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Hoover U5786-900 Owner's Manual

Operating and servicing instructions.
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Owner's manual - 40 pages
Manual - 13 pages
Manual - 7 pages


Please review this manual before operating your Hoover® product.
©2008 Healthy Gain Investments, Ltd. All rights reserved. #56511
Owner's Manual
Operating and Servicing Instructions
67. 3/08



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  • Page 1

    Instructions d’utilisation Guide Gain Healthy ©2008 guide attentivement Lire Please review this manual before operating your Hoover® product. Owner’s Manual Operating and Servicing Instructions ©2008 Healthy Gain Investments, Ltd. All rights reserved. #56511 67. 3/08...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Parts & accessories mail order form .........19 If you need assistance: Visit our website at Follow the service center link to find the service outlet nearest you OR Call 1-800-944-9200 for an automated referral of authorized service outlet locations (U.S.

  • Page 3: Important Safeguards

    • Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If appliance is not working as it should, has been vide l’appareil utiliser • dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, take it to a Hoover Sales and avant l’appareil Débrancher •...

  • Page 4: Assembling Cleaner

    1. Assembling cleaner Carton contents Attach handle A. Handle section B. Cleaner body C. Hose, cleaning tools and wands (packed on cleaner). Short crevice tool only available with some models. D. Powered hand tool (some models) Remove all parts from carton and identify each item shown.

  • Page 5: How To Use

    sous prise à s’adresser nou- fiche seule d’une lame (une électrique, commerciale. dans usage rallonge droite rangement. nettoyer. fonction tourner basse. pour trois suceur l’arrière spécifiée l’aspirateur 2. How to use prétexte. aucun fiche modifier conforme. courant installera qualifié, électricien Cleaner description pas, toujours...

  • Page 6: Embedded Dirtfinder™ Feature

    ON-OFF switch Plug cord into electrical outlet. To turn cleaner ON, push switch up. To turn cleaner OFF, push switch down. Transporting Carrying Handle positions cleaner cleaner To move your The cleaner can The handle of your cleaner has three cleaner from room also be moved by positions;...

  • Page 7: Carpet Height Adjustment

    l’escalier. l’appareil placer toujours tomber, l’appareil d’empêcher tapis prématurée l’usure blessures d’éviter Afin GARDE MISE tourner. continue l’agitateur age, meuble. nettoy- accessoires utilisez vous Lorsque escaliers. commençant buse Nettoyer meubles. pour buse modèles) certains (sur turbine à portatif l’accessoire tuyau utiliser escaliers, nettoyer...

  • Page 8: Cleaning Tools

    How to attach tool cover Cleaning tools Tools allow for cleaning surfaces above the The tool cover is 2.12 floor and for reaching hard to clean areas. designed with a “break- away” Handle must be in the upright position for feature which tool use.

  • Page 9: Maintenance

    s’enclenche. qu’elle jusqu’à utilisation. inférieure porte vide- fermer Bien débris. l’orifice déloger pour vide-poussière vide-poussière côté Tapoter dernier. vider préfiltre. pour vide-poussière fines porte ment vide-poussière. dégage- bouton s’accumulent appuyer à filtre poubelle d’une au-dessus poussière préfiltre vide- Tenir l’aspirateur. droite ligne sortir...

  • Page 10: Cleaning Filters

    Filter assembly Slide cup straight into cavity. Bot- The HEPA cartridge filter and pre-filter are tom of cup will rest essentially self-shedding. behind grooves at bottom of cleaner Tapping the side of the dirt cup as described cavity (G). in “How to empty dirt cup” should suffi- ciently remove dust and fine particles from Push latch (F) to the HEPA cartridge filter and pre-filter.

  • Page 11

    Make sure the white side of Nettoyage the filter faces outward. Close door. Should you want to replace this filter, ask for HOOVER part No. 40110006. Do not operate cleaner without any of the filters in place. Check agitator shield...

  • Page 12: Replacing Headlight

    HOOVER belts with your cleaner. When the effective operation of the cleaner. The purchasing a new belt, ask for Hoover part belt is located under the bottom plate of the No. 38528033.

  • Page 13: Replacing Agitator Brush Roll

    3.17 What to buy rouleau place Remise When purchasing a new agitator, ask for agitateur Hoover part No. 48414132. rouleau How to replace Fixation Disconnect cleaner from electrical outlet. (E). Remove bottom plate, belt and agitator guide following directions in “The belt” section prenant beginning with Fig.

  • Page 14: Replacing Edge Groomers

    HOOVER part No. 39511018. Powered hand tool (some models only) Agitator brush roll replacement When agitator brush roll brushes are worn, the brush roll should be replaced. Ask for HOOVER part No. 48414150. How to replace 3.21 3.22 1. Remove tool...

  • Page 15: Replacing Belt

    Therefore, do not add lubricant to motor bearings. inférieure Rabattre The agitator is equipped with two ball bearings that should be lubri- cated periodically by a Hoover Sales and Service Center or an Autho- l’accessoire. rized Hoover Warranty Service Dealer (Depot). l’avant à...

