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Frigidaire Gallery FGDS3065K Important Safety Instructions Manual

Frigidaire Gallery FGDS3065K Important Safety Instructions Manual

Frigidaire gallery fgds3065k: user guide
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All about the
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Welcome & Congratulations ...................................2
Important Safety Instructions .................................3
Features at a Glance ..............................................7
Before Setting Surface Controls ..............................9
Setting Surface Controls ......................................10
Before Setting Oven Controls ...............................11
Setting Oven Controls ..........................................14 USA 1-800-944-9044
Built-In Range
TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Canada 1-800-265-8352
Care & Cleaning (Cleaning Chart) .........................31
Care & Cleaning ..................................................32
Before You Call ..................................................35
Notes .................................................................38
Major Appliance Warranty ....................................40


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Before Setting Surface Controls ...9 Setting Surface Controls ...10 Before Setting Oven Controls ...11 Setting Oven Controls ...14 USA 1-800-944-9044 & Care TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Setting Keep Warm Drawer Control (If equipped) .. 30 Care &...
  • Page 2: Welcome & Congratulations

    Welcome & congratulations Product registration register Your Product The Product registration card should be filled in completely, signed and returned to Electrolux Home Products. serial Plate location Please record your model and serial numbers below for future reference. Model Number: Serial Number: Purchase Date: ©...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    70 latest edition, and local code requirements. Install only per installation instructions provided in the literature package for this range. Ask your dealer to recommend a qualified technician and an authorized repair service. Know how to disconnect the electrical power to the appliance at the circuit breaker or fuse box in case of an emergency.
  • Page 4 imPortant saFetY instructions Warning Do not use the oven or warm & serve drawer (if equipped) for storage. caution do not store items of interest to children in the cabinets above the appliance. Children climbing on the cooktop to reach items could be seriously injured. Warning NEVER use this appliance as a space heater to heat or warm the room. doing so may result in carbon monoxide poisoning and overheating of the oven.
  • Page 5: Using Your Oven

    • Know which knob controls each surface burner. Place pan of food on the burner before turning it on, and turn the burner off before removing the pan. • Do not use Searing Grill on the cooktop—The Searing grill is not designed for use on the cooktop. Doing so may result in a fire. Warning Do not use stove top grills on your sealed gas burners. If you use a stove top grill on a sealed...
  • Page 6 Before installing the kit be sure to follow the L.P. Installation Instructions carefully. Warning Personal injury or death from electrical shock may occur if the range is not installed by a qualified installer or electrician. caution Any additions, changes or conversions required in order for this appliance to satisfactorily meet the application needs must be made by an authorized Service Center.
  • Page 7: Features At A Glance

    Your built-in range Features: Electronic oven control with kitchen timer. Left rear burner control. Left front burner control. Right front burner control. Right rear burner control. Warm & serve drawer control. Automatic oven door light switch. Self-clean door latch. Oven vent. 10. Broil element.
  • Page 8 FEATURES AT A GLANCE - MODEL B Your built-in range Features: Electronic oven control with kitchen timer. Left rear burner control. Left front burner control. Right front dual burner control. Right rear burner control. Warm & serve drawer control. Automatic oven door light switch. Self-clean door latch. Oven vent 10.
  • Page 9: Before Setting Surface Controls

    Your built-in range is equipped with gas surface burners with different BTU ratings. The ability to heat food quicker and in larger volumes increases as the burner size increases. The small SIMMER burner is best used for simmering delicate sauces, etc.
  • Page 10: Setting Surface Controls

    (The electronic ignitor will continue to spark if the knob is left in the LITE position.) caution Do not place plastic items such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic wrappings on top of the range when it is in use. These items could melt or ignite. Pot holders, towels or wood spoons could catch fire if placed too close to a flame. caution Do not operate the burner for an extended period of time without cookware on the grate.
  • Page 11: Before Setting Oven Controls

