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LG RC8001B Use And Care Manual page 25

8kg dryer
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1. The warranty period begins on the purchase
date and is valid for 24 months. Begin of
warranty period is proven if, the buyer submits
purchase receipt together with the warranty
card, filled in and signed by the seller. The
serial number of the product must agree with
the number entered onto the warranty card.
2. During the warranty period, we will correct
any defects at no cost to you, if it can be
manufacturing or material defeats.
3. Damages due to incorrect handling, non-
compliance with instructions for use and normal
wear are not covered by this warranty. Also,
the warranty does not cover wear parts or easily
broken parts (for example, viewing glass, light
bulbs). The buyer is responsible for any
damages during transport as well shipping
and packaging costs.
For offer a 24-month warranty for this apparatus
During the 24-mouth warranty period, we will repair your apparatus at no cost to you or make
available spare parts to your dealer free, if this apparatus fails due to manufacturing or material
defects. Further claims are excluded.
Your warranty conditons on the rear also apply!
Type of apparatus :
Name of buyer :
Purchase date :
Warranty conditions for dryer
Warranty Certificate
4. We decide whether to make repairs,
exchange or replace parts. Exchanged or
replaced parts are our property. The original
warranty period is not prolonged if a refrigerator
is repaired or certain parts are replaced.
5. The warranty is nullified if any person
intervenes in the apparatus that are not
authorised by LG Electronics, if the apparatus is
used for commercial purposes.
6. Alaways keep the original packaging, so that
if the apparatus requires servicing, it can be
transported without damanging it.
7. If a repair is covered by this warranty,
always contact your dealer or an authorised
service centre.
8. Further claims are excluded. If parts of these
provisions are invalid, they apply in the sense
of the wording. The validity of the other
provisions is not effected.
Serial number :
Dealer's stamp and signature



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