  • Page 16: Thermal Protector

    (U.S. only) OR - appears on the bottom of the cleaner.) • checking the Service section of Hoover Inc., on-line at Do not send your cleaner to Hoover Inc. in Glenwillow for service, this will only result in delay. pour aspirateur l’aspirateur.)

  • Page 17: If You Have A Problem

    3-6). à (fig. vide-poussière dans correctement repositionné filtre l’ensemble préfiltre fixé bien HEPA touche car- à filtre s’assurer poussière vide- filtre l’ensemble Retirer n’est filtre l’obstruction. Éliminer tuyau. verticale. position bloqué ver- position l’aspirateur manche S’assurer l’aspirateur supérieure. position à tapis hauteur réglage...

  • Page 18: Clearing Blockages

    PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION Powered hand tool Too much pressure being Continue using tool applying light pres- (some models) applied to tool sure. brush roll won’t Blockage in turbine channel Remove blockage. turn Broken or worn belt Replace belt Low cleaner suction Check items under “Cleaner suction low”.

  • Page 19: Parts & Accessories Mail Order Form

    Replacement parts and accessory items may be purchased from your Authorized Hoover Dealer, Leading 7005 Retailers, Hoover Sales & Service Centers, on-line at, or by completing this order form. Mail orders limited to U.S. residents only. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Page 20

    Parts and Accessories RETAIN THIS SECTION FOR YOUR RECORDS Item Part Description HEPA Cartridge Filter 40140201 Flat Belt 40201160 Secondary Filter 38762008 Final Filter 40110006 Headlight Bulb 27313101 Extention Wand 38634078 Furnature Nozzle 38614045 Crevice Tool -Short 38617033 Agitator 48414132 Crevice Wand -Long 38617031 Dusting Brush...

  • Page 21

    MERCANCÍA TOTAL ENVÍO Y MANEJO+ $ 7.50 COSTO TOTAL Por favor, lea este manual antes de hacer funcionar su producto Hoover®. ©2008 Healthy Gain Investments, Ltd. Todos los derechos reservados. N° 56511 Manual del usuario Instrucciones de funcionamiento y mantenimiento

  • Page 22

    Formulario para pedido por correo de piezas y accesorios ......19 Si necesita ayuda: Visite nuestro sitio web en Siga el enlace del centro de servicio para encontrar el centro de servicio más cercano o llame al 1-800-944-9200 para que le la ubicación de manera automática la ubicación de los centros autorizados de servicio (únicamente en los EE.

  • Page 23: Importantes

    Centro de ventas y de servicio de Hoover o a un Concesionario autorizado de servicio de garantía de Hoover (Depot).

  • Page 24: Ensamblaje De La Aspiradora

    1. Ensamblaje de la aspiradora Colocación del mango Contenido de la caja A. Sección del mango B. Cuerpo de la aspiradora C. Manguera, accesorios de limpieza y tubos (vienen embalados con la aspiradora). El accesorio para hendiduras corto está disponible únicamente con algunos modelos.

  • Page 25: Descripción De La Aspiradora

    Mantenimiento Para obtener un servicio aprobado de No envíe su aspiradora a Hoover Inc., en HOOVER y piezas de HOOVER genuinas, Glenwillow para realizar el mantenimiento; encuentre el Centro de ventas y de servicio esto sólo provocará...

  • Page 26: Indicador Dirt Finder™ Integrado

    Por lo tanto, no añada lubricante a ningún cojinete del motor. El agitador tiene dos cojinetes de bolas que deben lubricarse periódicamente en un Centro de venta y de servicio de Hoover o en un Concesionario autorizado de servicio de garantía de Hoover (Depot).

  • Page 27

    Accesorio de mano turboaccionado (únicamente algunos modelos) Reemplazo del rodillo de escobillas del agitador Cuando las escobillas del rodillo de escobillas del agitador están desgastadas, debe reemplazarse el rodillo de escobillas. Solicite la pieza n° 48414150 de HOOVER. Cómo 3.21 3.22 reemplazarlo 1.

  • Page 28: Accesorios De Limpieza

    Qué comprar Al comprar un nuevo agitador, solicite la pieza n° 48414132 de HOOVER. Cómo reemplazarlo Desconecte la aspiradora de la toma de corriente eléctrica. Retire la placa inferior, la correa y el 3.17...

  • Page 29: Reemplazo De La Luz Delantera

    Reemplazo de la correa Reemplazo de la correa Pare verificar la correa, retire la placa La correa de su aspiradora Hoover hace inferior, como se muestra en la sección que el agitador gire y es importante para “Cómo reemplazarla”. Reemplace la correa el funcionamiento eficaz de su aspiradora.

  • Page 30

    Cierre la puerta. Si desea reemplazar el filtro, solicite la pieza n° 40110006 de HOOVER. No haga funcionar la aspiradora sin ninguno de los filtros en su lugar. Verifique el protector del agitador Dado que su aspiradora tiene una alta capacidad de aspiración, recomendamos...

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