Casio PhoneMate TC-540 Owner's Manual

All digital answering machine with cordless telephone
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  Summary of Contents for Casio PhoneMate TC-540

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    HANDSET FEATURES Power Saver/Ringer On-Off Switch (page 3) Talk Indicator (page 24, 25) Talk (page 24) Mailboxes (page 21) Save (page 23) Repeat (page 22) Tone (page 19) Volume Control (page 21) Channel (page 4) Hold (page 26) Screen/Play (page 21,23) HOLD SCREEN PLAY...
  • Page 3 BASE UNIT FEATURES PAGE 40 40 40 40 40 Repeat (page 11) Erase (page 12) Ring Select Switch (page 3) ERASE SAVE REPEAT SKIP PLAY PLAY/ SPEED PAUSE Display/Message Counter (page 10) New Message On/Off Indicators (page 9) Mailboxes (page 6,10,12,13) Save (page 13) Skip (page 11) On/Off (page 9)
  • Page 4: Technical Specifications

    Base Unit: AC9V 600mA Battery Life Standby: 7 days Talk: 6 hours Recharging Time: 12-15 hours (with power off) The TC-540 is hearing aid compatible. Design and specifications subject to change without notice. CASIO PHONEMATE, INC. 20665 Manhattan Place Torrance, CA 90501...
  • Page 5: Switch

    TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 38 38 38 38 38 INITIAL SETUP Important Safety Instructions .. 1 Installation ... 2 Power Saver/Ringer Switch ... 3 Ringer Volume Switch ... 3 Ring Select Switch ... 3 Tone/Pulse Switch ... 3 Important Cordless Telephone Information ...
  • Page 6 ACCESSORIES To order accessories for your TC-540 answering machine, simply cut out this order form, fill in the appropriate information and send it with payment (check, money order or credit card information) to: CASIO PHONEMATE Parts Department Baltimore, MD 21221...
  • Page 7 TV or VCR; and, if interference is experienced, moving the cordless telephone farther away from the TV or VCR will often reduce or eliminate the interference. Any changes made by the user not approved by CASIO PHONEMATE can void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 8 After several attempts the TC-540 will not operate properly. To reset the TC-540, unplug the AC ADAPTER PLUG from the back of the TC-540 for 10 seconds and remove the battery (if one is installed). The outgoing and incoming messages, time/day stamp and remote code will be lost.
  • Page 9 Canada. Subject to the following conditions, should this product prove defective by reason of improper workmanship of material: During the period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, CASIO PHONEMATE will repair or, at its option, replace the product without charge for parts or labor. If CASIO PHONEMATE elects to replace the product, such replacement may be accomplished with a factory-reconditioned unit.
  • Page 10 CLEANING & BATTERY INSTALLATION CLEANING THE TC-540 CAUTION: Disconnect the TC-540 from the power outlet before cleaning. Clean the battery charging contacts on the base unit and the handset with a soft cloth once a month. Clean the antenna, and the plastic cabinet of the base unit and the handset, with a soft cloth only.
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION Two-line installations may require a two-line T-Adapter for your machine to operate correctly. The T-Adapter allows you to connect your machine to Line 1 or Line 2. The TC-540 will only answer one line. MULTI-LINE INSTALLATION Installations with more than two lines, such as a business phone system, may require a separate RJ11 jack for answering machines.
  • Page 12 REMOTE TURN ON If you leave your home or office without turning on your TC-540, you can do so from any telephone. Call and let your phone ring 15 times or more. The TC-540 will turn on and you will hear the outgoing message and the beep.
  • Page 13 You will hear: All messages in the selected mailbox will play. You may select another option or hang up and the TC-540 will automatically save messages. SAVE ALL MESSAGES If you do not erase messages in the...
  • Page 14 Press on a touchtone keypad. You will hear: Enter , or . You will hear: The TC-540 will play messages for the selected mailbox. Hello June, please give me a call... NOTE: The key followed by a mailbox number (1, 2, or 3) is used to select a mailbox either before remote message retrieval or during the voice menu.
  • Page 15 (2 or 3). ENTER your 3-digit access code approximately two seconds after the outgoing message begins. TC-540 does not respond when you enter your code, try again after the beep. Depending on the number of messages, you will hear: You have four messages in MAILBOX 1.
  • Page 16 TO PROGRAM YOUR REMOTE ACCESS CODE The remote code is the same for all three mailboxes. The TC-540 is shipped with the code set to 1-2-3. Make sure the unit is turned on. Lift the lid under the handset and press SET/CHECK CODE .
  • Page 17: Talk

    TALK Pick up any extension phone that is connected to the same line. LAST NUMBER REDIAL The TC-540 remembers the last number you dialed. Pick up the handset and press (PAUSE) redial the number. If you subscribe to a call waiting service and...
  • Page 18 NOTE: When you return the handset to the base unit, you are hanging up the phone (Standby Mode.) The TC-540 is now ready to receive a call and the Charging Indicator lights to show the battery is charging.
  • Page 19: Mailboxes

    Move closer to the base unit to deactivate the alarm. If you remain out of range for too long, the TC-540 will disconnect from the line. If the handset loses its STANDBY MODE TALK will not be lit.
  • Page 20: Save

    REPEAT TONE SAVE MESSAGES Messages will be saved within 7 seconds after you hear the last message. The TC-540 will automatically reset to answer new calls, after saving messages. SAVE Press on the handset keypad.)
  • Page 21 HANDSET PLAYING MESSAGES PAGE 22 22 22 22 22 HOLD TALK LO BATT BOX 1 BOX 2 SAVE REPEAT TONE OPER VOLUME AUTODIAL CHANNEL REDIAL (PAUSE) You can repeat the current message. The message number will appear in the display. Skip backward message by message.
  • Page 22: Volume Control

