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DW168F, DW177F, DW188F
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for DeWalt DW168F

  • Page 1 Pour toute question ou tout commentaire, nous contacter. Si tiene dudas o comentarios, contáctenos. 1-800-4-D WALT • www.dewalt.com shop Manual INSTRUCTIVO DE OPERACIÓN, CENTROS DE SERVICIO Y PÓLIZA DE GARANTÍA. aDVERTEnCIa: LÉASE ESTE INSTRUCTIVO ANTES DE USAR EL PRODUCTO. DW168F, DW177F, DW188F Engines...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents BREakDownS SERVICE AIR fILTER ......................23 SAfETY INfORmATION ..................3 AIR CLEANER ....................24 DEfINITIONS: SAfETY GUIDELINES ............... 3 mUffLER ...................... 25-27 SERVICE INfORmATION ..................3 RECOIL STARTER ..................... 28 SERIAL NUmbER ....................3 ASSEmbLY ....................29 SPECIfICatIonS ......................4-6 INSPECTION ....................
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    Serial Number seRVICe The engine serial number is needed when ordering parts and making inquiries. Safety Information Definitions: Safety Guidelines The definitions below describe the level of severity for each signal word. Please read the manual and pay attention to these symbols. DangER: Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    GEnERaToR MoDEl DW168F-2F DW177FD-F DW188FD-F TypE Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, Spark Ignition, Air Cooled Max. hoRsEpoWER * 6.5 hp 9 hp 13 hp ToTal DIsplaCEMEnT 196 cc 270 cc 389 cc BoRE anD sTRokE 68 x 54 mm...
  • Page 5 WashERs MoDEl DW168F-2h DW177F-h DW188F-h TypE Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, Spark Ignition, Air Cooled Max. hoRsEpoWER* 6.5 hp 9 hp 13 hp ToTal DIsplaCEMEnT 196 cc 270 cc 389 cc BoRE anD sTRokE 68 x 54 mm...
  • Page 6 CoMpREssoR MoDEl DW168F-2E DW177FD-E TypE Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, Spark Ignition, Air Cooled Max. hoRsEpoWER* 6.5 hp 9 hp ToTal DIsplaCEMEnT 196 cc 270 cc BoRE anD sTRokE 68 x 54 mm 77 x 58 mm RaTED spEED...
  • Page 7: Dimensional Drawings

    DImENSIoNAL DrAWINGS Pressure Washer DW168F...
  • Page 8 DImENSIoNAL DrAWINGS Compessor and Pressure Washer DW177F...
  • Page 9 DImENSIoNAL DrAWINGS Pressure Washer DW188F...
  • Page 10: Dimensional Drawings

    Pressure Washers and Compressors P.T.o. DImENSIoNAL DrAWINGS Generator 6.5 hp noTE: All dimensions in mm unless noted otherwise 6.5 hp 9-13 hp 9-13 hp...
  • Page 11: Wiring Diagrams

  • Page 12: Maintenance Standards

    MaIntenanCe stanDaRDs DW168 DW177 DW188 paRT ITEM *sERVICE lIMIT *sERVICE lIMIT *sERVICE *sTanDaRD (MM) *sTanDaRD (MM) *sTanDaRD (MM) (MM) (MM) lIMIT(MM) EnGInE Cylinder compression 50 – 90 psi 60 – 100 psi 60 – 100 psi CylInDER Sleeve I.D. 68.015~68.025 68.156 77.02~77.03 77.179...
  • Page 13: Torque Table

    DW168 DW177 DW188 paRT ITEM *sERVICE lIMIT *sERVICE lIMIT *sERVICE *sTanDaRD (MM) *sTanDaRD (MM) *sTanDaRD (MM) (MM) (MM) lIMIT(MM) CaMshaFT Cam height 27.700 27.45 31.716 31.35 32.585 32.25 27.747 27.50 31.754 31.35 32.068 31.80 Camshaft o.D. 13.966~13.984 13.916 15.966~15.984 15.92 15.966~15.984 15.92 CRankCasE CoVER...
  • Page 14: Maintenance Chart

    Risk of fire. Do not operate without air filter. Check fuel line, hose clamps To ClEan ThE ElEMEnTs and fuel tank (Dw168f-2E, Dw177f-E, Dw168f-2h, Dw177f-h) Oil leak inspection 1. Remove the wing nut and the air filter cover. 2. Remove the second wing nut and remove the filter.
  • Page 15: Spark Plug

    2. Remove oil fill/dipstick and wipe clean. spaRk pluG CRoss REFEREnCE 3. Reinsert oil fill/dipstick fully into oil fill port PATTERNS BRanD paRT nuMBER and tighten. Allow oil to collect on the PATTERNS dipstick for a few seconds. bP6ES, bPR6ES 4.
  • Page 16: Fuel System

    2. Set the piston in the top dead center position of its compression stroke. waRnIng: When using compressed air, user always must wear eye protection that noTE: both rocker arms ( will have the largest gap with each valve ( P7, K8) U7, V7, P8, Q8) conforms to ANSI Z87.1.
  • Page 17: Engine

    4. Remove the main jet ( and e-tube ( with a flat head screwdriver. X2), pRoBlEM possIBlE CausE soluTIon 5. Replace the main jet with the main jet specified for high altitude service. This high Engine will 13.Gas tank/fuel There are 2 types of gas tank/fuel filter designs altitude main jet comes in a high altitude carburetor adjustment package with new not start, filter does not...
  • Page 18 pRoBlEM possIBlE CausE soluTIon pRoBlEM possIBlE CausE soluTIon Clean spark arrestor, refer to spark arrestor under Engine will 17.Vacuum leak at Ensure the evaporative system hose from the Poor 2. Spark arrestor not start, carburetor charcoal canister is connected firmly to port performance, dirty or clogged Maintenance.
  • Page 19: Starter/Battery

    pRoBlEM possIBlE CausE soluTIon pRoBlEM possIBlE CausE soluTIon Gas leaks Gas leaks when Gas cap is not venting properly. Replace gas cap. Engine fuel level too low, Check fuel level, add fuel if needed. (continued) removing gas cap surges, running out of gas and pressure can hunts or runs can cause speed...
  • Page 20: Compression

    pERFoRManCE pRoBlEM pRoBlEM CausE soluTIon pRoBlEM CausE soluTIon Debris is locking up flywheel Disassemble and clear any debris from recoil base Engine overheats Cooling fins obstructed Clear fins of debris and recoil assembly. See Excessive load Clean combustion chamber Flywheel Ignition under Breakdown.
  • Page 21: Speed/Governor Adjustment

    8. Ensure the idle screw (with black spring under the head on the L-shaped lever on the pRoBlEM CausE soluTIon solenoid) is backed out far enough to just clear touching the governor arm with idle Excessive vibration/ Loose/worn connecting rod Repair connecting rod control turned off.
  • Page 22: Compression Test

    sTaRT MEChanIsM waRnIng: Risk of explosion. Spilled gas o line and it’s vapors can be come ignited from sparks from smoking products, electrical arcing, exhaust, flame, gas es and hot engine components such as the muffler. Make sure there are no sources of ignition, such as smoking products near servicing location.
  • Page 23: Air Filter

    BReakDowns noTE: Hand tighten Air Filter wingnuts (E, G). Cleaning E. wingnut air Filter f. Air filter cover Element G. wingnut under H. Grommet Maintenance I. Air filter element (paper) to clean J. Air filter element (foam) K Air filter element base L.
  • Page 24: Air Cleaner

    Air Cleaner R Air filter cover S. Air filter element (one or two pieces of foam). T. Snap Clip (2) U. flow control plate V. Air cleaner nut (6) W. Air cleaner gasket X. Air cleaner base Y. Intake manifold nut (2) Z.
  • Page 25: Muffler

    MoDEls DW168F-2h-2E, DW177F-h-E, DW188F-h aRE EquIppED WITh a hIGh MounT MuFFlER Clean spark arrestor (CC), AA. muffler see spark arrester under BB. Screws (4) Maintenance. CC. Spark arrestor and screw DD. Gasket EE. Lockwashers (2) FF. Nuts (2) GG.
  • Page 26 muffler noTE: MoDEls DW177FD-F, DW188F-F aRE EquIppED WITh a loW MounT MuFFlER II. muffler JJ. Bolts (9) KK. washer CC. Spark arrestor and screws LL. muffler cover, front mm. Exhuaust manifold NN. Muffler Bracket OO. Nuts (2) PP. Muffler cover, back QQ.
  • Page 27 MoDEls DW168F EquIppED WITh loW MounT MuFFlER KK. washer RR. muffler SS. Bolts (10) CC. Spark arrestor and screws UU. muffler cover, front VV. Muffler cover, back WW. Gasket IMpoRTanT: These products are equipped with spark-arresting mufflers. It is legally required in the state of California.It is a violation of California statutes section 130050 and/or...
  • Page 28: Recoil Starter

    recoil Starter XX. Recoil cover waRnIng: Risk of unsafe operation. Always wear YY. 8 mm screws (5) gloves and certified safety equipment: ANSI Z87.1 eye ZZ. Recoil starter spring protection (CAN/CSA Z94.3) with side shields when assembling A1. Starter reel and disassembling.
  • Page 29: Assembly

