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HP b2600 Release Note: Dce Credentials Not Forwarded By Cde

Distributed file system.
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-h icl_Event0 -h icl_Event1 -h icl_Event2 -h icl_Event3
-h icl_Event4 \
-h icl_FindLog -h icl_FindSet -h icl_GetEnable -h
icl_GetLogParms \
icl_LogSetSize \
-h icl_SetEnable -h icl_SetHold -h icl_SetRele -h
icl_SetSetStat \
-h icl_ZeroLog -h icl_ZeroSet -h icl_allLogs -h
icl_allSets \
-h icl_inited -h icl_lock -h osi_Alloc -h osi_CallProc \
-h osi_CancelProc -h osi_CancelWait -h osi_Free -h
osi_InitWaitHandle \
-h osi_Invisible -h osi_Read -h osi_SetTime -h osi_SleepR
-h osi_SleepS -h osi_SleepW -h osi_Stat -h osi_Wait -h
HPUX= vmunix_test
LIBHPUX= $(ROOT)/libhp-ux.a
SPACE= /stand/build/space.h
SPACEDIR= /usr/conf/space.h.d
! LOADOPTS= -PF ${ORDER} -O -P -R 10800 -e rdb_bootstrap \
> -a archive ${HIDESYMS}
LIBUSRDRV=`if [ -f $(ROOT)/libusrdrv.a ]; then \
Edit /usr/conf/gen/config.sys, adding and changing the differences shown
above. Then regenerate the kernel using the mk_kernel command or SAM.
If you use mk_kernel, be sure to save a copy of /stand/vmunix first. See the
Making Adjustments to Your System section of Chapter 1 of HP-UX System
Administration Tasks manual (HP Part No. B2355-90079) for details.

DCE Credentials Not Forwarded by CDE

CDE (the Common Desktop Environment) can execute applications
remotely in a somewhat seamless manner through the use of a package
called ToolTalk. Even if a user has logged into CDE with Integrated Login,
CDE does not forward the user's DCE credentials to the machine where the
remote execution will take place. There is no problem with DCE credentials
as long as the user runs all applications on the local node.
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