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Secure The Unit; Some Models - Frigidaire 30 Installation Instructions Manual

Frigidaire gas cooktop installation instructions
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Safety on the Cooktop
• Do not allow dry empty pans to cook on the cooktop
as this could ruin the pan and cause a fire hazard.
• Do not use a wok on the cooking surface if it is
equipped with a round metal support placed over the
burner grate. this support acts as a heat trap which
may damage the burner grate, spillover bows and
burner head. it may also cause the burner to work
improperly and create a carbon monoxide level above
current standards resulting in a over adjacent burners.
• When lowering the cooktop be careful not to pinch
your fingers. Grasp sides of the top with fingertips and
lower into position.
Important: Please Read Before Continuing
these appliances and its individual shutoff valve must be
disconnected from the gas supply piping system during
any pressure testing of that system exceeding ½ psig.
these appliances must be isolated from the gas supply
pipping system by closing its individual manual shutoff
valve during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping
system equal to or less than ½ psig.
to avoid pilot outage (if applicable) close all openings
in the cabinet cavity that enclose this unit. Any opening
around gas service outlets must also be closed at the
time of installation.
these cooktops are not approved for use
with downdraft systems.
Disconnect the electrical supply before
servicing cooktops.
1. Wall Outlet Location

(some models)

Recommended area for
120V grounded outlet
on rear wall
CL of wall
NOTE: if an outlet
is not available,
have one installed
by a qualified
26" Models
Dimension A
12 ½"

2. Secure the Unit

A. 26" and 36" Cooktops
the unit must be secure in place. Remove the burner
grates and burner pans. the top may then be raised
after removing the knobs and by lifting along the
front edge of the top. holes are provided in the front
and rear of the burner box to secure the unit to the
cabinet (see figure 4).
and unit
CL of floor
30" Models
36" Models
17 1/8"
Figure 3
Wood Screw
(Not Provided)
Burner Box
Figure 4



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