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Memory card camera-recorder
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Professional HD Quality
Progressive 3CCD and 2/3-inch Interchangeable Lens System for Full-Fledged HD Video Production
2/3-Inch Interchangeable Lens System
The 2/3-inch bayonet mount allows use of a wide assortment of
broadcast and professional lenses from a number of companies*.
2/3-inch zoom lenses make it easier to capture the shallower depth
of field often used in professional videos.
Progressive 3CCD
The AG-HPX500's 2/3-inch progressive 3CCD* has a larger light
receiving area for higher sensitivity, and achieves an optimal
balance among image quality, sensitivity and cost.
The camera CCDs scan at full 1080/60 (or 50) progressive frames a
second. It is this initial capture that is the foundation for all of the
formats that this camera generates. While the camera does not
record 1080P/60(or 50), the signals start there and are either cross
converted or down
converted to the format
being utilized that day.
Progressive scanning frame (Image)
* The effective image size of the CCD is equivalent to 2/3.2 inches.
Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC)
Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function is installed in
AG-HPX500. Combining with the correspondence lens allows
AG-HPX500 to automatically compensate the registration error that
is caused mainly by lens chromatic aberration, and minimize the
circumjacent blur.
14-bit Digital Circuitry
The AG-HPX500 features a high-
performance digital signal
processor (DSP) with 14-bit A/D
conversion and 19-bit inner
processing. This DSP provides
gamma settings and makes other
adjustments for each of the R, G
and B color signals in that initial
stage of picture generation from
1080 progressive, and it handles
all HD/SD format conversion
processes (P/I conversion, line conversion, down conversion) at the
same time. You get superior image quality in all video formats.
HD/SD Multi-Format Capabilities
Interlace scanning frame
Supporting 32 HD/SD video recording formats, the AG-HPX500
meets professional needs in news acquisition and in the production
of TV programming, independent films and other demanding video
content, and its versatility allows this content to be distributed
For 1080i/720p HD recording, the AG-HPX500 uses the DVCPRO
HD codec, with its proven track record in broadcasting applications.
For SD recording, the AG-HPX500's multi-codec capabilities let you
select from DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV video quality.


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