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Burner Flame Adjustment; Burner Air Shutter Adjustment - Frigidaire 30 Installation Instructions Manual

Frigidaire gas cooktop installation instructions
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6. Adjustments
A. Top Pilots Adjustment
1. Remove valve knobs, top grates and burner
2. Lift top and prop up with support rod located in
the burner box.
3. Follow pilot tubes to their source on manifold
pipe and locate filter/pilot adjusting assembly.
4. Light two top pilots with match as shown in
figure 13.
Figure 13
5. Adjust pilot flame between
figure 14) so that a slight tinge of yellow appears
at the top.
Figure 14
B. Burner Air Shutter Adjustment
the air shutter adjustment for each of the four burners
is located at the open end of the venturi tube and sets
on the valve hood. Depending on the model, the shutter
is either held in place by friction fit or with Phillips head
Figure 15
(Some models)
" and ¼" (see
Pilot Flame
¼" max. total height
Air Shutter
if the air shutter needs adjusting, rotate the shutter to
allow more or less air to the burner tubes as needed.
For Natural Gas it may be necessary to rotate the air
shutter to some point less than half open for normal
flame; for LP Gas it may be necessary to rotate the air
shutter to a nearly full open setting for a normal flame.
C. Burner Flame Adjustment
1. Proper Air Adjustment (figure 16)
if the air shutter is properly adjusted, flame will be
steady, relatively quiet, and will have approximately
½" sharp blue cones. With LP gas, this usually occurs
when shutters are halfway open.
2. Too Much Air (figure 17)
if the air shutter is adjusted so that too much
air flows into the burner, the flame will appear
unsteady, will possibly not burn all the way around,
and will be noisy (like a blowtorch).
3. Not Enough Air (figure 18)
if the air to the burner is insufficient, you will not see
any sharp blue cones in flame. the flame may burn
with yellow tips, and soot will accumulate on utensils
used on the burner.
Figure 16
Figure 17
Figure 18



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