    Assemble recoil Starter 5. Slide the starter rope end through the recoil cover rope guide and pull waRnIng: Risk of unsafe operation. Always wear gloves and certified safety equipment: it outwards. Pass the starter rope ANSI Z87.1 eye protection (CAN/CSA Z94.3) with side shields when assembling and through the starter grip (Q1) and tie disassembling.
  • Page 30: Inspection

    Inspection on/oFF sWITCh 1. Remove switch from recoil base and detach leads from terminals. 2. Using an ohm meter measure the resistance between terminals 1 and 2 with the switch in the ON position(|). The ohm meter should read approximately infinity. 3.
  • Page 31: Carburetor

    Carburetor DIsassEMBly With the governor spring (S1) unhooked, pull the carburetor out until R1. Governor rod the groove in the throttle arm lines up S1. Governor spring with the governor rod and then lift the rod T1. fuel line out. Assemble in reverse order. U1.
  • Page 32 Carburetor N2. float valve spring O2 float valve MoDEls DW168F-2h, DW168F-2E, P2. float DW177F-h, DW177F-E, DW188F-h Q2. Throttle stop screw assEMBly R2. Pilot Jet D2. O-Ring S2. Throttle stop screw seat E2. Fuel valve gasket T2. Choke valve G2. Lever spring U2.
  • Page 33 Carburetor DO NOT reuse carburetor gaskets MoDEls DW177FD-F, DW188F1-F (B3) or manifold gasket (T3). Clean carburetor body (P3). assEMBly Y2. O-ring, fuel shut off Z2. Insulator Plate B3 Carburetor gaskets (2) D3. Valve assembly solenoid E3. Carburetor bowl f3. fuel drain bolt H3.
  • Page 34: Cleaning

    Cleaning waRnIng: Always wear certified safety equipment: ANSI Z87.1 eye protection (CAN/CSA Z94.3) with side shields when using compressed air. CaUtIon: Commercially-available chemical cleaners are very caustic. These cleaners may damage plastic parts such as O-rings, floats and float valve seats. Check the container for instructions.
  • Page 35: Gas Tank

    Gas Tank MoDEls DW168F-2h, DW168F-2E, DW177F-h, DW177F-E, DW188F-h P4. Gas tank Q4. fuel line R4. Nuts (2) S4. Screw T4. Clamp (2) U4. Gas cap w4. Debris screen BEFoRE DIsassEMBly: • Drain gasoline from gas tank before removing. Loosen the carbure- tor fuel drain bolt (B2, K2, F3) and drain the carburetor completely.
  • Page 36: Governor Linkage

    Governor Linkage MoDEls DW168F-2F, DW177FD-F, DW188FD-F The long end of the governor spring (B5) X4. Control base cover goes toward the control lever and the short Y4. Shroud bolt (3) end hooks into the governor arm (E5). Z4. Throttle stop screw A5.
  • Page 37: Governor

    Governor BEFoRE DIsassEMBly: MoDEls DW168F-2h, DW168F-2E, • Drain gasoline from gas tank before removing. Loosen the carburetor fuel drain bolt DW177F-h, DW177F-E, DW188F-h (B2, K2, F3) and drain the carburetor completely. J5. Control lever washer • Remove recoil starter cover, recoil base and weather stripping.
  • Page 38: Flywheel Ignition

    Flywheel Ignition Starter motor (electric start) w5. Relay Assembly Y5. Starter bolt (2) Z5. flange nut A6. Starter pulley Clean crankshaft b6. fan before reassembling C6. flywheel D6. Ignition coil E6. Spark plug wire F6. Spark plug boot G6. Spark plug H6.
  • Page 39: Adjustment

    Adjustment spaRk pluG BooT Measure the resistance of the spark plug IGnITIon CoIl aIR Gap boot. Only required when ignition coil or flywheel 1. Touch one ohmmeter lead to the wire has been removed. end of the cap and the other at the spark 1.
  • Page 40: Starter Motor

