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Reset; Reset Procedure; Performing A Full Reset (Initialization) - Casio IT-9000 Series Service Manual

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Performing a reset causes all unsaved RAM data to be lost that are in mid-course of inputting and
editing, but data and settings that are already stored in the FlashROM should be unaff ected.
Perform a reset to restore normal operation whenever the Handheld Printer Terminal operates
abnormally due to misoperation or some other reason.

4-1. Reset Procedure

Use a stylus to press the reset switch on the back of the IT-9000.
This starts the reset operation.

4-2. Performing a Full Reset (Initialization)

Performing a full reset deletes all data and resets various settings to their defaults.
[ NOTE ] Data stored in the Flashdisk folder remain unaff ected.
Perform a full reset whenever any one of the following conditions exists.
• When you want to delete installed programs and settings, and resume the terminal to the initial
• When you are no longer able to use the Handheld Printer Terminal because you forgot your
• When the Handheld Printer Terminal does not operate normally due to a memory problem.
4-2-1. Full Reset Procedures
[ NOTE ] Performing a full reset resets all data to their defaults except stored in the Flashdisk
folder. If possible, backup data of the terminal to a PC or to the Flashdisk folder. The reset
procedure and display message appeared on performing the reset is according to the
model you operate.
(1) Hold down "Power" key and "C" key while pushing down the reset switch for about 3 seconds
with the tip of a stylus. The following message appears.
(2) Press "R Program" key and then the following message appears.
(3) The start-up screen appears when full reset is completed.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents