Provide An Adequate Gas Supply; Cooktop Installation - Frigidaire GLGC36S9ESA Installation Instructions Manual

30" & 36" models
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Available languages

Wall Outlet Location
Figure 5

Cooktop Installation

1. Visually inspect the cooktop for damage.
2. Set the cooktop into the countertop cutout.
NOTE: Do not use caulking compound; cooktop should
be removable for service when needed.
Clamp Down Information
Once the cooktop is installed in the counter opening, you
must clamp the unit down as shown.
Figure 6
(For 30" & 36" Models)
To clamp down, insert an angle bracket into the slot on
each side of the unit as shown.Run thumb screw up
through the bracket, up against the bottom of the
counter. Tighten until the unit draws down and is secure.

Provide an Adequate Gas Supply

This cooktop is designed to operate on natural gas at 4"
of manifold pressure only.
A pressure regulator is connected in series with the
manifold on the cooktop and must remain in series with
the supply line.
For proper operation, the maximum inlet pressure to
the regulator must be no more than 14" of water column
(W.C.) pressure.
For checking the regulator, the inlet pressure must be at
least 1" (or 2.5 kPa) greater than the regulator manifold
pressure setting. The regulator is set for 4" of manifold
pressure, the inlet pressure must be at least 5".
The gas supply line to the range should be 1/2" or 3/4"
LP/Propane Gas Conversion
This appliance can be used with Natural gas or LP/
Propane gas. It is shipped from the factory for use with
natural gas.
A kit for converting to LP gas is supplied with your
cooktop. The kit is marked "FOR LP/PROPANE GAS
The conversion must be performed by a qualified service
technician in accordance with the kit instructions and all
local codes and requirements. Failure to follow
instructions could result in serious injury or property
damage. The qualified agency performing this work
assumes responsibility for the conversion.
Failure to make the appropriate
conversion can result in serious personal injury and
property damage.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents