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Energy Saving Tips - Frigidaire FRWW4543AS Use & Care Manual



• Install the wine cooler in the coolest part of a
dry and ventilated room, out of direct sunlight
and away from heating ducts or registers.
Do not place the wine cooler next to heat-
producing appliances such as a range, oven or
• Level the wine cooler so the door close tightly.
• Do not over crowd the wine cooler or block
cold air vents. Doing so causes the wine
cooler to run longer and use more energy.
Shelves should not be lined with aluminum
foil, wax paper or paper toweling. Liners
interfere with cold air circulation, making
the wine cooler less efficient.
• Wipe containers dry before placing them
in the wine cooler. This cuts down on
moisture build-up inside the unit.
• Organize the wine cooler to reduce door
openings. Remove as many items as
needed at one time and close the door as
soon as possible.