    7 seconds to exit the retrieval mode. Repeat steps 1 - 3 to listen to messages in other mailboxes. The TC-540 play your messages along with the time/day stamp. NOTE: If you hang up during handset message retrieval, all messages will be saved.
  • Page 23 BATTERIES Check the AC Adapter to see that it is connected correctly. Place the handset in the base unit. The CHARGING INDICATOR on the base unit lights to indicate the TC-540 is charging. CHARGING HANDSET LOW (LO BATT) LO BATT...
  • Page 24 TC-540 will dial your number automatically. TONE/PULSE MIXED The TC-540 should be set to page 3.) If you live in a pulse or rotary dialing area, you can use TONE to access a long distance service (i.e. Sprint or MCI), bank by...
  • Page 25 TC-540’s autodial index (located in the handset cradle.) NOTES: To relocate your TC-540, unplug the AC ADAPTER from the STORE wall outlet and install the unit at a new location. If a 9 volt battery is installed, the autodial memory, message count, and time/day stamp will be saved for 1 hour during a power failure.
  • Page 26 TALK Press on the handset. TALK Pick up any extension phone that is connected to the same line. LAST NUMBER REDIAL The TC-540 remembers the last number you dialed. Press Press automatically redial the number using the speakerphone. HOLD SPEAKERPHONE...
  • Page 27 BASE PAGING & SPEAKERPHO PAGE 16 16 16 16 16 PAGING THE HANDSET FROM THE BASE UNIT To page the handset from the base unit, the handset must be in the “Standby” mode (the TALK INDICATOR is not lit.) PAGE Press on the base unit.
  • Page 28 MAILBOX the activated recording. The TC-540 allows you to record important telephone conversations while using the speakerphone. The conversation will be stamped with the time and day. A conversation cannot be recorded from an extension phone.
  • Page 29 INDICATORS will flash. You will hear: OUTGOING MESSAGE Please select mailbox. RECORD CHECK MAILBOX 2 Press . You will hear: Record a new greeting. OUTGOING MESSAGE Press RECORD after you finish speaking. The TC-540 will play your confidential personal message.
  • Page 30 (CONTINUED) SAVE ALL MESSAGES If you wish to save ALL messages, press SAVE within 7 seconds after hearing “End of messages” or after pressing ERASE SAVE I will save messages. ANSWERING A CALL DURING PLAYBACK If you receive an incoming call during message playback: SPEAKERPHONE Press...
  • Page 31 You have 3 options during pause: Press the button of the activated MAILBOX again to resume listening to messages. Leave the TC-540 in pause mode. It will automatically reset to answer calls after 5 minutes. All messages will be saved. ON/OFF Press twice to end pause.
  • Page 32 30% faster or 30% slower. You can switch between slow, fast or normal speed during message playback. PLAY SPEED Slow Playback: Press The TC-540 will play your messages 30% slower than normal. PLAY SPEED Fast Playback: Press (twice.) The TC-540 will play your messages 30% faster than normal.
  • Page 33 If you want to speak to your caller, pick up the handset, or press SPEAKERPHONE on the base, or pick up any extension phone connected to the same line as your TC-540. The TC-540 will automatically stop recording. (See page 5 for Auto Extension Disconnect.) PLAY MESSAGES...
  • Page 34 MEMO/CONV REPEAT SKIP PLAY PLAY/ SPEED PAUSE TONE OPER The TC-540 also functions as a clock. A synthesized voice will announce the time and day. ON/OFF NEW MESSAGE ON/OFF NEW MESSAGE ON/OFF INDICATORS SET/CHECK (USE REPEAT & SKIP TO SET)
  • Page 35 TIME & DAY STAMP PAGE 8 8 8 8 8 SET THE TIME/DAY Set the current time and day. The TC-540 will stamp each message with the time and day. Lift the lid under the handset and press TIME SET/CHECK .
  • Page 36 G MESSAGES PRE-RECORDED OUTGOING MESSAGE If you do not record an outgoing message for a specific mailbox or a power failure depletes the 9 volt battery, the TC-540 will answer calls with the following pre-recorded message: Please record a ERASE SAVE...
  • Page 37 Each of the three mailboxes has a MESSAGE INDICATOR and an individual outgoing message which may be customized for business or personal use. The TC-540 automatically answers calls with the MAILBOX 1 outgoing message from leave a message in another mailbox callers must press...
  • Page 38 # on their touchtone keypad any time after the TC-540 answers their call. AUTO EXTENSION DISCONNECT You can answer a call from any extension phone connected to the same line as the TC-540. Pick up any extension phone after the TC-540 has answered the call. The unit will automatically stop playing your outgoing message or recording a message.
  • Page 39: Channel

    The Digital Security Coding System automatically resets a new personal security code to one of over 256 combinations every time you return the TC-540 handset to the base unit. (Whenever the handset is returned to the base unit you will hear a beep.) The security code prevents unauthorized use of your telephone line, false rings and false dialing.
  • Page 40: Ring Select Switch

    Select Switch set to 4 rings. Set the SELECT SWITCH the number of rings before the TC-540 answers. 2 = The TC-540 will answer on the second ring. 4 = The TC-540 will answer on the fourth ring. TS = When calling to retrieve messages from a...
  • Page 41 BASE INSTALLATION & SWITC PAGE 2 2 2 2 2 CONNECT YOUR TC-540 “PF” will flash in the display. The TC-540 is ready to record an outgoing message. PLUG the TC-540’s telephone cord into a telephone wall jack. TONE PULSE...
  • Page 42: Save

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm. 2. Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. 3. Never touch uninsulated telephone wires or terminals unless the telephone line has been disconnected at the network interface.