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Charge Battery - Honeywell Multi-Bay Battery Charger Instructions Manual

For rp2, rp4 series mobile printer batteries


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Connect the right angle power adapter to the Multi-Bay
Battery Charger. Then plug the power supply into an AC
power outlet. Make sure the AC power outlet voltage is the
same as the power supply.

Charge Battery

Operational temperature for charging the battery is 32° to
104°F (0° to 40°C). The storage temperature is -22° to 149°F
(-30° to 65°C).
Ensure all components are dry prior to mating
batteries with peripheral devices. Mating wet
components may cause damage not covered by the
Assurez-vous que tous les composants sont secs
avant de connecter les terminaux/batteries à des
périphériques. L'insertion de composants humides
risque de provoquer des dommages non couverts par
la garantie.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents