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HP b2600 Release Note: Maximum Episode Aggregate And Fileset Sizes; Clearcase Incompatibility; Issues With Dfs As A Unix Filesystem

Distributed file system.
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Information About This Version
Known Problems and Workarounds

Maximum Episode Aggregate and Fileset Sizes

The maximum size of an Episode aggregate is limited by the maximum
HP-UX file system size of 128 GB. The maximum size of an Episode fileset
and file is 128 GB. HP DCE 1.7 DFS limited UFS fileset and file sizes to 2
GB; Enhanced DFS 3.0 continues to impose this restriction.

ClearCase Incompatibility

Enhanced DFS 3.0 is not appropriate for use with Atria Software's
ClearCase source control product. ClearCase implements its own
client/server oriented file system. It does not lend itself to integration with
the secure file service that Enhanced DFS 3.0 provides.

Issues with DFS as a UNIX Filesystem

DFS is a perfectly valid Unix file system, with the unique ability to present
the view of a truly global name space. Probably the most notable thing about
DFS from a user or application perspective is that the file system begins at:
/.../. Applications that work with NFS should work with Enhanced DFS.
There are a few things, however, that you should note when using
applications with DFS:
If /:, the local cell's DFS root, is exported in the pathname variable (PATH), shell
scripts can become confused, since : may be interpreted as the separator between
paths. To avoid this problem, create a link to /.../cell_name/fs that does not
contain the ":" character, and then use the link in the pathname variable.
Installing and administering applications may cause issues because the access
control model of DFS is different from Unix. The two major aspects of these
differences are ACLs and commands that change the user's login (such as su).
The main problem is that you can no longer become root on the local machine
and expect to do the kinds of administrative tasks that you could do before in
Unix (edit arbitrary files, chown, chmod, etc.). For example, when using the link
command to hard link a directory, the system returns "Not owner" even if you are
logged in as Unix and dce root. Therefore, you cannot hard link a directory in


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