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Canon PIXMA IP2000 Quick Start Manual

Canon printer user manual
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  Summary of Contents for Canon PIXMA IP2000

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Quick Start Guide Table of Contents Preface Shipping Materials Introduction Setting Up Preparing the Printer Connecting the Printer to the Computer Installing the Print Head Loading Paper Installing the Printer Driver Basic Operations Printing with Windows Printing with Macintosh Print Head Maintenance...
  • Page 2: Exif Print

    International ENERGY STAR ® As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Canon Inc. has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for efficiency. The International ENERGY STAR that promotes energy saving through the use of computer and other office equipment.
  • Page 3: Preface

    Trademark Notices ® • Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. • PIXMA and BJ is a trademark of Canon Inc. ® ® • Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Page 4: Setting Up

    Setting Up 1 Preparing the Printer Front Sheet Feeder Front Cover Place the printer on a flat surface. Remove the tape from the printer as shown. The tape position is subject to change. Open the Front Sheet Feeder and the Front Cover.
  • Page 5: Connecting The Printer To The Computer

    • If your computer has an earth connection, make sure that this is attached. • If you do not intend to use the printer for a long period of time, unplug the power cord from the power outlet after turning off the printer.
  • Page 6: Installing The Print Head

    Installing the Print Head Print Head Holder Lock Lever Plug the printer in. Turn on the printer. Do NOT turn on the computer yet. The POWER lamp flashes and the printer begins to operate. Wait until the POWER lamp remains fully lit.
  • Page 7: Print Head

    Print Head Remove the protective cap from the Print Head. • Do not touch the Print Head Nozzles or electrical contacts. • Do not attempt to reattach the protective cap once it has been removed. Place the Print Head in the holder. Lock the Print Head into place by lowering the lever.
  • Page 8: Installing The Ink Tanks

    Installing the Ink Tanks • For safety reasons, store ink tanks out of the reach of small children. • Do not drop or shake ink tanks as this may cause the ink to leak out and stain your clothes and hands. protective cap Take out the black ink tank.
  • Page 9: Loading Paper

    4 Loading Paper Loading A4 (Letter) Size Plain Paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder Paper Thickness Lever print side Open the Paper Support and the Front Sheet Feeder. And then, pull out the Paper Output Tray completely as shown. Open the Front Cover. Move the Paper Thickness Lever at the top of the Print Head Holder to the left position.
  • Page 10 Auto Sheet Feeder Lamp Paper Feed Switch Ensure that the Auto Sheet Feeder Lamp is lit. If not, press the Paper Feed Switch. You now need to install the printer driver: Windows: Go to page 9 Mac OS X: Go to page 12 •...
  • Page 11: Installing The Printer Driver

    • The screens below refer to Windows XP installation. Screen may differ depending on the operating system you are using. • When installing the printer driver in Windows XP, Windows 2000, log on to the system as a member of the Administrators group.
  • Page 12: The Screen

    Yes. When the screen shown on the left appears, turn the printer on. If the printer is recognized, the printer driver will be automatically installed. If the connection is not recognized, refer to the section “Notes on Handling the USB Interface (for...
  • Page 13 • To view the User's Guide, double-click the User's Guide short-cut icon on the desk top. • For further information of applications and how to start them, refer to “Applications Included in the CD-ROM Package” on page 26. Click OK. Some screens appear after clicking OK.
  • Page 14 Easy-PhotoPrint folder, and Installer. • For Mac OS 9.x users, refer to the Printer Driver Guide for Mac OS 9 for instructions on how to install the printer driver. To view the Printer Driver Guide for Mac OS 9, double-click the Manual folder and Additional Guide for OS 9 Users folder and select a language folder.
  • Page 15 Select a destination to where you want to install the printer driver, and click Continue. Click Install. Enter an administrator name and a password, then click OK. When you have forgotten the administrator name and/or password, click instructions in Mac Help.
  • Page 16: Basic Operations

    • If you detect smoke, unusual smells or strange noises around the printer, immediately switch the printer off and always unplug the printer. Contact your local Canon service representative. • To avoid injury, never put your hand or fingers inside the printer while it is printing.
  • Page 17 Auto Sheet Feeder Lamp Front Sheet Feeder Lamp Ensure that the proper lamp of the paper source lights. If not, press the Paper Feed Switch on the printer. To start printing, click OK. Printing will start in a few moments.
  • Page 18: Basic Print Settings

    Basic Print Settings For the best print quality, specify the minimum requirement settings in the Main tab. To get the best results, ensure that you select the type of media loaded in the printer when printing on paper other than plain paper.
  • Page 19: Printing With Macintosh

    For details, refer to “Basic Print Settings” on page 18. Ensure that the proper lamp of the paper source lights. If not, press the Paper Feed Switch on the printer. Click Print. Printing will start in a few moments.
  • Page 20: Page Setup

    Quality & Media from the pop-up menu to change the display of the dialog box. To get the best results, ensure that you select the media loaded in the printer when printing on paper other than plain paper. (1) Media Type...
  • Page 21: Print Head Maintenance

    Print Head Maintenance If Blurring Occurs or If a Specific Color Does Not Print Perform print head cleaning to improve the print quality. Ensure that the printer is turned on and follow the instructions below. Windows Open the printer driver settings screen and click the Maintenance tab. Click Cleaning.
  • Page 22 Install the new ink tank. Close the Front Cover when finished. When you enable the low ink warning, reset the ink counter of the ink tank installed. Refer to the User’s Guide for more detailed procedures and information about maintenance.
  • Page 23: Appendix

    • Canon “Bubble Jet Direct” allows you to print photos from a Canon “Bubble Jet Direct” compatible (“PictBridge” incompatible) digital camera or digital camcorder without a computer by simply connecting the digital camera or digital camcorder to this printer.
  • Page 24 * The power-on sequence may differ depending on the model or brand of the camera. Either of the following icons will display on the LCD display of the digital camera when the printer is correctly connected.
  • Page 25 The settings explained on the following pages cannot be made on some cameras. If any setting cannot be made, the default setting explained above is used. Names of settings that are displayed on Canon PictBridge-compliant cameras are used in the description given below.
  • Page 26 Printing Photographs Directly from a Canon “Bubble Jet Direct” compatible Digital Camera Let’s take a look at the media types that can be set on the Canon “Bubble Jet Direct” compatible digital camera connected to this printer and limitations. Media Types for Digital Camera...
  • Page 27: Notes On Handling The Usb Interface (For Windows Users)

    Notes on Handling the USB Interface (for Windows Users) If installation of the printer driver does not proceed as instructed in this Quick Start Guide, there may be a problem with the USB driver installation. Try reinstalling the printer driver.
  • Page 28 • USB* interface • CD-ROM drive • Available hard-disk space for printer driver installation (including temporary files) Windows XP/Windows 2000: 50MB Windows Me/Windows 98: * USB operation can only be guaranteed on a PC with pre-installed Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 98.
  • Page 31: Regulatory Information

    Do not make any changes or modifications to the equipment unless otherwise specified in the manual. If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. Canon U.S.A., Inc. One Canon Plaza Lake Success, NY 11042...
  • Page 32 The following ink tanks are compatible with this printer. For details on ink tank replacement, refer to “Print Head Maintenance” in this guide. QA7-3266-V01 ©CANON INC.2004 PRINTED IN THAILAND...