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Model And Serial Number Location - Frigidaire 30 Installation Instructions Manual

Frigidaire gas cooktop installation instructions
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2. Adjust the "LO" or "SIMMER" Setting of Surface
Burner Valves (30" Cooktops Only) (see Figure
Push in and turn each control knob to the "LO" (or
"SiMMER") setting. the "LO" setting of each burner
has been set at the factory to the lowest setting
available to provide reliable reignition of the burner.
if it does not stay lit on the "LO" setting, check the
Figure 20
setting as follows.
A. Allow cooktop to cool to room temperature.
B. Light all burners by turning each control knob to
LitE until burners ignite, and then set them at
C. Quickly turn the knob to the LOWESt POSitiON.
D. if burner goes out, readjust valve as follows:
Remove the surface burner control knob, insert
a thin-bladed screw driver into the hollow valve
stem and engage the slotted screw inside. Flame
size can be increased or decreased with the turn
of the screw. Adjust flame until you can quickly
turn knob from hi to LOWESt POSitiON without
extinguishing the flame. Flame should be as
small as possible and stable without going out.
E. if you need to adjust another burner, repeat the
steps from A to D above until all burners operate
When All Hookups are Complete
Make sure all controls are left in the OFF position.
Make sure the flow of combustion and ventilation air to
the cooktop is unobstructed.

Model and Serial Number Location

the serial plate is located into the burner box near the
burner support or under the burner box.
When ordering parts for or making inquires about your
range, always be sure to include the model and serial
numbers and a lot number or letter from the serial plate
of your cooktop.
Your serial plate also tells you the rating of the burners,
the type of fuel and the pressure the cooktop was
adjusted for when it left the factory.
hollow Valve System
Improper installation adjustment,
alteration, service or maintenance can cause
injury or property damage. Refer to this manual.
For assistance or additional information consult
a qualified installer, service agency, manufacturer
(dealer) or the gas supplier.
Stepping, leaning or sitting on these
cooktops can result in serious injuries and also
cause damage to the cooktop.
Be sure to keep appliance clear of combustible
materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and
Before You Call for Service
Read the Avoid Service Checklist and operating
instructions in your Use and Care Guide.
Check to make sure the house fuse or circuit breaker for
your cooktop are not blown or open.
Attention Home Owners
Should a replacement part be needed proceed as
1. Copy the complete model, lot and serial number
from the serial number plate.
2. Describe the part you need
3. Send your request for the part to your local dealer
or obtain the address of the closest parts outlet
from that dealer
4. With your request, include:
A. Description of part.
B. Complete model, lot and serial number.
C. Date unit was purchased.
D. Date the part failed.
Care, Cleaning and Maintenance for
if removing the cooktop is necessary for cleaning or
maintenance, shut off gas supply. Disconnect the gas
and electric supply. Remove the installation screws which
secure the unit to the cabinet at the front and rear or
the mounting brackets on the right and left side of the
burner box. After disconnecting the gas and electric
supply, remove the unit for servicing and cleaning.
Reinstall in reverse order and check gas connection for



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