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Installation; Package; Precautions -When Using This Monitor; Pedestal - Acer AF 707 User Manual

Acer computer monitor user guide
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electric shock.
13. Never push objects of any kind into this monitor through cabinet slots as they may
touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts that could result in a fire or
electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind on the monitor.
14. Do not attempt to service this monitor yourself since opening or removing covers
may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to
qualified service personnel.
15. Unplug this monitor from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service
personnel under the following conditions:
a. When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed.
b. If liquid has been spilled into the monitor.
c. If the monitor has been exposed to rain or water.
d. If the monitor does not operate normally by following the operating
instructions. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating
instructions as improper adjustment of other controls, may result in
damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician
to restore the monitor to normal operation.
e. If the monitor has been dropped or the cabinet has been damaged.
f. When the monitor exhibits a distinct change in performance this
indicated a need for service.
16. When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used
replacement parts specified by the manufacturer that have the same characteristics
as the original parts. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock,
or other hazards.
17. Upon completion of any service or repairs to this monitor, ask the service technician
to perform routine safety checks to determine that the monitor is in safe operating
18. The socket outlet shall be near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.
19. The power supply cord is used as the main disconnect device.

1. Installation

1.1 Package

After unpacking the shipping carton, check it if you have received the following
items: (1) Your monitor. (2) Power cord. (3) User's manual.
1.2 Precautions – when using this monitor
1. To avoid eyes fatigue, do not use the color monitor in bright background
sunlight or other light sources shine directly on the screen.
2. Do not place the monitor near a heat source.
3. Set up in a good ventilated environment, and ensure that the ventilation
openings of the monitor are not covered. The heat from the monitor can
dissipate properly.
4. Keep the monitor away from high capacity transformer, electric motor and other
strong magnetic field.
5. The monitor should not be used in damp, dusty or dirty area.
1.3 Pedestal (Fig. 1)
The pedestal enables you to place the monitor into a convenient position with best
viewing comfort by tilting and/or turning the monitor.
1.4 How to install/remove the swivel base (Fig. 2)
To attach the swivel base to the monitor, do the following
1. Carefully turn the monitor on this side or upside-down.
2. Locate the cavities at the bottom of the monitor.
3. Insert the pegs "3a" on the swivel base into these cavities. Push firmly toward
the front (CRT direction) of the main unit until the latch "3b" at the bottom of
the monitor clicks shut. This locks the swivel base into place.
4. To remove the swivel base, use your thumb to push "3b" to disconnect the latch
properly, push down firmly and pull the base against the main unit. The base
removes from the attached position.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
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