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Panasonic AG AG-HPX500 Brochure & Specs page 11

Memory card camera-recorder
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USB 2.0 Interface
The AG-HPX500 comes equipped with a USB 2.0 interface. Connect
the AG-HPX500 to a Windows PC, and you can upload files from a
P2 card to the PC for nonlinear editing, or to a network server.
Remote Control Unit
The AG-HPX500 comes equipped with a 10-pin RCU terminal for
connecting the optional AJ-RC10G Remote Control Unit.
The AJ-RC10G comes with a 10-pin multi-cable that can connect to
the AG-HPX500's down-conversion video OUT terminal for
monitoring at the RCU. The AJ-RC10G provides control of the
AG-HPX500's camera and recorder functions.
10-pin Cable (10m/50m)
Camera Image
Remote Control
Remote Control Unit
* The AJ-RC10G can control only functions supported by the AG-HPX500. It cannot
control unsupported keys or dials.
NLE (Windows PC)
SD Monitor
Multi-Camera-Compatible TC-IN/TC-OUT
The AG-HPX500 has a built-in SMPTE time code generator/reader.
The TC-IN/TC-OUT terminals are independent, so through-
connection is possible. The AG-HPX500 supports TC synchronous
recording using multiple cameras.
Other System Functions and Options
• Analog component (Y/Pb/Pr) output
• DC power supply for the BT-LH80W 7.9" LCD monitor
• Color bar (full color) and standard audio signal
(1-kHz test tone) output
• Multiple battery support, including Anton Bauer batteries
Designed for Easy Operation
The position, function, and shape of all switches, dials and terminals
have been designed in response to feedback from video
professionals to allow quick operation and prevent errors for greater
• The Audio Rec level adjustment features a push lock function.
• The Audio Input level adjustment (front) can be switched ON/OFF
and allocated to desired channels.
• A 3-point locking viewfinder mount allows precise adjustment.


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