    Oven vent location The oven is vented at the center rear of the cooktop. When the oven is on, warm air is released through the vent. This venting is necessary for proper air circulation in the oven and good baking results. DO NOT BLOCK oven vent. Never close off the openings with aluminium foil or any other material.
  • Page 12 BEFORE SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Types of oven racks Your built-in range may be equipped with one or more of the oven racks styles shown; • Flat handle oven rack (Figure 1). • Flat oven half rack (Figure 2 & 3 - Some models). • Effortless oven rack (Figure 4 - Some models). Figure 1 Flat handle oven rack...
  • Page 13: Assemble Oven Rack System

    3. Place the oven rack in positions 1, 2 or 3 only (see previous page to verify positions). Be sure the rack connector brackets are at the rear of the range and pointing towards oven bottom (See Figure 2). 4. Assemble one connector arm at a time. With the oven...
  • Page 14: Setting Oven Controls

    setting oven controls Control pad features READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE OVEN. For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the various features and functions of the oven as described below. detailed instructions for each feature and function follow later in this use & care guide. delay bake start time...
  • Page 15: Minimum And Maximum Control Pad Settings

    12 or 24 hour time of day operation. The clock has been preset at the factory for the 12 hour operation. When the range is first plugged in, or when the power supply to the range has been interrupted, the timer in the display will flash.
  • Page 16: Setting Silent Control Operation

    To change control from normal sound operation to silent control operation 1. To tell if your range is set for normal or silent operation press and hold delaY start. “-- --” will appear and “delaY” will flash in the display. After 6 seconds “beeP on”...
  • Page 17: Setting Oven Lockout Feature

    setting minute timer The timer on . oFF pad controls the Minute Timer feature. The Minute Timer serves as an extra timer in the kitchen that will beep when the set time has run out. It does not start or stop cooking. The Minute Timer feature can be used during any of the other oven control functions.
  • Page 18 setting oven controls setting quick or PoWerPlus The PreHeat pad controls the Quick or PowerPlus Preheat feature. The Preheat feature will bring the oven up to temperature and then indicate when to place the food in the oven. Use this feature when recipes call for preheating. Preheating is not necessary when roasting or cooking casseroles.
  • Page 19 SETTING CONVECTION BAKE This mode of cooking enables you to obtain the best culinary results when baking with multiple pans and racks. Multiple rack baking may slightly increase cook time for some foods but the overall result is time saved. Some food may cook faster and more evenly with Convection Bake.
  • Page 20: Setting Convection Convert

    setting oven controls setting convection convert The Convection Convert pad is used to automatically convert a standard baking recipe for convection baking. When set properly, this feature is designed to display the actual converted (reduced) temperature in the display. Convection Convert may ONLY be used with a Convection Bake cooking mode.
  • Page 21: Setting Convection Broil

    SETTING CONVECTION BROIL Use this mode for thicker cuts of meat, fish and poultry. The Convection Broiling gently browns the exterior and seals in the juices. Convection broiling uses the broil element and a fan to circulate the oven’s heat evenly and continuously within the oven.
  • Page 22: Setting Bake Time

    setting oven controls SETTING BAKE TIME Bake Time allows the oven to be set to cook for a specific length of time and shut off automatically. The oven will shut off and will beep when the countdown is finished. This feature can be used with Bake, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Pizza and Chicken Nuggets cooking modes.
  • Page 23: Setting Keep Warm

    setting keeP Warm This mode is best for keeping oven baked foods warm for serving after cooking has finished. The keeP Warm pad turns ON the Keep Warm feature and will maintain an oven temperature of 170°F (77°C). The Keep Warm feature will keep oven baked foods warm for serving up to 3 hours after cooking has finished.
  • Page 24 setting oven controls setting cHicken nuggets The cHicken nuggets pad has been designed to give optimum cooking performance when cooking your favorite chicken nuggets. The Chicken Nuggets pad is preset for a Convection Bake at (400°F) with a Bake Time of 18 minutes, ending with a Keep Warm setting.
  • Page 25: Setting Broil

