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Quick Installation - Nokia PerfectFlat 730C User Manual

Color monitor full 17" (16.0" diagonal viewable)
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Quick Installation

1 Connect video cable
Make sure both the monitor and the
computer are powered OFF. Connect the
video cable to the computer.
Macintosh users: Connect a Macintosh
adapter to the video cable, then to the
computer. For information about Mac
adapters contact your dealer. You will
need to provide your monitor's serial
2 Connect power cord
Connect the power cord to a properly
grounded AC outlet, then to the monitor.
3 Power-ON monitor and computer
Power-ON the monitor, then power-ON
the computer. This sequence (monitor
before computer) is very important.
NOTE: At this point Windows
may receive a message asking them to
install the 730C's INF file.
4 Install INF and ICM files
• For CD-ROM: Insert the CD-ROM
into your system, wait for it to auto-
start, select "Monitor Drivers," and
follow the on-screen instructions.
• For diskette: Insert the diskette into
your system, run setup.exe, and
follow the on-screen instructions.
Getting Started
5 Windows users: Setting the
Timing Mode (
rate) Example: 1024x768@ 75Hz.
For instructions on changing the resolu-
tion and refresh rate, see the user guide
for your computer's graphics card.
Use the OnView
adjust the screen image.
See the Operations section in this
Installation is complete!
Enjoy your new 730C Monitor!
To be best prepared for any future
customer service needs:
• Write the serial number (see back
of the monitor) in "For your Records"
98 users
on page 1 of this guide.
Video Cable
Power Cords
resolution and refresh
controls to
Nokia 730C



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