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Panasonic AG AG-HPX500 Brochure & Specs

Memory card camera-recorder
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Memory Card Camera-Recorder



Summary of Contents for Panasonic AG AG-HPX500

  • Page 1 Memory Card Camera-Recorder...
  • Page 2 With all these advantages, it's no wonder many of the world's leading broadcast stations have already adopted P2. Panasonic P2 equipment has turned in gold-medal performances on the biggest stages - such as the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino.
  • Page 3 A P2HD Camera-Recorder That's Built for Professionals • Supports all HD/SD recording formats at the price of an SD camera-recorder • Advanced P2 technology provides fast, rugged performance plus IT connectivity • 2/3-inch interchangeable lens system • Variable frame rate function...
  • Page 4 Professional HD Quality Progressive 3CCD and 2/3-inch Interchangeable Lens System for Full-Fledged HD Video Production 2/3-Inch Interchangeable Lens System The 2/3-inch bayonet mount allows use of a wide assortment of broadcast and professional lenses from a number of companies*. 2/3-inch zoom lenses make it easier to capture the shallower depth of field often used in professional videos.
  • Page 5 Extended Recording with Four Slots for 16-GB P2 Cards The AG-HPX500 has slots for four P2 cards so you can record continuously onto all four in sequence. Using four of the new 16-GB P2 cards (available soon), you can get up to 68 minutes of HD recording (1080/60i, 4 cards x 17 minutes = 68) or 136 minutes of SD (DVCPRO 50) recording (4 cards x 34 minutes = 136).
  • Page 6 •720p over 60p (or 50p) Mode: The unit can output a DVCPRO HD stream from the IEEE 1394 connector as it records. This lets you produce a backup copy using a connected external hard disk recorder, such as the Panasonic AJ-HD1400 DVCPRO HD recorder or the Focus Enhancements FireStore FS-100. 50Hz Mode...
  • Page 7 Cine-Like Gamma (Eight-Mode Gamma) Drawing on technologies developed for the VariCam, Panasonic has equipped the AG-HPX500 with advanced gamma functions that address eight different shooting scenarios and expand your creative abilities. Included are Cine-Like Gamma, which gives recordings the characteristic warm tone of film recordings, and a News Gamma that's designed especially for news gathering.
  • Page 8 P2 Recording Function Four Slots for Quick Recording on Reliable P2 Memory Cards P2 Cards: High Capacity, Fast Transfer and Superior Reliability Developed for cost effective production applications, the P2 card consists of four SD cards packaged together as a single compact unit that weighs only about 0.099 lbs (45 grams).
  • Page 9 • One-shot rec: Convenient for producing animation, this mode records for a set time (from 1 frame to 1 second) each time you press the Start button. • Interval rec: Recording one frame at a time at set intervals (from 2 frames to 10 min), this mode is useful for monitoring and special ultra-undercranking effects.
  • Page 10 AG-HVX200, the AG-HPX500 is compatible with nonlinear editing systems that support our other P2HD cameras. *The latest compatibility test report with NLEs is shown at (P2 compatibility table) HD SDI/SD Down-Conversion Output The AG-HPX500 comes equipped with two BNC video line outputs for flexible monitoring or line recording use.
  • Page 11 USB 2.0 Interface The AG-HPX500 comes equipped with a USB 2.0 interface. Connect the AG-HPX500 to a Windows PC, and you can upload files from a P2 card to the PC for nonlinear editing, or to a network server. USB2.0 AG-HPX500 Remote Control Unit The AG-HPX500 comes equipped with a 10-pin RCU terminal for...
  • Page 12 Workflow with P2HD News Acquisition and Recording You can configure a basic P2HD recording system by simply connecting the AG-HPX500 to a laptop. It connects to a Windows PC via USB 2.0 or to a Mac via IEEE 1394. Insert a P2 card in the AG-HPX500's slot, and you can use the PC to preview video clips on the card, copy files, and perform simple editing.
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories AJ-VF20WB 2" EVF 16:9/4:3 switchable AJ-VF15B 1.5" EVF for 4:3 FIJINON 2/3" LENS CANON 2/3" LENS *Recommend to use the lens which is correspondent to Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function. AG-MC200G Microphone AJ-MC700P Microphone Kit SHAN-TM700 Tripod Adapter SD memory card FireStore FS-100 Portable DTE Recorder...
  • Page 14 Profiles...
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Specifications General Supply Voltage: DC12V (11V to 17V) Power Consumption: Approx. 22W (when 1.5"CRT viewfinder, 3.5" LCD monitor used) Operating Temperature: 32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C) Operating Humidity: 10% to 85% (no condensation) Weight: Approx. 8.2 lbs (3.7kg) excluding battery and accessories Dimensions (WxHxD): 5-9/16"...
  • Page 16 Systems Business Group Austria 2-15 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8503 Bahrain Japan Belgium Phone +81 6 6905 4650 Fax +81 6 6908 5969 Bulgaria Brazil Canada China (Hong Kong Czech Republic +420 236 032 552/511 Denmark Egypt Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia...