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HP OmniBook 900 Function Manual

Hp omnibook 900: release note.
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10 January 2000
This file contains the most up-to-date information on the following topics:
Sources of Information about the OmniBook and Windows
Saving Power with Speed Step Technology
Serial Mouse Problems
Using an Older Microsoft Serial Mouse Model
Using a Microsoft or Logitech PS/2 Mouse with a Scrolling Button
Using Media Player (Windows 95 and Windows NT)
Using VirusScan without a Floppy Drive (Windows 95/98/NT)
Changing Smart CPU Mode
Using an IDE Drive in a Docking System
Recalibrating the Battery Gauge
Windows 95/98
Energy Star Feature for Display Timeout
Using the Floppy Drive while Docked (Windows 98 Only)
Installing Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (Windows 95 Only)
Microphone Mute
Changing Display Settings
Playing DVDs
Using an LS-120 Drive (Windows 95 Only)
Choosing Power Management Timeouts (Windows 95 Only)
Maintaining Power Management (Windows 98 Only)
Using PC Cards in a Dock (Windows 95)
Using a Video Card in the F1477A Docking System
Windows NT
Restoring Operation under Windows NT
Suspend Mode and the F1477A Docking System
Using PC Cards
Installing VirusScan and Card Executive
Reinstalling Service Pack 5 for Windows NT 4.0
Matching the Keyboard and Driver
Dr. Watson Errors during Software Installation
Windows 2000
Software and Drivers for Windows 2000
Protecting Your Data While Suspended
Fixing Video Problems
Running the Tour of Windows 2000
Using a CD-ROM Drive in a Docking System
Using VirusScan with a Network Connection
Best Practices for Using Your HP OmniBook
Physical Care
General Use
Sources of Information


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    Protecting Your Data While Suspended Fixing Video Problems Running the Tour of Windows 2000 Using a CD-ROM Drive in a Docking System Using VirusScan with a Network Connection Best Practices for Using Your HP OmniBook Physical Care General Use Sources of Information...

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    Windows operating system. * For information about accessories, updates to the BIOS, and other technical documentation, connect to our website at http://www.hp.com/omnibook or http://www.europe.hp.com/omnibook (European mirror). Precautions This section describes certain situations that could cause serious loss of data.

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    Using an Older Microsoft Serial Mouse Model The OmniBook cannot use Suspend mode with two of Microsoft's older mouse models (parts #28898 and #07685). The suspend and resume activity causes the OmniBook to lock up with these mice. If you are using one of these mice, do the following to prevent this problem: 1.

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    2. Shut down and reboot the computer. 3. When you see the HP logo and Setup prompt, press F6. Follow the instructions on the screen. This process can take up to 5 hours, and you can't use the computer during that time. However, if you need to use the computer, you can interrupt the calibration and start it again later.

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    Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 was installed when you started your OmniBook for the first time. However, only the minimum required Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 files have been installed, including the Internet Explorer 4.01 browser and Outlook Express. For a complete installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 on your OmniBook, including all applets and tools, run the "Internet Explorer 4.0 Active Setup"...

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    For an OmniBook that doesn’ t come with a DVD drive, if you want to play DVD movies, we recommend using the HP F1653B DVD accessory. If DVDs do not play smoothly on battery power, try connecting the ac adapter. If this fixes the problem, Smart CPU mode may be affecting performance on battery power.

  • Page 7

    If you have problems, visit http://search.microsoft.com/default.asp and search for Q188134 in the Support & the Knowledge Base. When the search is complete, click on the article entitled "Standby Missing from Windows Shutdown Dialog Box." Using PC Cards in a Dock (Windows 95) If you use a PC card in a dock, you should insert the card only when the computer is running or after it is shut down, and remove the card only after stopping the card using the PC Card icon in the taskbar or after shutting down.

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    * Leave Time-out on AC disabled in the BIOS Setup. Using PC Cards Use of some point-enabled cards and possibly other cards may prevent the system from hibernating when battery power is low. Instead, the batteries can drain to the point of a nonrecoverable shutdown (data is lost).

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    Protecting Your Data While Suspended HP provides a battery driver that protects your unsaved data from being lost if the battery runs down completely while the computer is suspended. This driver enables the computer to automatically switch to Hibernate mode and save the data. In Device Manager, check the Batteries group to see whether the "Hewlett-Packard ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery"...

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    * Avoid bumps or jolts. - Suspend or shut down the HP OmniBook before transporting it. This turns off the hard drive. A drop of a few inches onto a rigid surface while the hard drive is operating could cause loss of data or damage to the drive.

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