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Troubleshooting - Black & Decker HGS100T Use And Care Manual

Compact garment steamer


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Small amounts of dripping might occur during use. If excessive, either
the steamer needs time to get back up to full temperature or there
could be a build-up of condensation on the ironing plate. Just allow the
steamer a minute to reheat, or gently wipe the ironing plate against the
ironing pad fabric to remove condensation.
To prevent iron marks on fabric, turn garment inside out before using
the ironing plate. Sensitive items (such as items with embellishments)
should be steamed inside out as well to avoid damage.
Putting on a garment immediately after ironing or steaming can actually
create wrinkles. Always allow clothing to cool for about 5 minutes after
ironing or steaming to set the press.
The steamer is plugged
in but not heating.
Not enough steam or
no steam is coming out
of the steamer.
Discolored water is
coming through the
holes and staining the
Steamer is leaking or
If additional assistance is needed, please contact our consumer service team at
HGS100TC-IB-24598-ESF.indd 7
Possible Cause
There's a power supply issue.
The steamer isn't heated up
to full temperature.
There is not enough water in
the water tank.
The steamer has not been
used for several weeks or
more and an air pocket is
blocking the steam.
Residue has built up in the
water tank or on the ironing
Perfumed or scented
additives were used.
Starch was used.
Steamer is not hot enough.
Condensation has built up.
Water tank is running low.
Check that the plug is
properly inserted into the
outlet or try plugging the
steamer into a different outlet.
Always allow steamer to
preheat at least 60 seconds.
Follow the instructions under
the "filling the water tank"
section and fill to Max level
Push the "steam reset"
button on the bottom of the
unit. The steam reset button
pushes air through the pump.
Empty the water tank after
each use. Only use distilled,
filtered, or purified water.
Regularly clean steamer and
refrain from using perfumed
or scented additives.
Always clean steamer ironing
plate after using starch.
Allow the steamer to heat for
about 45 seconds.
Gently wipe the ironing plate
with a soft, damp cloth to
remove condensation.
Follow the instructions under
the "Filling the Water Tank"
section and fill to Max level
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