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Panasonic AG AG-HPX500 Brochure & Specs page 8

Memory card camera-recorder
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P2 Recording Function
Four Slots for Quick Recording on Reliable P2 Memory Cards
P2 Cards: High Capacity,
Fast Transfer and Superior Reliability
Developed for cost effective production applications, the P2 card
consists of four SD cards packaged together as a single compact
unit that weighs only about 0.099 lbs (45 grams). This ultra-reliable
card has four times the capacity and four times the transfer speed of
a single SD card.
In addition to the high resistance to impact, vibration and
temperature change that semiconductor memory is known for, the
P2 card also offers outstanding reliability. Unlike tapes and discs, it
has no rotating or contact parts. It's built to withstand repeated
recording and initialization over many years of use. The P2 card
connector is specifically designed to stand up to the repeated
insertion and removal involved in professional use.
The AG-HPX500 records the A/V data for each recording as a file on
the P2 card, which eliminates the need for digitizing. The files can
be used directly in a nonlinear editing system or transferred over a
network. The P2 card transfers data at a speed that discs simply
cannot match, giving you faster, easier operation.
The P2 card is convenient too - you can plug it directly into the card
slot on a laptop.
Immediate Startup and Better Data Protection
When you press the Record button in standby mode,
the AG-HPX500 instantly finds a blank area on the P2 card and
begins recording. It can begin recording immediately even when
you're using it to preview video. In normal use, there's no chance of
accidentally overwriting a recording. Recordings will not be erased
unless you intentionally delete a file or initialize the card.
Advanced Recording Functions Employing
Four Card Slots
In addition to continuous, multiple-card recording, the four P2 card
slots of the AG-HPX500 also enable some useful new recording
functions that are possible only with memory cards.
• Card selector: The recording slot can be switched instantly when
the unit is in standby mode. Immediately after recording a clip, you
can remove the P2 card and use it in editing or transmission. This
lets you continue your recording work with much shorter
downtime than when changing tapes or discs.
• Hot-swap-rec: You can replace a full memory card with a blank
one while the P2 cam is recording onto a second card.
Successively swapping cards gives you virtually unlimited
recording capability.
• Loop-rec: This function can be specified in length and the camera
will continuously record over that area until you push the pause.
This allows for a longer record time than pre-record.
Other Versatile Recording Functions
• Pre-rec: While in standby mode, you can continuously store, and
subsequently record, up to 3 seconds in HD (7 seconds in SD). In
effect, this lets you record footage of events that occur even
before you press the Rec Start button, giving you a way to "go
back" and capture moments you otherwise would have missed.


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