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Sharp DV-NC200S Operation Manual

Vcr/dvd combination
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Please read this Operation Manual carefully before using
DV- N C 2 0 0
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The region number for this
VCR/DVD is 2.
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sharp DV-NC200S

  • Page 1 VCR/DVD COMBINATION MODEL DV-NC200S OPERATION MANUAL Please read this Operation Manual carefully before using your VCR/DVD COMBINATION. DV- N C 2 0 0 OPERATE OPEN/CLOSE PULL OPEN STOP/ OUTPUT EJECT PLAY STOP PLAY TIMER (TRACKING) The region number for this VCR/DVD is 2.
  • Page 2: Precautions

    220 V-240 V, 50 Hz. It cannot be used elsewhere. For service and adjustment inside the cabinet, call a qualified dealer or service centre approved by SHARP. CAUTION: • Be sure to remove a disc and video tape and unplug the AC power USE OF CONTROLS OR ADJUSTMENTS OR cord from the output before carrying the VCR/DVD.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Description refers to viewing of JPEG discs. Supplied Accessory • Remote control with two R-6 batteries • Round Coaxial cable • Operation Manual DV-NC200S OPERATION MANUAL OPERATE DV- N C 2 0 0 OPEN/CLOSE PULL OPEN STOP/...
  • Page 4: Copyright

    “TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE” on page 34, regarding your TV set compatibility with this 525p or 625p DVD player, the laser optical pickup unit may be dirty. Consult a SHARP Approved please contact our customer service centre.
  • Page 5: About The Video Cassettes And Discs

    BOUT THE IDEO ASSETTES AND ISCS Playable Media Recorded Playable media Mark (logo) Region code Media size Tape speed and Disc types signals Video Analogue video Tape width SP : 23.39 mm/sec. Cassettes with audio 12.65 mm LP : 11.70 mm/sec. DVD-Video *1, 2, 3 12 cm...
  • Page 6: Setup

    SETUP UNCTIONAL VERVIEW Front Panel DV- NC2 0 0 OPERATE OPEN/CLOSE STOP/ OUTPUT PULL OPEN EJECT PLAY STOP PLAY TIMER (TRACKING) 1. Disc Tray 12. REC (VCR) Press once to start recording or repeatedly to start One Touch 2. PLAY (DVD) Recording.
  • Page 7: Rear Terminals

    Display During Operation Appears when a disc is loaded on the No disc inserted / cannot read disc disc tray. Appears when a disc or tape is being Appears when the disc tray is opening. played back. Appears when the PBC function is acti- Appears when the disc tray is closing.
  • Page 8: About The Remote Control

    BOUT THE EMOTE ONTROL Installing the Batteries for the Remote Control Install two R-6 batteries (supplied) matching the polarity indicated inside battery compartment of the remote control. Hint • Do not mix alkaline and manganese batteries. • Do not mix old and new batteries. Operable Range Keep in mind the following when using the remote control: DV-NC200...
  • Page 9: Buttons For Both Vcr And Dvd

    Buttons for Both VCR and DVD DVD mode VCR mode Media type Button (Alphabetical order) • Press to select chapter or title • Press to select channel • Press to select track directly. directly. (except for +10 key). • (up/down/left/right) Press to •...
  • Page 10: Connections

    ONNECTIONS Connection to a TV CAUTION: • Be sure to turn off the VCR/DVD and equipment to be connected before connecting. • Read through the Operation Manual for the equipment to be connected. • Be sure to keep the VCR/DVD connection cables separate from the TV antenna cable when you install the VCR/DVD, because it may cause electrical interference when you are watching television programmes.
  • Page 11: Connection To An Audio System

    Connection to an Audio System Playing Dolby Digital (5.1 channel audio), Playing 2 channel audio DTS or MPEG audio Connecting the VCR/DVD to audio equipment provides normal ste- Connecting an amplifier with a Dolby Digital/ DTS/ MPEG audio digi- reo sound, plus powerful stereo sound enhanced by Dolby Digital 5.1 tal surround processor to your VCR/DVD’s audio digital jack provides channel surround sound, DTS and MPEG audio.
  • Page 12: Preparation For Use

  • Page 13: Manual Channel Preset / Skip A Preset Channel / Channel Reprogramming

    Manual Channel Preset Hint • Usually, this VCR/DVD distinguishes the colour system, which press first. should be set according to the broadcasting. However, if there is PLAY STOP no picture when you tried to recording of the TV programme, the VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD Each channel is tuned manually and individually.
  • Page 14: Change The On-Screen Language

    Change the On-Screen Language Select the position number you want to change the channel. MOVE press first. P01: 02 P06: 07 PLAY STOP P02: 03 P07: 08 VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD B P03: [04] P08: 09 P04: 05 P09: 10 To decide. Select “INITIAL”.
  • Page 15: Other Operations

    Time Search press first. To rewind. To fast forward. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD You can specify the time for fast forwarding or rewinding. Within 30 seconds. If a tape includes both programmes recorded in the PAL (or MESECAM) After searching ... system and ones recorded in the NTSC system, this function may not be operated correctly.
  • Page 16: Quick-Find / Auto Return

    Quick-Find Auto Return press first. press first. PLAY PLAY STOP STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD NA527AD This function enables you to search and confirm the contents of the When all timer recording is finished, the VCR/DVD will automatically recorded programme(s) using the index mark. rewind the tape to the beginning where it started recording.
  • Page 17: Timer Recording

    Timer Recording Select the desired channel. press first. TIMER NUMBER PLAY STOP DATE 0 5 / 0 3 T U VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD You may programme the VCR/DVD to start and end a recording while START 1 1 : 3 0 1 3 : 3 0 you are away.
  • Page 18: Direct Dubbing