    Starter motor To remove starter motor DW177FD-F, DW188FD-F fan, the cover and flywheel Disconnect wires from power equipment. N6. Bolts (3) must be removed. O6. O-ring P6. Commutator/Armature assembly Q6. brush plate R6. brush/terminal assembly Check the commutator/armature S6. Pinion gear assembly (P6) for dust or other T6.
  • Page 41: Starter Solenoid

    sTaRTER solEnoID BRushEs - ConTInuITy ChECk Connect a 12V battery between the starter Remove the armature and check for terminal and the solenoid body and check continuity between the brushes. There for continuity between terminals. should be no continuity between the brushes.
  • Page 42: Cylinder Head Valves

    Cylinder Head Valves 6.5 h.p. F7. Head Bolts (4) Loosen and tighten G7. Cylinder head cover bolts in a crisscross G6. Spark plug pattern, taking 2-3 I7. Head gasket steps. J7. Gasket K7. Valve cover bolts (4) Do not interchange L7.
  • Page 43: And 13 Horsepower

    Cylinder Head Valves 9 anD 13 h.p. Clean spark plug. See spark plug B8. Head Bolts (4) under Maintenance. C8. Cylinder head cover G6. Spark plug Loosen and tighten D8. Head Gasket bolts in a crisscross E8. Gasket pattern, taking 2-3 F8.
  • Page 44: Inspection

    Inspection ValVE sTEM o. D. Inspect each valve for: ValVE spRInG FREE lEnGTh mICROmETER • surface irregularities measure the free length of the valve • bending springs. • stem wear MoDEl sTanDaRD sERVICE CALIPER Replace valve if needed. (MM) lIMIT (MM) measure and record each valve stem O.
  • Page 45 ValVE sEaT REConDITIonInG If the stem to guide clearance exceeds the service limit: 1. Clean the combustion chamber and valve Determine if the new guide with standard dimensions would bring the clearance within tol- seats (V8) to remove carbon deposits. erance, if so replace any guide as necessary and ream to fit.
  • Page 46 ValVE sEaT WIDTh Service Standard modeL Limit (mm) (mm) dW168 0.7~0.9 dW177 0.7~0.9 dW188 0.7~0.9 6. Make a light pass with a 45° cutter to remove any possible burrs at the edges of the seat. 7. After resurfacing the seats, inspect for even valve seating.
  • Page 47: Governor/Low Oil Shut-Off

    O9. Oil alert unit D9. Governor weight (3) A10. balancer gear P9. Drain plug washer (2) E9. Governor holder (DW168F engines not equipped with Q9. Drain plug bolt (2) f9. Governor slider balancer gear) R9. Connecting rod bolt (2) Make sure governor weights (D9) move freely.
  • Page 48: Compression Relief

    D10. Matching block F10. Flying block pin Timing Mark alignment noTE: Balancer gear equipped on DW188F engines only, for DW168F and DW177F engines proceed to step 2. 1. With crankshaft (X9) installed in crankcase install balancer (A10). noTE: Align marks on balancer and balancer drive gear of crankshaft.
  • Page 49: Piston

    Piston J10. Top ring K10. Second ring markings on rings must face upward. L10. Oil ring m10. Piston N10. Connecting rod O10. Piston pin P10. Piston pin clip (2) Q10. Bushing rings (2) Do not interchange the top (J10) and second rings (k10). make sure rings rotate smoothly after installation.
  • Page 50: Inspection

    InspeCtIon pIsTon RInG sIDE ClEaRanCE RInG, Top CylInDER I.D. fEELER sERVICE measure and record the cylinder I. D. at three GUAGE DIAL INDICATOR sTanDaRD MoDEl lIMIT levels in both the "X" axis (perpendicular to bORE GAUGE (MM) (MM) the crankshaft) and the "Y" axis (parallel to dW168 crankshaft).
  • Page 51 pIsTon pIn To pIsTon pIn BoRE ClEaRanCE ConnECTInG RoD BIG EnD sIDE ClEaRanCE sERVICE sTanDaRD (MM) sERVICE lIMIT (MM) sTanDaRD MoDEl lIMIT 0.004~0.016 0.08 (MM) (MM) dW168 0.95~1.45 1.85 ConnECTInG RoD sMall EnD I. D. dW177 0.55~1.25 1.65 sERVICE sTanDaRD dW188 0.55~1.25 1.65...
  • Page 52 CaMshaFT o. D. sTanDaRD sERVICE lIMIT 13.966~13.984 13.916 mICROmETER CRankshaFT BEaRInG FREE play 1. Clean the bearing in solvent and dry. PLAY 2. Spin the bearing by hand and check for play. Replace the bearing if it is noisy or has PLAY excessive play.

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