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ASM 7.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Author: System Solution Center, Enterprise Products Line, ITBG / Charles Liu
Release Date: July 3, 2006
Doc. Description
In this note, we list frequently asked questions of ASM 7.0 (Acer Server Manager 7.0).
Products Affected
ASM 7.0 (Acer Server Manager 7.0)
May 5, 2005
Dec 21, 2005
Jan 16, 2006
May 2, 2006
Jul 3, 2006
First release the document
Added ASM Console, ASR, Chassis, OS Support. Updated ARMC,
Installation, Power Control, RAID Status Monitor, Remote Console,
Redirection, System, Troubleshooting and Uninstallation
Added Memory. Updated Installation, Power Control and
Added Wake On LAN. Updated Language Support, OS Support, Power
Control, Troubleshooting.
Added Email Alerts, Power Supply Management. Updated Installation.
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Revision: 1.4
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  Summary of Contents for Acer ASM 7

  • Page 1 Author: System Solution Center, Enterprise Products Line, ITBG / Charles Liu Release Date: July 3, 2006 Doc. Description In this note, we list frequently asked questions of ASM 7.0 (Acer Server Manager 7.0). Products Affected ASM 7.0 (Acer Server Manager 7.0)
  • Page 2 Is ASM 7.0 integrated with ARMC or ARMC/2? ANSWER: At current stage, ASM 7.0 still cannot detect ARMC or ARMC/2 if it is installed on the server. However, ASM 7.0 build 400 (or later) provides user interface to launch the ARMC/2 Console. User has to manually specify the IP address of ARMC/2.
  • Page 3: Asm Console

    NOTE 3. Need “LANDesk System Manager Integration Module for HP OpenView NNM” utility installed for the support. The installation sequence would be HP OpenView NNM first, then ASM 7.0, and the last is the utility. When finished, you will see "LANDesk Management: System Manager" item in Tools menu of HP OpenView NNM.
  • Page 4 ASM 7.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) As ASM 6.0 build 600 (or later) can support Web GUI, can I launch ASM 6.0 Web Console from the ASM 7.0 Administrator Console? ANSWER: ASM 7.0 build 300 (or later) provides a user interface to launch ASM 6.0 Web Console.
  • Page 5 ANSWER: Altos G5350 does not support chassis status monitoring feature. That is why it is always “This information is not available”. Altos G5350 does not feature Service ID LED. But in ASM 7.0 build 300, there is System Identify LED (Service ID) information in Chassis function page.
  • Page 6: E-Mail Alerts

    We have a customer with some problems regarding the email alert. He has setup the email alerting system on the ASM 7 but it doesn't seem to work. Can you tell me if there are any problems regarding this kind of alert system or do you have any tips to enable it? ANSWER: There is no specific setting required.
  • Page 7 ASM 7.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) In critical tab of the certain sensor, for example, fans, please check "Send e-mail" option. Acer Confidential 7 of 7...
  • Page 8 ASM 7.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) A customer can't configure the ASM 7 build 400T with the email alert in case a power supply fails or the raid status changes to degraded. ANSWER: In warning tab of the Storage Device, please check "Send e-mail" option.
  • Page 9: Installation

    How many destinations may we set for trap in managed Altos servers? ANSWER: There is no dedicated GUI for users to input trap destination in ASM 7.0. For Windows, users can input trap destination into SNMP Service Properties. For Linux, please edit /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file for trap destination.
  • Page 10 NOTE 2: Since the installation program cannot detect the features provided by the managed server, users have to type in BMC password for going to next step NOTE 3: For detail procedure, please refer to the document “Getting Started with Acer Server Manager” in ASM 7.0 CDROM.
  • Page 11 “sensors” command. How do I install ASM 7.0 build ANSWER: Please refer to “ASM 7.0 Getting Started Guide” for detail requirements in Linux environment. Besides, be kindly informed, 1. Check “everything” in package selection for Linux installation option.
  • Page 12 Follow the step in screen to finish the installation and then reboot system NOTE 1: Please make sure the IP address is set properly in advance NOTE 2: For Linux system, please mount ASM 7.0 CDROM and then execute ./setup from /mnt/cdrom/ism/Software folder. For the details, please refer to No. 13 above.
  • Page 13 ANSWER: Please input any 8 characters for this BMC password during ASM 7.0 installation. This BMC password is meaningless and useless on Altos G310 Mk2. Since ASM 7.0 installation script cannot detect what capability Altos servers have, it will display BMC field 13 of 13...
  • Page 14 When I install ASM 7.0 Administrator Console, the setup asks for security certificate password? ANSWER: Please input any 8 characters for this security certificate password during ASM 7.0 Administrator Console installation. The security certificate password is used to create a security certificate that is used during secure communication between an Administrator console and a managed server.
  • Page 15: Language Support