    When an OTR or a Timer Recording is completed... • When you use the VCR/DVD in DVD mode during an OTR or a Timer Recording, the VCR/DVD will not turn off automatically even if the end • If the other Timer Recordings remain as programmed, the VCR/DVD time of the OTR or Timer Recording has been past.
  • Page 19: Other Information

    THER NFORMATION Status Display press first. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD You can check the Counter or Clock & Channel number. <CLOCK and CHANNEL Each time you press DISPLAY, TV screen will change as <COUNTER mode> <OFF mode> NUMBER mode> illustrated: 17:40 When you select the channel using the remote control...
  • Page 20: Dvd Functions

    DVD FUNCTIONS LAYBACK Before: Turn on the TV, amplifier and any other equipments which Resume are connected to this VCR/DVD. Make sure the TV and audio receiver (commercially available) are set to the correct channel. When you play NTSC recorded discs, the default setting converts this to a modified PAL.
  • Page 21: Slow Forward/Slow Reverse / Zoom / Rapid Play / Playing The Disc Recorded In Vr Mode (Video Recording Format)

    Slow Forward/Slow Reverse Press ENTER to switch among “ (x1.3)”, “ (x0.8)” and “OFF”. press first. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD Press FWD g or REV h repeatedly during the pause mode to select the required forward or reverse : Plays back approximately at 0.8 times of normal playback. speed.
  • Page 22: Mp3, Jpeg Playback

    MP3, JPEG P LAYBACK MP3 or JPEG is a method of compressing files. You can copy MP3 or JPEG files on CD-RW/-Rs from the computer and play back the files on this VCR/DVD. Hint press first. PLAY STOP • Some selections may take a while to be recognised. VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD Insert a MP3 or JPEG-format disc, then press MENU to call up the...
  • Page 23: Dual Playback / Transition Mode / Adjustment Of Picture Size / Folder Playback

    Dual Playback Adjustment of Picture Size press first. press first. PLAY PLAY STOP STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD NA527AD This function lets you play back MP3 and JPEG files simultaneously. Depending on the TV connected to this VCR/DVD, the overall picture Available only when Dual Playback is ON.
  • Page 24: OnScreen Display

    CREEN ISPLAY You can check the information about the current disc by pressing DISPLAY on the remote control. press first. press first. PLAY PLAY STOP STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD NA527AD Angle icon, appears only when available on the DVD. Current playback status Current playback status 4/12 0:03:21 - 0:02:15...
  • Page 25: Search Function

    EARCH UNCTION Track Search Using SKIP H / G Current Chapter press first. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD C 1 C 2 C 3 C 4 Using DIRECT SKIP SKIP SKIP Current Title T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 SKIP SKIP (If the disc has no chapters.)
  • Page 26: Marker Setup

    ARKER ETUP press first. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD This feature allows you to assign a specific point on a disc to be called back later. To set a marker At the desired marker • Playback will restart from the specific point which you set. To exit the Marker display Hint •...
  • Page 27: Repeat A-B Playback / Random Playback / Programmed Playback

    Repeat A-B Playback Programmed Playback press first. press first. PLAY PLAY STOP STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD NA527AD You may determine the order in which tracks will play. PROGRAM CD-DA TOTAL 0:00:00 1 3:31 2 4:28 3 4:19 4 3:58 5 4:12 6 4:02 Press once.
  • Page 28: Special Settings

    PECIAL ETTINGS Subtitle Language Hint • The sound mode cannot be changed during playback of discs not press first. recorded in double sound. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD • Audio language selection cannot be made during Rapid Play. This VCR/DVD allows you to select a subtitle language (if available) (Refer to page 21.) during DVD playback.
  • Page 29: Stereo Sound Mode / Virtual Surround

    Stereo Sound Mode Virtual Surround press first. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD press first. This VCR/DVD allows you to select a sound mode during CD playback. PLAY STOP VCR/DVD COMBINATION NA527AD You can enjoy stereophonic virtual world on your existing 2 channel STEREO stereo system.
  • Page 30: Language Setting

    LANGUAGE Setting DISPLAY Setting Follow the steps in the “CUSTOM Menu” on page 29. You can change the display functions. Follow the steps in the “CUSTOM Menu” on page 29. Select the desired item. Select the desired item. LANGUAGE DISPLAY AUDIO ORIGINAL SUBTITLE...
  • Page 31: Audio Setting

    AUDIO Setting PARENTAL Setting Choose the appropriate audio settings for your equipments. It only Parental Control limits the disc viewing that exceed your settings. (An affects during the playback of DVD discs. Follow the steps in the incorrect password will not play.) “CUSTOM Menu”...
  • Page 32: Others Setting

    To Change the Password for Parental Controls OTHERS Setting You can change your password for parental controls. Follow the steps You can change the other functions. Follow the steps in the “CUSTOM in the “CUSTOM Menu” on page 29. Menu” on page 29. Enter your four-digit password (except for 4737).
  • Page 33: Information

    INFORMATION ANGUAGE Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code French [FRE] 5264 Macedonian 5957 Siswat 6565 Abkhazian 4748 Frisian 5271 Malagasy 5953 Slovak 6557 Afar 4747 Galician 5358 Malay 5965 Slovenian 6558 Afrikaans 4752 Georgian 5747 Malayalam 5958 Somali 6561 Albanian 6563...
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting Guide

    ROUBLESHOOTING UIDE If this VCR/DVD does not perform properly when operated as instructed in this Operation Manual, check this VCR/DVD consulting the following checklist. PROBLEM CORRECTIVE ACTION No power. • Make sure the power plug is connected to an AC outlet. •...
  • Page 35 If the product is used for business purposes and you want to discard it: Please contact your SHARP dealer who will inform you about the take-back of the product. You might be charged for the costs arising from take-back and recycling.
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