed according to specific requirements.
  • Page 22: Outdoor Unit

    Installation procedure Refer to the following figure for the distance between the foundation bolts. (2)When the refrigerant pipe is connected from the bottom of the unit,the unit should be raised at least 500mm(see the figure below) (3)In snowy regions,snow-proof facilities should be used(see the figure below).
  • Page 23 Installation procedure (6) During welding,the gas pipe valve must be cooled down with a wet cotton cloth. During welding of the distribution pipe 1.In case of brazing weld of joint,nitrogen must be filled in the pipe to prevent oxidization. 2.The refrigerant pipe should be newly-made and clean.During installation,do not let water and other substance into the pipe.
  • Page 24 Installation procedure Matters needing attention Never use oxygen,flamable and poisonous gases for the leak test. Indoor Outdoor Tightly closed Solder joint Tightly Solder joint closed Indoor unit Detailed diagram of the three-way valve To the gauge distributor (Liquid side)access hole (Liquid side)three-way valve Field tube installation...
  • Page 25 Installation procedure Check for leakage In the case of pressure decrease during steps 1 to 3 ,check the joints with the ear,hand or soapsuds for leakage.Repair it by welding or tighten the connecting nut up. Vacuum Pumping Use vacuum pump to evacuate the air.Never use the refrigerant for the evacuation. Drain off the nitrogen gas after the leak test and then connect the vacuum pump as shown in the figure below.
  • Page 26 Installation procedure Refrigrant must be added in liquid state. Refrigerant bottle swith or without a siphon tube can be refilled with refrigerant upright or upside down,Respectively. Refilling of refrigerant After the vacuum pumping,replace the vacuum pump with the refrigerant pump and refill refrigerant. Calculation of refrigerant quantity The factory filled refrigerant into the piping excludes the part of pipes according to be refilled on the site.
  • Page 27: Installation Procedure

    When connecting the indoor & outdoor wire, check the number of the indoor & outdoor terminals, the terminals with the same number connected together with one wire. Incorrect wiring will damage the controller of the air conditioner or make the unit work abnormally.
  • Page 28: Others

    The parameter of power cord is over 2.5mm . Air conditioner must use an exclusive line (over 30A) When installation air conditioner in a wet place, try to use a circuit breaker against Current leakage. For installation in other places, use circuit breaker as far as possible.

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