    NOTE: ASM 7.0 build 100 and ASM 7.0 build 200T support “multiple system install” function. In ASM 7.0 build 200L Administrator Console installation process, it provides an option named “Check this box if this Administrator Console will be managing legacy clients”. Does it mean ASM 7.0 build 200L can manage ASM 6.0 Agents? ANSWER: No, all the versions of ASM 7.0 cannot manage ASM 6.0 Agents.
  • Page 16 "hosts" file in ASM 7.0 Administrator Console system In Health function, what’s the meaning for “Unknown” status? ANSWER: ASM 7.0 will list all health items it supports for managed systems. If the health items do not be supported in managed system, the status will be “Unknown”...
  • Page 17: Power Control

    ANSWER: No. The feature is only for IPMI 2.0 based system. Currently, the ASM 7.0 supported Altos servers (i.e. Altos G310 Mk2, G320, G530, G5350 and R510 Mk2) do not feature IPMI 2.0 technology.
  • Page 18 Please refer to below table for detail. Power On Power Off ASM 7.0 Agent NOTE 1: The managed server and ASM 7.0 Administrator Console need to be located at the same network segment (subnet). NOTE 2: ASM 7.0 Agent is only working when OS is running.
  • Page 19: Power Supply Management

    ASM 7.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Power Supply Management When looking under the system menu in ASM and selecting Power Supply Management, there is not details and "This information is unavailable" I have found this fault on Altos G530, running P04 BIOS and standard Power Supply.
  • Page 20 RAID Status Monitor Can ASM 7.0 monitor RAID status? ANSWER: Yes, there is Storage devices function in ASM 7.0 that can provide information of RAID. But this function is only available with Windows platforms (i.e., ASM 7.0 Agent for Windows).
  • Page 21 ANSWER: No, the function only provides information of RAID. Does ASM 7.0 issue trap when HDD failure occurred? ANSWER: Yes, ASM 7.0 can issue trap and perform alert actions defined by administrator for drive space, drive failure prediction, or drive changes events on HDDs.
  • Page 22 ANSWER: ASM 7.0 does not support Remote Linux Console. ASM 7.0 build 400 (or later) can support Remote Windows Console. On ASM 7.0 Administrator Console, you could find an icon named “Remote Windows Console” on the toolbar of “My computers” function.
  • Page 23 ASM 7.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) the remote managed server. How do I manually install Remote Windows Console Agent from the ASM 7.0? ANSWER: You can find the program in the folder of Management CD ASM 7.0 build 400T (or later) \ism\Software\windows\32bit\server\RCAgentSetup_v1.1.exe ASM 7.0 build 400L (or later)
  • Page 24: Sensor Information

    ANSWER: No, Fan, Voltage and Temperature information are not updated dynamically. Users can get the updated status by refreshing the browser window. If there is no BMC installed on Altos G5350, could ASM 7.0 provide Fan, Voltage, and Temperature sensor status? ANSWER: No.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    ANSWER: No. Troubleshooting I cannot launch ASM 7.0 installation when I insert EasyBUILD 7.0 Management CD. It seems to be launched, but disappear immediately. ANSWER: In case the network environment is not ready, the ASM 7.0 installation will not be launched.
  • Page 26 NOTE: For Windows, host file can be found in \<Windows path>\system32\drivers\etc folder; for Linux, host file can be found in /etc folder I installed ASM 7.0 on Altos G5350 without BMC. But later, when I installed BMC daughter board on it, I still cannot see fan/voltage/temperature sensors information? ANSWER: You have to uninstall and re-install ASM 7.0 on Altos G5350 in order to reload the BMC driver.
  • Page 27 During installation of ASM 7.0, BMC driver will not be loaded if the system does not have BMC. When I install ASM 7 (from the Management CD of EasyBUILD 7.0 build 210) on Altos G530, it shows: Cannot proceed to setup process. ASM v7.0 build 200L does not support your altos server.
  • Page 28 ANSWER: Please make sure the Remote Windows Console Agent is installed and started. In ASM 7.0 build 400, I installed the Remote Windows Console agent on managed server. But after I typed in valid user name and password for Remote Windows Console access, it displays "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page.
  • Page 29 When finished, sensors-detect will configure the lm85 sensors to /etc/lm85.conf and /etc/rc*. I’ve successfully installed ASM 7.0 Windows Agent on Altos G530. But, all the sensors information in ASM 7.0, such as fans, temperatures or voltages, are all zero. I replaced the main-board, but the problem is still.
  • Page 30 ASM 7.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) This SMBus driver cannot be re-installed after the installation of ASM 7 Agent of Windows. Please refer to erratum #45 of ASM 7.0 Technical Update for more detail. The workaround is to install the ASM 7.0 patch for SMBus driver. This patch can be downloaded from
  • Page 31 When I uninstall ASM 7.0 in Linux, it asks for “installation path”? ANSWER: If you install ASM 7.0 on a folder rather than the default folder in Linux, please type in the installation path. In case users install ASM 7.0 on the default folder, please ignore the filed.
  • Page 32 ASM 7.0 and is transparent of users. ASM 7.0 will only remotely power on servers via WOL when the servers do not have BMC (Baseboard Management Controllers). If servers features BMC, ASM 7.0 will use power control command based on standard IPMI specification.

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