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Button (In Case Of Hang Up) - Casio SLIM FX-9860G Hardware User's Manual

Casio calculator user manual
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4 P Button (In case of hang up)
Pressing the P button resets the calculator to its initial defaults.
P button
Never perform this operation unless you want to totally clear the memory of the calculator.
If you need the data currently stored in memory, be sure to write it down somewhere before
performing the P button operation.
• Pressing the P button while a calculation operation is being performed (while the
calculator is performing a calculation internally) deletes all data in memory.
• You can also reset the calculator using front panel key operations. See "11-4 Reset" in the
fx-9860G Series Software User's Guide for more information. Use the P button to reset
only while the front panel keys are disabled for some reason.
1. If the calculator is on, turn it off.
2. Press the P button on the back of the calculator.
• Never use a toothpick, pencil, or any other object whose tip may break off easily. Doing
so can lead to malfunction.
3. Hook your fi nger at the center of the calculator's panels, and open them up.
• This will display the Main Menu.
• Use the following procedure to adjust contrast as required.
1. Use the cursor keys to move the highlighting to the SYSTEM icon, press w, and then
press 1
2. Adjust display contrast.
• Press e to make display fi gures darker.
• Press d to make display fi gures lighter.
• Press 1(INIT) to return contrast to its initial default setting.
3. When contrast is the way you want, press m.
P Button (In case of hang up)



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