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Soundstream HUMAN REIGN HR 2 Owner's Manual

Human reign hr 2 hr 4 amplifier owner's manual
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  Summary of Contents for Soundstream HUMAN REIGN HR 2

  • Page 1 HUMAN REIGN HR 2 HR 4 Owner’s Manual Installation Guide...
  • Page 2 Congratulations! You now own the Soundstream Human Reign amplifier, the product of an uncompromising design and engineering philosophy. Your Soundstream Human Reign amplifier will outperform any other amplifier in the world. To maximize the performance of your system, we recommend that you thoroughly acquaint yourself with its capabilities and features.
  • Page 3 Design Features Amplifier Diagram Crossover and Phase Adjustments Hawkins Bass Control™ Theory and Use Installation: Wiring Installation: Mounting Installation: Level Setting Protection Circuitry and Troubleshooting Service and Specifications Table of Contents p 4 -5 p 6 - 9 p 10 p 11 -12 p 13-14 p 15...
  • Page 4: Design Features

    DESIGN FEATURES RUBI™(Rapid-Use Branched Impulse) This new proprietary power supply topology eliminates “power sags” during low frequency reproduction by rapidly increasing the duty cycle, stabilizing the power supply and allowing it to deliver the power required then reproducing low frequencies. Also, greater reserve gate power is stored for low voltage conditions that occur during extreme conditions.
  • Page 5 Harmonic Bass Alignment™ The 2nd and 3rd order harmonic peaks are critically aligned to fundamental peaks at low frequencies. This produces tighter, more accurate bass reproduction. Drive Delay II™ Amplifier section powers up 2 to 3 seconds after the power supply eliminating turn-on pops.
  • Page 6 - HR 2 - Front View Top View...
  • Page 7 1. +12V - Connected to a fuse or circuit breaker, then to the battery’s positive terminal. 2. GND - Main ground connection. Bolt to a clean chassis point in the vehicle. 3. REMOTE - Remote turn - on input from the head unit. Accepts +12V. 4.
  • Page 8 - HR 4 - Front View Top View...
  • Page 9 1. +12V - Connected to a fuse or circuit breaker, then to the battery’s positive terminal. 2. GND - Main ground connection. Bolt to a clean chassis point in the vehicle. 3. REMOTE - Remote turn - on input from the head unit. Accepts +12V. 4.
  • Page 10: Phase Switch

    CROSSOVER & PHASE ADJUSTMENTS The Human Reign amplifiers incorporate an on-board staggered electronic cross-over. No external electronic crossover is necessary. The low pass portion of the crossover can be set independently of the rest of the system. In many car audio installations, there is a tendency for a ”midbass boom.” Be- cause of their interior dimensions, most cars will resonate or ring at these midbass frequencies.
  • Page 11 Hawkins Bass Control - Theory and Use The frequency control (Hz) adjusts the starting point of the subsonic filter. On the Human reign the high pass filter has two frequency ranges. When the bass control switch is set to “SUB SONIC”, the high pass filter frequency can be adjusted from 13 Hz up to a maximum of 30Hz.
  • Page 12 Application Subwoofer drivers in general have excellent power handling characteristics over their operational bandwidth. This bandwidth is determined by many factors, including driver design, and enclosure type. It is possible to overdrive any subwoofer driver by sending powerful signals outside of its operational FIG.
  • Page 13 The Human Reign amplifiers will accept up to 2 gauge power and ground cables. Determine from the chart below the minimum gauge power and ground wire for your application. HR 2 HR 4 CIRCUIT BREAKERS AND FUSES...
  • Page 14: Speaker Cable

    REMOTE TURN-ON Connect the “Remote” line to the turn-on lead from the source unit. When +12Volts received, the amplifier will turn on. SIGNAL CABLE Use a high quality cable that will be easy to install and has minimal signal loss to guarantee optimum performance.
  • Page 15: Installation And Mounting

    INSTALLATION AND MOUNTING AMPLIFIER LOCATION The Human Reign amplifiers employ highly efficient circuitry,a custom- engineered heat sink, and a unique Chassisink construction to maintain lower operating temperatures. Additional cooling may be required if the amplifier is located in a tightly confined area or when driving especially low impedance loads at extremely high levels.
  • Page 16: Level Setting

    LEVEL SETTING The input level is adjusted by means of the input level control located on the control panel of the amplifier. This is a unique dual-stage circuit that adjusts both level and gain. This topology maintains better S/N Ratio even when using sources with minimal output.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    TRIDENT PROTECTION CIRCUITRY Your Human Reign amplifier is protected against both overheating and short circuits by means of main power fuses and the following circuits: Speaker Output Protection Ground Fault Differential Smart Power Supply Thermal Rollback & Thermal Protection Circuit PROBLEM No Sound and power LED is not No Sound , power LED is lit...
  • Page 18: Specifications

    Please read the enclosed warranty card for details. As with all Soundstream products, a Return Authorization (available from Soundstream) is required for service of this amplifier. Satelite Channels POWER HR 2 HR 4 Signal to Noise Frequency Response Damping Input Sensitivity...

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