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Panasonic AG-HPX502 Brochure & Specs

Memory card camera-recorder
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Memory Card Camera-Recorder


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  • Page 1 Memory Card Camera-Recorder...
  • Page 2 Equipped with four P2 card slots, the AG-HPX502 allows extended HD recording time and delivers the high reliability, quick recording starts and IT benefits that distinguish P2 and revolutionize the recording and editing workflow.
  • Page 3 A P2HD Camera-Recorder That's Built for Professionals • Supports all HD/SD recording formats at the price of an SD camera-recorder • Advanced P2 technology provides fast, rugged performance plus IT connectivity • 2/3-inch interchangeable lens system • Variable frame rate function...
  • Page 4 Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function is a new feature in the AG-HPX502. This exclusive technology sets up a conversation between lens and camera which allows for a highly sophisticated algorithm to be deployed which will automatically compensate the registration error that is caused mainly by lens chromatic aberration, and minimize the circumjacent blur.
  • Page 5 Extended Recording with Four Slots for 16-GB P2 Cards The AG-HPX502 has four P2 cards slots so you can record continuously onto all four in sequence. Using four of the new 16-GB P2 cards (available soon), you can record up to 64 minutes of HD recording (1080/60i or 720/60p, 4 cards x 16 minutes = 64) or 128 minutes of SD (DVCPRO 50) recording (4 cards x 32 minutes = 128).
  • Page 6 Native and Over-60p (50p) Modes •720p Native Mode: The AG-HPX502 records images at the frame rate set in the camera. Using the AG-HPX502 to play back the recording at the normal rate, you can preview the speed effect right on the spot, without using a frame rate converter. Native mode also extends the recording time.
  • Page 7 Shifts the Cine-Like mode to prioritize contrast 1080/480 24p Advance Mode When recording in 1080/24p or 480/24p at 60 Hz, the AG-HPX502 lets you select 24pA (Advance) mode. In this mode, it performs 60i conversion using 2:3:3:2 pulldown, which maintains higher image quality than ordinary 24p (2:3 pulldown) in nonlinear editing*.
  • Page 8 The AG-HPX502 records the A/V data for each recording as a file on the P2 card, which eliminates the need for digitizing. The files can be used directly in a nonlinear editing system or transferred over a network.
  • Page 9 When a P2 card with marked clips is inserted in a PC*, it's possible to have only the marked clips displayed. The AG-HPX502 also has a text memo function. When recording or previewing a clip, press the Text Memo button at any of up to 100 locations and a blank text memo label is registered.
  • Page 10 File transfer (HOST) Compatibility with Nonlinear Editing Systems DVCPRO HD P2 files recorded by the AG-HPX502 can be used in nonlinear editing systems made by a variety of manufacturers, making it possible for you to produce HD content in native DVCPRO HD.
  • Page 11 USB 2.0 Interface The AG-HPX502 comes equipped with a USB 2.0 interface. Connect the AG-HPX502 to a Windows PC, and you can upload files from a P2 card to the PC for nonlinear editing, or to a network server. USB2.0...
  • Page 12 News Acquisition and Recording You can configure a basic P2HD recording system by simply connecting the AG-HPX502 to a laptop. It connects to a Windows PC via USB 2.0 or to a Mac via IEEE 1394. Insert a P2 card in the...
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    *Not available in some areas. AJ-HT901G Hard Carrying Case * The AJ-RC10G can control only functions supported by *Not available in some areas. the AG-HPX502. It cannot control unsupported keys or dials. SHAN-RC700 Rain Cover *Not available in some areas.
  • Page 14 Profiles...
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Specifications General Supply Voltage: DC12V (11V to 17V) Power Consumption: Approx. 23W (when 1.5"CRT viewfinder, 3.5" LCD monitor used) Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C Keeping Temperature: –20°C to +60°C Operating Humidity: 10% to 85% (no condensation) Weight: Approx. 3.8kg excluding battery and accessories Dimensions (WxHxD): 140 x 261 x 318 mm excluding handle and prominent parts Camera...
  • Page 16 Malaysia 2-15 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8503 Japan New Zealand Phone +81 6 6905 4650 Fax +81 6 6908 5969 Saudi Arabia Singapore SP-HPX502PE1 +61 2 9986 7400 +62 21 385 9449 +60 3 5549 5422 (PSE) +60 3 5546 7000 (PM)

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