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D9 Viewer Software - Swann DVR8-2500 Operating Instructions Manual

8 channel h.264 digital video recorder
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D9 Viewer Software

Opening D9 PC viewer
For the best results when accessing your DVR via REMOTE ACCESS or a LAN, use the included software. The remote view-
ing/playback software is called D9 VIEWER.
The interface and functionality of the software is quite similar to the interface and functionality of the DVR. There are,
however, some notable differences. We will go through using and configuring the D9 VIEWER software over the next few
Again, we must stress that this software is compatible only with 32-bit Windows operating systems.
If you are using another operating system, there is the possibility of using a Windows emulator to run
the DVR software - however, we cannot guarantee that this will work, and do not support attempting
it. We mention it only for intermediate to advanced computer users, who will be familiar with what
this entails already.
Opening D9 PC viewer
On your PC click on START > ALL
Find D9-VIEWER and click D9-
VIEWER in the D9-VIEWER folder.
You will see a login screen open.
Note: the DVR must be connected through a network (using the network cable) before configuring.
Note: if you are trying to access your DVR from a location outside of your network you will need to know your PUBLIC
IP ADDRESS. If you don't know your PUBLIC IP ADDRESS go to
You will need to access this site from a computer which is on the same network as your DVR.
Input the IP address you get from the WHATISMYIP website in the HOST NAME field when logging into the DxClient or
in the address bar when accessing the using Internet Explorer.
Consult page 37 for more information regarding PRIVATE IP ADDRESSES and PUBLIC IP ADDRESSES.
1. In the USER LOGIN window type in the following
Host name: IP ADDRESS eg. ""
Host port: HTTP PORT eg. "49000"
Password: ADMIN PASSWORD eg. "111111"
Note: the default setting for the DVR password is OFF. If
no password is set LEFT click LOGIN.
2. LEFT click LOGIN. You should now see the camera
display on your PC now.
If you are getting a warning message saying LOGIN
FAILED; go to the NETWORK SETUP screen on the DVR
to confirm you have the correct information.
Note: you may need to reboot the DVR if you
haven't already done so after changes these

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Table of Contents

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