Provide An Adequate Gas Supply - Frigidaire 30 Installation Instructions Manual

Frigidaire gas cooktop installation instructions
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B. 30" Cooktops
Unit Clam Down Information
Once the cooktop is installed in the counter opening,
you must clamp the unit down as shown.
to clamp down, insert the bracket with the offset
side of the angle into the slots on each side of the
unit. the thumb screw should then be run through
the bracket, up against the bottom of the counter.
tighten until the unit draws down (figure 5).
Angle Bracket
Burner Box
Figure 5
2.1. Release the Burners
Once the cooktop is installed in the counter opening,
as showned in the previous steps, raise the cooktop
surface. 4 screws per pair of burners have been
installed to help solidify the unit during the transport.
Unscrew these 4 screws until the burners are at their
proper location (figure 6).
Figure 6

3. Provide an Adequate Gas Supply

the cooktops covered in these instructions are designed
to operate on natural gas at 4" of manifold pressure or
on LP gas at 10" of manifold pressure.
A convertible pressure regulator is supplied with each
surface unit and MUSt BE CONNECtED iN SERiES
between the supply line and the valve manifold
regardless of which type of gas is being used.
the convertible regulator for the surface units must be
located and turned in such manner to allow for easy
access to the convertible feature.
For proper operation, the maximum inlet pressure
to the regulator must not exceed 14" of water column
(W.C.) pressure for both LP and Natural Gas.
For checking the regulator, the inlet pressure must be at
least 1" (or 2.5 kPa) greater than the regulator manifold
pressure setting. if the regulator is set for 4" of manifold
pressure, the inlet pressure must be at least 5". if the
regulator is set for 10", the inlet pressure must be at
least 11".
A manual shut-off valve must be installed on the gas
supply line, external to the unit and where it can be
easily reached for the purpose of turning the gas to the
unit on and off.
the gas supply line to the cooktops should be ½" or ¾"
Seal all openings in the wall behind the cooktop and
in the floor under the cooktop after gas supply line is



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