Frigidaire FPGH3077RF Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire FPGH3077RF Use & Care Manual

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Product Record and Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Important Safety Instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Before Setting Surface Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Setting Surface Burners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Before Setting Oven Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Oven Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 USA 1-800-944-9044
Gas Range

TABLE OF CONTENTS Canada 1-800-265-8352
Care and Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Before You Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Before Setting Oven Controls ....14 Oven Controls ......16 USA 1-800-944-9044 Canada 1-800-265-8352...
  • Page 2: Product Record And Registration

    Registering your product with Frigidaire enhances our important product information. ability to serve you. Register online at or by dropping your Product Registration Card in the mail. Record model & serial numbers here...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. If the information in this manual This manual contains important safety symbols is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may and instructions. Please pay attention to these symbols and follow all instructions given. result causing property damage, personal injury or death.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR UNPACKING AND INSTALLATION WARNING IMPORTANT - Read and follow the below instruc- tions and precautions for unpacking, installing, Tip Over Hazard and servicing your appliance: • A child or adult can tip the Remove all tape and packaging before using the range and be killed.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance is equipped with a 3-prong grounding plug for your protection against shock WARNING hazard and should be plugged directly into a properly grounded receptacle. Do not cut or Avoid fire hazard or electrical shock. Failure to remove the grounding prong from this plug.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Conversion to (L.P.) Gas WARNING This appliance allows for conversion to Liquefied Do not store items of interest to children in the Petroleum (L.P.) Gas. cabinets above the appliance or on the back- WARNING guards of ranges. Children climbing on or near the appliance to reach items could be seriously Personal injury or death from electrical shock injured.
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION CAUTION When heating fat or grease, watch it closely. Do not attempt to operate the appliance during Grease may catch fire if it becomes too hot. a power failure. If the power fails, always turn off the appliance.
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To reduce the risk of burns, ignition of flammable Placement of oven racks - Always place oven materials, and spillage due to unintentional racks in desired location while oven is cool. If rack contact with the utensil, the handle of the utensil must be moved while oven is hot, do not let should be positioned so that it is turned inward, potholder contact hot burner or element in oven.
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELF Do not touch a hot oven light bulb with a damp CLEANING OVENS cloth. Doing so could cause the bulb to break. Handle halogen lights (if equipped) with paper Do not clean the oven door gasket. The door towels or soft gloves.
  • Page 10: Before Setting Surface Controls

    BEFORE SETTING SURFACE CONTROLS Control locations of the gas surface burners Your range is equipped with gas surface burners with different BTU ratings. The ability to heat food quicker and in larger volumes increases as the burner size increases. The small simmer burner is best used for simmering delicate sauces, etc.
  • Page 11: Setting Surface Burners

    SETTING SURFACE BURNERS Operating the gas surface controls IMPORTANT 1. Place cooking utensil on surface burner. • Do not cook with the surface control knob left in the 2. Push the surface control knob in and turn counterclock- LITE position. The electronic ignitor will continue to wise out of the OFF position.
  • Page 12 SETTING SURFACE BURNERS Setting proper surface burner flame size Gas Cooktop Burners For most cooking: Start on the highest control setting and The front control gas cooktop comes with a variety of then turn to a lower one to complete the process. Use the burners to accommodate different sizes of cookware.
  • Page 13 SETTING SURFACE BURNERS Setting the Simmer Oval Burner Home Canning The simmer oval burner is specifically designed for use with Be sure to read and observe all the following points when a griddle, and can be used for simmering sauces or foods in home canning with your appliance.
  • Page 14: Before Setting Oven Controls

    BEFORE SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Oven vent location Type of oven racks The oven vent is located under the backguard in the rear of flat handle the cooktop. When the oven is on, warm air passes through oven rack this vent. This venting is necessary for proper air circulation in the oven and good baking results.
  • Page 15 BEFORE SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Using both hands, grasp the upper and lower portions of the glide rack. Lift up the front of the rack slightly and continue IMPORTANT to pull the rack away from the oven (Figure 10). Be sure to grasp both upper and lower rack portions together when Do not line the oven walls, racks, bottom or any other removing or handling the glide rack.
  • Page 16: Oven Controls

