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Advanced Features
Other Restrictions
If there are problems with the contents of a codec, the codec will not be supported.
If the information for a Container is incorrect and the file is in error, the Container will not be able to play
Sound or video may not work if the contents have a standard bitrate/frame rate above the compatible Frame/sec
listed in the table above.
If the Index Table is in error, the Seek (Jump) function is not supported.
Supports up to H.264, Level 4.1
H.264 FMO / ASO / RS, VC1 SP / MP / AP L4 and AVCHD are not
GMC is not supported.
H.263 is not supported.
Playing movie file continuously (Resume Play)
If you exit the playing videos function, it can be played later from the point where it was stopped.
1. Select the movie file you want to play continuously by pressing
the ◄ or ► button to select it from the file list section.
2. Press the � (Play) / ENTERE button.
3. Select Play Continuously (Resume Play) by pressing the Blue
button. The Movie will begin to play from where it was stopped.
The Blue button is available when resuming play.
If the Cont. movie play help function is set to On in the
Settings menu, a pop-up message will appear when you
resume play a movie file.
Playing Music
1. Press the ◄ or ► button to select Music, then press the
ENTERE button in the Media Play menu.
2. Press the ◄/►/▲/▼ button to select the desired file in the file
3. Press the ENTERE button or � (Play) button.
– During playing the music, you can search using the ◄ and ►
– � (REW) and µ (FF) buttons do not function during play.
Only displays the files with MP3 and PCM file extension. Other
file extensions are not displayed, even if they are saved on the
same USB device.
If the sound is strange when playing MP3 files, adjust the
Equalizer in the Sound menu. (An over-modulated MP3 file
may cause a sound problem.)
Video Decoder
Audio Decoder
Supports up to WMA 7, 8, 9, STD
WMA 9 PRO does not support 2 channel excess multi channel or
lossless audio.
WMA sampling rate 22050Hz mono is not supported.
00:04:03 / 00:07:38
Movie 01.avi
Play continuously E Pause L Jump T Tools R Return
I Love You
1st Album
01:10 / 04:02
Play continuously
Resumes playing from the last viewed
I Love you
Music 1
No Singer
Music 2
No Singer
Music 3
No Singer
Music 4
No Singer
Music 5
No Singer
E Pause L Jump T Tools R Return


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