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Storage - Craftsman 247.77055 Operator's Manual

6.0 horse power yard vacuum
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Prepare your Craftsman Yard Vacuum for storage at
the end of the season or if the unit will not be used for
30 days or longer. A yearly check-up by your local
Sears Service Center is a good way to ensure that the
unit runs properly next season.
Yard Vacuum
Clean the equipment thoroughly.
Wipe equipment with an oiled rag to prevent rust.
Use a light oil or silicone to wipe.
Service the engine following instructions below.
Store unit in a clean, dry area. Do not store next to
corrosive materials such as fertilizer.
It is important to prevent gum deposits
from forming in essential fuel system parts such as
the carburetor, fuel filter, fuel hose, or tank during
storage. Also, alcohol blended fuels (called gasohol or
using ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture which
leads to separation and formation of acids during
storage. Acidic gas can damage the fuel system of an
engine while in storage.
To avoid engine problems, the fuel system should be
emptied before storage of 30 days or longer. Follow
these instruction:
Drain the fuel tank.
Start the engine and let it run until the fuel lines
and carburetor are empty.
Drain carburetor.
Never use engine or carburetor cleaner products
in the fuel tank or permanent damage may occur.


NOTE: Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable alternative in
minimizing the formation of fuel gum deposits during
Add stabilizer to gasoline in fuel tank or storage
Always follow the mix ratio found on stabilizer
Run engine at least 10 minutes after adding
stabilizer to allow the stabilizer to reach the
Do not drain the gas tank and carburetor if using
fuel stabilizer. Drain all the oil from the
crankcase (this should be done after the engine
has been operated and is still warm) and refill the
crankcase with fresh oil.
If you have drained the fuel tank, protect the inside of
the engine as follows:
Remove spark plug, pour approximately 1/2
ounce (approximately one tablespoon) of engine
oil into cylinder and crank slowly to distribute oil.
Replace spark plug.
Do not store gasoline from one season to
Replace the gasoline can if it starts to rust. Rust
and/or dirt in the gasoline will cause problems.
Store unit in a clean, dry area. Do not store next
to corrosive materials, such as fertilizer.
NOTE: If storing in an unventilated or metal storage
shed, be certain to rustproof the equipment by coat-
ing with a light oil or silicone.

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Table of Contents

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