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Cutting With A Nylon Head; Cutting With A Blade; Maintenance - Black & Decker LINEA PRO GST43 Instruction Manual


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Starting warm engine (Fig. F, G and H)
The starting procedure is the same as COLD START
except DO NOT close the choke, and do not hold throttle
trigger fully depressed.
1. Stop Switch: Move stop switch button (1) forward
away from the STOP position.
2. Purge Bulb: Pump purge bulb (3) until fuel is visible
in the "Clear" fuel return line.
3. Recoil Starter: Lay the unit on a flat area and keep
movable attachment parts clear of all obstacles.
Rapidly pull the recoil starter handle (4) until the
engine fires.
Stopping engine (Fig. F and G)
1. Release Throttle: Allow engine to return to idle
before shutting off engine.
2. Stop Switch: Move stop switch button (1) backward
to STOP position.
Warning! If engine does not stop when the stop switch
is moved to STOP position, close choke -COLD START
position- to stall engine. Have your Black & Decker Service
Center repair stop switch before using trimmer again.


Warning! Always hold the string trimmer away from
your body, keeping clearance between your body and the
product. Any contact with the housing or string trimmer
cutting head can result in burns and/or other serious
personal injury.
Cutting tips
f Avoid hot surfaces by always keeping the tool away
from your body.
f Keep the trimmer tilted toward the area being cut;
this is the best cutting area.
f The curved shaft trimmer cuts when passing the unit
from right to left. The straight shaft trimmer cuts
when passing the unit from left to right. This will
avoid throwing debris at the operator. Avoid cutting
in the dangerous area.
f Use the tip of string to do the cutting; do not force
string head into uncut grass.
f Wire and picket fences cause extra string wear, even
breakage. Stone and brick walls, curbs, and wood
may wear string rapidly.
f Avoid trees and shrubs. Tree bark, wood moldings,
siding, and fence posts can easily be damaged
by the string.
Advancing string using bump feed system
String advance is controlled by tapping string head on
grass while running engine at full throttle.
f Run engine at full throttle.
f Tap string head on ground to advance string.
String advances each time the head is tapped.
f Several taps may be required until string strikes
the cut off blade.
f Resume trimming.
Note: If the string is worn too short you may not be
able to advance the string by tapping it on the ground.
If so, STOP THE ENGINE, and manually advance
the string.
Advancing the string manually
With the engine off, push the spool retainer down while
pulling on string(s) to manually advance the string.
Cut-Off knife
This trimmer is equipped with a cut-off blade on the grass
deflector. For best cutting, advance string by tapping the
string head until the string is trimmed to length by the cut-
off blade. Advance string whenever you hear the engine
running faster than normal, or when trimming efficiency
diminishes. This will maintain best performance.


There are many types of blades, however the two most
commonly used are the following.
Warning! Use the shoulder arness at all time. Adjust
both harness and harness clamp on the unit so that the
unit hangs a few inches above ground lavel. the cutting
head and the metal debris shield should be level in all
directions. Harness the unit on the right side of your body.


Air filter
Accumulated brush in the air filter will reduce engine
efficiency. Increase fuel consuption and allow abrasive
particles to pass into the ingine. remove the air filter as
often as necessary to maintain in a clear condition.
1. Close choke (COLD START position
prevents dirt from entering the carburetor thrat when
the air filter is removed. Brush accumulated dirt from
air cleaner area.
2. Remove air filter cover. Brush dirt from inside cover.
3. Remove air filter and lightly brush debris from.
Replace filter if it is damaged, fuel soak, very dirty,
or the rubber sealing edges are deformed.
4. If filter can be certain it:
Fits tightly in the air filter cavity.
b. Is installed with the original side out.
5. Install air filter cover.
Adjusting carburetor
Note: Do not adjust carburetor unless is necessary. If you
have trouble with the carburetor, see your Black & Decker
Service Center. Improper adjustment may cause engine
damage and void warranty.
). This


Table of Contents

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