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HP b2600 Release Note: Patches And Fixes In This Version

Distributed file system.
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Information About This Version

Patches and Fixes in This Version

Patches and Fixes in This Version
This section describes the required patches for HP DCE/9000 Enhanced
DFS Version 3.0 on HP-UX 11.0.
The following fixes are included in this version of the product:
In the previous release, it was reported that
issuing an fts release command would cause a core dump. The problem was
found not to be with the DFS software.
Corrected a performance problem introduced by a previous defect fix.
Improved the output of the failage field in FTS commands to be more useful and
Corrected a memory leak in DFS that eventually used up all user memory,
causing the system to freeze.
Updated the configuration code so that using the script form of the configuration
no longer fails with an error 22.
Improved the dce_login command so that users can now access DFS files with a
network identity. A temporary different version of the dce_login command that
was provided for obtaining credentials is no longer needed.
Corrected a problem that occurred when a user changed the current working
directory into a backup fileset, the directory later would be seen as invalid.
Corrected a problem with the FTS addsite command, which would try to create
a second read/write replica.
Improved the selection of DFS servers, when rank is the same. This situation no
longer results in the same server being picked, which had an adverse affect on
load balancing.
under some circumstances,


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