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Preparing For The Smart Array 6404 Controller Installation - HP A9891A Installation Manual


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Smart Array 6404 Controller HP-UX Installation

Preparing for the Smart Array 6404 Controller Installation

Preparing for the Smart Array 6404 Controller Installation
Before installing a Smart Array 6404 Controller in a server, backup all data. This
step is mandatory if the disks were not previously configured on a Smart Array
Controller, because the data format will not be recognized and the existing data will
not be preserved.
In systems using external data storage, be sure that the server is the first unit powered down
and the last unit to be powered back up. Doing this ensures that the system will not
erroneously mark the disk drives as FAILED.
To reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the equipment, consult the safety
information and user documentation provided with your server before attempting
Many computers are capable of producing energy levels that are considered
hazardous. These computers are intended to be serviced by qualified personnel
trained to deal with those hazards. Do not remove enclosures or attempt to bypass
any interlocks that may be provided for the purpose of removing these hazardous
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage electronic components. Be sure that you are properly
grounded before continuing the installation procedure.
The Smart Array Controllers contain electronic components that can easily be damaged by
small amounts of static electricity. To avoid damage, follow these guidelines:
Store the controller in its antistatic plastic bag until you are ready to install it
Work in a static-free area, if possible
Handle the controller only by the edges. Do not touch electronic components or electrical
If you must lay the controller down, place it on a non-conductive mat or surface
Before beginning installation, and without removing the Smart Array Controller from its
antistatic bag, inspect the controller for any signs of obvious damage, such as chipped or loose
components. Contact HP if the controller is damaged.
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Table of Contents