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Front Control Locations And Functions; Operation; Adjusting And Programming - Acer AF 707 User Manual

Acer computer monitor user guide
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2 Front control locations and functions

2.1 Operation

(1) Power ON/OFF Switch (
): This button is used to turn the monitor on and off.
(2) Power indicator: This indicator lights up green when the monitor operates
normally. If the monitor is in Energy saving mode, this indicator color changes to flash
To adjust visual settings ( "▼", "▲", "MENU", "EXIT" ): Please following
the procedure of selection and adjusting an item using the OSD system as below steps
for main functions adjustment.
Step 1: Press and release MENU control key to activate the OSD menu.
Step 2: Press
key to highlight the desired option of OSD icon.
Step 3: Press and release MENU key to access the option. The color of the inner area
of the OSD will changed from blue to green.
Step 4: To make your adjustments, press
Step 5: Press and release MENU key to store the changed, the color of the inner area
will go back to blue. You can select other function to make adjustments by
key. Also you can select EXIT icon or press EXIT key to exit the OSD
2.2 Adjust and Programming
CONTRAST: Adjusts the image brightness in relation to the background.
BRIGHTNESS: Adjusts the overall image and background screen brightness.
H. POSITION: To moves the picture image horizontally left or right.
H. SIZE: To adjust the horizontal size of the image.
V. POSITION: To moves the picture image vertically.
V. SIZE: To adjust the vertical size of the image.
ROTATION: Rotates the entire display clockwise or counter clockwise.
key to increase or
key to decrease the
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PINCUSHION: To adjust the curvature of the sides
TRAPEZOID: To adjust the bottom of the screen to be the same as the top.
PARALLELOGRAM: To adjust the tilt of the side.
PIN. BALANCE: To adjust the curvature of the side.
MOIRE ADJUSTMENT: The screen image may shake slightly while
the moire cancellation function is ON. It is normally OFF(H=0,V=0).
V. MOIRE: To adjust the vertical moire of the image.
H. MOIRE: To adjust the horizontal moire of the image.
CORNER: Use to adjust the alignment of top and bottom corner .
TOP CORNER: To adjust the top corner of the image.
BOTTOM CORNER: To adjust the bottom corner of the image.
COLOR SELECT: This control adjusts the color temperature of the screen
image.9300 K and 6500 K are preset by factory. You can not do adjustment.
9300 K: Which is bluish white light.
6500 K: Which is reddish white light.
USER: You can adjust the individual color gun intensity by yourself. Increase
or decrease red, green or blue depending upon which is selected.
You can choose where you would like OSD image to appear on your screen.
H. POSITION: Moves the OSD image horizontally.
V. POSITION: Moves the OSD image vertically.
TIMER (SEC.):You can select how long the monitor waits after the
last adjust of the knob to shut off the OSD menu. The time setting
choices are from 8 to 60 seconds.
RESET: Reset all settings and back to the factory defaults. If the monitor is
operating in a user mode, this control has no effect.
LANGUAGE: Activates the LANGUAGE submenu. Allow you to choose the
language for the menu screens. Seven languages can be chosen; English,
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugal and Chinese.
EXIT: Exits the OSD controls. (Turning off the OSD windows)
DEGAUSS: Eliminates the build-up of stray magnetic fields which alter the
correct scan of the electron beams and affect the purity of the screen colors
focus and convergence. When pressed, your image will jump and waver a bit
as the screen is demagnetized.
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