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Sony WEGA KZ-32TS1 Operating Instructions Manual Page 49

Flat panel color television.
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Menu category
Menu item
Screen Zoom
Adjust Pixel
Screen Saver
Custom Setup
Color Matrix
RGB Mode
Sync Mode
Setting option
Select to enlarge the picture with the center position fixed (only when "Wide Mode" is set
to "Full"). Select from "Standard" (normal size), "×2" (doubled), "×3" (tripled), or "×4"
Select to adjust the picture from an RGB equipment.
Auto Adjust: Select "OK" to make best possible adjustment for the input signal
automatically. Note that it may not be adjusted perfectly depending on the
input signal condition or picture pattern. In this case, perform "Auto Adjust"
Dot Phase: Adjust between 00-63 when part of a displayed text or image is not clear.
Total H Pixel (Total Horizontal Pixel): Adjust when the letter or picture is not clear as a
Reset: Reset to the factory settings.
Select "On" to display which input is selected.
Select to reduce image retention.
Pic. Inversion (Picture Inversion)
Invert tint of the picture (Example: white to black, black to white) to correct the screen.
Off: Select to deactivate this function.
Auto: Select to activate this function at the specified time everyday
On: Select to activate this function. It keeps working until you select "Off."
Pic. Orbit (Picture Orbit)
Move the picture position to reduce image retention.
Orbit: Select "On" to move the position. If you select "On," set "Orbit Range" and
"Orbit Cycle."
Orbit Range: Select the moving range from "Large," "Mid" (Middle), and "Small."
Orbit Cycle: Select the moving time from "10sec," "30sec," "1min," and "5min."
Select to give the picture a neutral tint, if the output signal from the DVD player
connected to the COMPONENT VIDEO IN jacks is 525p (480p), 1125i (1080i), or 750p
(720p) signal format. Adjust this only when the picture tint goes out of tune. Select the
signal format for each input, then set it to "Y/C
formats are set to "Y/P
Select if an equipment which outputs the RGB signal is connected to the Y/G, P
jacks of the COMPONENT VIDEO IN 2/RGB IN jacks.
DTV: Select when a digital tuner with RGB signal is connected.
Others: Select when other RGB equipment is connected.
Set according to the input signal from the HD jack of the COMPONENT VIDEO IN 2/
RGB IN jacks.
H/Comp: Select when the input signal is a horizontal synchronized signal or a composite
Video: Select when the input signal is a video signal.
Adjusting Your Setup
," or "Y/P
." When purchasing, all
/B, P



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