    OVEN CONTROLS OVEN CONTROLS OVEN MODE SETTINGS Use to set oven temperatures between 170°F (KEEP WARM) and 550°F. The CLEAN setting should only be used POWERPLUS™ PREHEAT - Use powerplus preheat for after reading all cautions and warnings in the “Self single rack items only and place food in center of oven.
  • Page 17 Only a 12 hour clock is 5. The timer display will show the H:M icon if the timer is available on the Frigidaire Professional model. set for more than 1 minute. If the value is under 1 minute, the timer will display the time in seconds and the H:M icon will not appear.
  • Page 18 OVEN CONTROLS Setting Continuous Bake or 6 Hour Energy Saving Setting Control for Silent Operation The oven is preset to cook up to 6 hours and to shut off The oven is set to operate with certain chimes and tones automatically.
  • Page 19 OVEN CONTROLS Setting PowerPlus™ Preheat The PowerPlus™ Preheat feature uses the convection fan to quickly bring the oven up to the set temperature. Use powerplus preheat for single rack items only and place food in center of oven. Important: When baking delicate items like cakes and cookies use the regular bake or convection bake mode.
  • Page 20 OVEN CONTROLS Convection Cooking Setting Convection Bake This mode of cooking enables you to obtain the best results This mode of cooking enables you to obtain the best results when baking with multiple pans and racks. The oven can be when baking with multiple pans and racks.
  • Page 21 OVEN CONTROLS Setting Convection Convert Setting Convection Roast This feature must be set before selecting the oven mode Convection roast is best for cooking tender cuts of beef, and oven temperature by using the user preference setting lamb, pork, and poultry. Use this mode when cooking speed in the oven display.
  • Page 22 OVEN CONTROLS Convection roasting temperature and time recommendations Table 1: Meat Weight Oven Temp Internal Temp Minutes per lb. Beef Standing rib roast* 4 to 6 lb. 350°F (177ºC) *160ºF (71ºC) 25-30 Rib eye roast* 4 to 6 lb. 350°F (177ºC) *160ºF (71ºC) 25-30 Tenderloin roast...
  • Page 23 If a broiler pan and insert are not supplied with this appliance, they may be purchased from Figure 22: Rack positions (L); and broil pan and insert (R) Table 2:...
  • Page 24 OVEN CONTROLS Meat Probe Proper placement of probe in food. • Insert the probe so that the probe tip rests inside the Use the probe feature for best results when cooking foods center of the thickest part of meat or food (Figure 23).
  • Page 25 OVEN CONTROLS Meat Probe (cont’d) Trailing Keep Warm with Meat Probe is inserted, an acceptance tone will When the probe When the meat probe reaches the target temperature, the sound, the probe icon appears in the display (See oven will automatically switch to keep warm (170°F) and Close the oven door Figure 24).
  • Page 26 OVEN CONTROLS Setting the Sabbath Feature This appliance provides special settings for use when observing the Jewish Sabbath/Holidays. Sabbath mode disables all audible tones or visual display changes on the oven control. For further assistance, guidelines for Figure 25: Oven display showing Sabbath mode proper usage, and a complete list of models with the Note: During the Sabbath mode all normal sounds of the Sabbath feature, please visit the web at
  • Page 27 OVEN CONTROLS Adjusting the Oven Temperature 3. Using the key in the bottom of the display, press until the desired temperature change (offset) is The temperature in the oven is pre-set at the factory. When ± 5° reached. The display will change with each key first using the oven, be sure to follow recipe times and + 35°...
  • Page 28 OVEN CONTROLS Self Cleaning A self cleaning oven cleans itself with temperatures well • The cooktop should not be used during a self-clean above normal cooking temperatures which eliminate soils cycle. On some models, turning on any cooktop completely or reduces them to a fine powdered ash you can surface burner will cause the clean cycle to cancel.
  • Page 29 OVEN CONTROLS Setting Clean If you are planning to use the oven directly after a clean cycle, remember to allow time for the oven to cool down and the oven door to unlock. This normally takes about one hour. A 3 hour clean cycle will actually take about 4 hours to complete.
  • Page 30 OVEN CONTROLS 3. Once the door is closed the time of day will be visible along with the selected clean time and the door lock CAUTION icon will be visible in the display. To avoid possible burns, use care when opening the oven door after the clean cycle.
  • Page 31: Care And Cleaning

    CARE AND CLEANING Cleaning Various Parts of Your Oven Before cleaning any part of the oven, be sure all controls are turned off and the oven is cool. Remove spills and any heavy soiling as soon as possible. Regular cleaning will reduce the number of major cleaning later.
  • Page 32 CARE AND CLEANING Cleaning the cooktop and surface burners To avoid possible burns turn off all of the surface burners ignition port and allow them to cool. Any additions, changes or conversions required in order for slots this appliance to satisfactorily meet the application needs must be made by an authorized qualified agency.
  • Page 33 CARE AND CLEANING Removing and Replacing the Oven Door WARNING CAUTION Do not remove oven door until it is completely cooled. The door is heavy. For safe, temporary storage, lay the door flat with the inside of the door facing down. To remove oven door: Oven door 1.
  • Page 34 CARE AND CLEANING Caring for your glide racks Handle oven racks only when they are cool. Extend and return the glide rack several times along the After cooking or after the clean cycle, racks will be very hot and tracks to distribute the lubrication. can cause burns.
  • Page 35: Before You Call

    BEFORE YOU CALL Solutions to Common Baking Problems For best cooking results, heat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies or pastries, etc. There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meat or baking casseroles. The cooking times and temperatures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previously owned appliance.
  • Page 36 BEFORE YOU CALL Solutions to Common Problems Before you call for service, review the following list. It may save you time and expense. Possible solutions are provided with the problem listed: Problem Solution Poor baking results Many factors effect baking results. Use proper oven rack position. Center food in the oven and space pans to allow air to circulate.
  • Page 37 BEFORE YOU CALL Oven smokes excessively when Incorrect setting. Follow broiling instructions in Setting Oven Controls section. broiling. Meat too close to the broil flame. Reposition broil rack to provide proper clearance between the meat and flame. Remove excess fat from meat. Cut remaining fatty edges to prevent curling, but do not cut into lean.
  • Page 38: Warranty

    WARRANTY Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.

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