    SETTING BROIL This mode is best for meats, fish and poultry up to 1” thick. Broiling is a method of cooking tender cuts of meat by direct heat under the broil element of the oven. The high heat cooks quickly and gives a rich, brown outer ap- pearance.
  • Page 26 setting oven controls SETTING THE SABBATH FEATURE the Jewish Sabbath & Holidays) The BAKE TIME and delaY start pads are used to set the Sabbath feature. The Sabbath feature may only be used with the BAKE pad. The oven temperature may be set higher or lower after setting the Sabbath feature (the oven temperature adjustment feature should be used only during Jewish Holidays), however the display will not visibly show or provide any audible tones indicating whether the...
  • Page 27: Adjusting Oven Temperature

    adjusting oven temPerature The temperature in the oven has been pre-set at the factory. When first using the oven, be sure to follow recipe times and temperatures. If you think the oven is cooking too hot or too cool for the temperature you select, you can adjust the actual oven temperature to be more or less than what is displayed.
  • Page 28 During the Self-Cleaning cycle, the outside of the range can become very hot to the touch. do not leave small children unattended near the appliance.
  • Page 29 SETTING SELF-CLEAN CYCLE TIME LENGTH The selF clean pad controls the Self-Cleaning feature. If you are planning to use the oven directly after a self-clean cycle remember to allow time for the oven to cool down and the oven door to unlock. This normally takes about one hour.
  • Page 30: Setting Keep Warm Drawer Control (If Equipped)

    SETTING KEEP WARM DRAWER CONTROL (If equipped) Keep warm drawer rack positions The rack can be used in 2 ways: In the upright position (Figure 1) to allow low • profile food items to be placed both under and on top of the rack (for example, rolls or biscuits on top of the rack and a casserole dish underneath).
  • Page 31: Care & Cleaning (Cleaning Chart)

    NOT use spray oven cleaners on the cooktop. Easy Care™ Stainless Your range finish is may be made with Easy Care™ Stainless Steel (some models). Steel (some models) Oven Clean the stainless with warm soapy water using a clean sponge or cloth. Rinse with Door &...
  • Page 32: Care & Cleaning

    care & cleaning Cleaning the cooktop, burner caps & grates The cooktop is designed to make cleaning easier. Because the gas Burners are sealed, cleanups are easy when spillovers are cleaned up immediately. The cooktop, Burner Heads and Caps should be routinely cleaned. Keeping the Burner Head Ports clean will prevent improper ignition and an uneven flame.
  • Page 33 Removing and replacing the lift-off oven door caution The door is heavy. For safe, temporary storage, lay the door flat with the inside of the door facing down. To Remove Oven Door: 1. Open oven door completely (horizontal with floor - See Figure 1). 2. Pull the door hinge locks on both left and right door hinges down from the oven frame completely towards the oven door (See Figure 2).
  • Page 34 care & cleaning To remove and replace keep warm drawer Warning Turn power off before removing the warmer drawer. To remove keep warmer drawer 1. Open the drawer to the fully opened position. 2. Locate the latches on both sides of the keep warm drawer. 3. Pull up on the left glide latch and push down on the right glide latch.
  • Page 35: Before You Call

    • Incorrect pan size. • Pan not centered in oven. Cakes not level. • Range not level. • Pan too close to oven wall or rack overcrowded. • Pan warped. Foods not done • Oven too cool.
  • Page 36 Poor installation. Place oven rack in center of oven. Place a level on the oven rack. Adjust leveling legs at base of range until the rack is level. When range is level, cooktop may appear out of alignment if countertop is not level.
  • Page 37 BEFORE YOU CALL occurrence POSSIBLE CAUSE/SOLUTION Fan noise during A cooling fan may automatically turn on and off to cool internal parts. It is normal, and the cooking operation. fan may continue to run even after oven is turned off. Flames inside oven Excessive spillovers in oven. Set self-clean cycle for a longer cleaning time. or smoking from Excessive spillovers in oven.
  • Page 38: Notes

  • Page 39 notes...
  • Page 40: Major Appliance Warranty

    major aPPliance WarrantY Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.

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