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HP b2600 Release Note: Dce/dfs Tcl Configuration Functions

Distributed file system.
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DCE/DFS TCL Configuration Functions

1 Configure a DCE client:
tcl_dce_config_dceclient (hostname sec_server \
> cds_server dts_type celladmin celladmin_pw)
The local host name is passed for users that would like to specify a full domain
name (for example, instead of the short name you get
from the system hostname command. The cds_server parameter is passed
in order to cache if dcecp can't figure out one for itself. (This is a necessity and
something that seems to happen all too often). The dts_type is one of 'client',
'local', 'global' or 'none'.
For example:
dcecp> tcl_dce_config_dceclient oddball harpoon \
> harpoon client cell_admin -dce-
2 Configure a single-machine DCE server:
tcl_dce_config_dceserver (hostname cellname dts_type \
> celladmin celladmin_pw)
The hostname parameter can be passed as either the full domain name (for
example, or the short name (for example, blech).
Specify the cellname parameter without the /.../ in front. The dts_type
parameter should be one of 'client', 'local', 'global' or 'none'. Choose your own
celladmin account name (usually 'cell_admin') and password. This function
calls tcl_dce_config_dced(), tcl_dce_config_secserver(),
tcl_dce_config_cdsserver() and
For example:
dcecp> tcl_dce_config_dceserver oddball gumby1 \
> global cell_admin -dce-


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